The Lyon's Den

NBC (ended 2003)


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  • Sweet Show

    The True I dont woes Watch all The Show I just Wacth The 8 First Episods Bat I like Shows about lawyer Bat I dont know this Show not wily get me in that I woes Realy Think Before that is Wily Great Show bat This woes a Sweet on And I dont think That Rub low woes The Best Actor in the Cast of this Show The Best Actors in this show Woes Kyle Chandler That woes Play The Bad And the Angry Man And I think He do that So well There woes A felling That the Show live When he in there Ok I Just Going to Say that Again This wily a Sweet Show
  • They didn't give this show enough air time.

    I think the problem with this show is that they didn't air it long enough. The show was very intriguing, it kept you wondering all the time what was going on and I think the writers were building up the suspense. The problem was that no one was able to see that suspense unfold because they didn't air half of the episodes in the US. In Latin America Fox aired all the episodes and the season finale closed the circle perfectly. And what a finale it was!!!! Sorry you all missed it because of the ratings.