The Lying Game

Season 2 Episode 10

To Lie For

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Dan uncovers some evidence in Theresa's murder suggesting that Rebecca is the killer, but she has already disappeared when the police go to apprehend her. Meanwhile, Emma tells Ethan that she is choosing him, only to have Ethan tell her that he needs to be there for his brother, which means ending his relationship with Emma. Everyone gathers for a charity benefit in Theresa's honor. There, Rebecca asks Alec to meet her on the roof, where she tells him that she has discovered the real identity of the murderer. Just as Ted is about to reveal the truth about the twins to Kristin, Alec crashes through the skylight, falling to the ground in the middle of the event. A new discovery is later made about Thayer.

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Mar 12, 2013
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The mood at the charity gala turns somber; Dan's ultimatum to Ethan has heartbreaking results; Emma confronts Rebecca about her lost childhood; Ted tries to reveal another secret from his past to Kristin.

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