The Magic School Bus

Season 4 Episode 6

Goes Cell-Ular

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Oct 18, 1997 on PBS
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It's the night of the rock lovers' annual Granite Awards, and Arnold is about to become the first kid ever to win the coveted Rocky Award. He's so excited, all he's been able to eat for weeks are "Seaweedies" — and lots of them! When he arrives for the big event, he's totally nervous and! Once the class determines that the orange isn't on Arnold's skin, they shrink down to explore what's underneath. They discover that his whole body is made of living cells — and they're all orange! But where is the orange coming from... and how can they make it go away?moreless

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  • wtf is this shit

    Came from tv links. do you guys have any real episodes? No? then go fuck yourselves.
  • An amusing one

    Possibly one of the more amusing episodes. Only Arnold would eat Sea Weedies for two straight weeks and end up turning orange. What adds more insult to injury is that it's the night he wins a big award from the Great Rock Admirers' National Institue of Tetonics Experts (or GRANITE). This is another top ep in my book.

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    • Ms. Frizzle: And even if he stopped eating Sea Weedies now, it would take about 30 days for the cells that aren't orange to reach the surface of his skin.
      Ralphie: Thirty DAYS?! He doesn't even have 30 seconds!!
      Wanda: Isn't there just some we could suck up all the orange stuff??
      Ms. Frizzle: Well asked, Wanda! What do you think, bus?
      (The bus covers itself with villi.)

    • Arnold: What's TAKING so long?!
      Ms. Frizzle: Patience, Arnold. As a former Miss America once said: "Beauty may be skin deep, but orange isn't."

    • Ms. Frizzle: Class, time to get under Arnold and Phoebe's skin.

    • Phoebe: (points to Arnold's stomach) I wonder where they are now?
      Arnold: I don't want to think about it! I just want to stop being orange!

    • Phoebe: Arnold, no!
      Arnold: You say something, Phoebe?
      Phoebe: (panicked) Whatever you do, don't...! (Arnold swallows the Seaweedie with the bus on it) ...swallow. The bus was on that Seaweedie, you just ate our class!
      Arnold: Oh, no. Not again!

    • (Phoebe is covering Arnold's face with flour to hide the fact he's orange)
      Phoebe: There. You don't look nearly so orange now.
      Arnold: Phoebe! I can't go out there covered in flour! I look like a pumpkin pie!

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