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  • Start of PBS viewing

    If I recall, one of the decent and also few science shows I like. I wonder what my perception of the show is now as an adult. I do still have a kid in me though. And oh, maybe I'll watch again when the Netflix reboot happens, hopefully not in 3d.

    Various ep (97-02) PBS, VHS in school
  • All aboard for another amazing field trip!

    Who among us all never wished to enter this school bus and tag along with Ms. Frizzle and the rest of her class in one of those crazy field trips? I sure did...

    This series is one of the series that teaches you about science and other subjects, whether you have 8 or 88. The characters on the series are all so different that you might not like one, but you might like the rest of them. My favoiurite, right after the Bus, Ms. Frzzle and Liz was definitely Wanda and Arnold. Wanda, because she was always coming up with ideas to solve problems, and Arnold, because he was always asking himself why he didn't stay home on that particular day.

    The series was quite educational, and I miss having shows like this one around, where you could learn and have fun at the same time. I mighty big 10 is in order for this show, which stillrocks nowadays.
  • Great educational show, still watch it today!

    This show is a great educational cartoon. I remember watching it in school from as early as 3rd grade to as late as 8th grade, and I learned a lot from it! I just rediscovered it on Youtube and have been watching all the episodes, still learning from them! Ms.Frizzle is animated great as this goofy strange redhead and Lily Tomlin's voice talent is fabulous. Kids will be sucked in by her enthusiasm and wit.
  • Hooray!

    I remember being obsessed with this show.
  • About this show

    This series has wonderful performances for Lily Tomlin in season one.
  • Fantastic graphics and learn from!

    A real, out of this world adventure from time to time... Ms Fizz shakes up educational television with her kids every time! Great for kids to go on adventures outside of the classroom and learn more!
  • A fantastic and informative science cartoon.

    How many people hear the word "science" and say "ugh!"? Well, if you are one of those people, then this show is definitely for you. Take a ride on The Magic School Bus with the wacky yet delightful Ms. Frizzle and her class of eight elementary school students. The show explores topics ranging from dinosaurs to space to the common cold; and it does so with excitement and humour! The bus shrinks, the children transform, and Ms. Frizzle offers advice such as "never say never" and "take chances, make mistakes and get messy!" When my three year old was overheard to remark: "I'm just mixing up the molecules; they're the building blocks that everything is made from!" I knew that I had the Magic School Bus to thank for that insight!
  • I like the show, but there are a few things strange....


    The show is a fun, educational show with all sorts of wacky stuff in-between, but I can see why it got cancelled from PBS. The show's episodes sometimes had a dark, morbid theme behind them, like the kids getting trapped in a pinball machine, going into a plant's roots, being turned into animals, even a kid getting sucked into an egg! And sometimes it seems like the kids will be trapped in the situation for the rest of their life, and I don't think that's really appropriate for some kids.

  • Great educational show.

    Man, Magic School Bus was a great show. I can say that it was more educational than it was a kids show. Much of what they taught was on an adult level. The writers did a great job of mixing math, science, biology, history, english, music, and all other kinds of school subjects into a show and its storylines. I have to say that I did find some of the characters annoying. Other than that, the show was a classic and should have lasted more than just 3 seasons. Overall, this is by far one of the best kids' shows in history. Thank you.
  • Mrs. Frizzletop and her gang of dunces with a terribly tortured innocent lizard, you call that SCIENCE?!

    I feel sorry for that lizard, he's the only GOOD part. Ugh, my teacher used to make the class watch, and people were complaining! Thank goodness she put REAL science on! This is garbage! Bill Nye beats this by a long shot. Bill Nye is a funny scientist! Darnet, this is supposed to be science! No wonder it ended! The horrid scores are:

    Graphics: 3.1/10 (cheap) Yeah, cheap. Those are very cheap!

    Sound and Voice Casting: 2.0/10 (awful) Annoying! Ugh.

    Dialogue and Language: 1.7/10 (dreadful) Too wimpy!

    Humor: 0.2/10 (inferior) Oh, Brother, this is LAME! Hey! I got a joke for this show:

    "What is a piece of junk and stinks like doggie-doo??"

    "This show!!"

    Grossness Factor: 0 (no grossness)

    Bottom Line: Awful. Simply awful!
    Well, looks like my work is done here, so stay tuned for my next review!
  • Oh yeah! This rocks!

    I remember the Magic School Bus! It was one of my favorite TV shows alongside Thomas the Tank Engine. I loved the adventures Ms. Frizzle, Liz, the bus and her class goes on to. I thought the episodes were well written, and yes, the characters were all great, especially the 8 children. I remember buying a toy, 6 computer games that I enjoyed, and some books. I remember the days of enjoying the series so much that I've made up stories featuring the characters along with myself as a character. I know I haven't seen it for a while now, I am planning on watching it again real soon, maybe on Qubo. Well, as a kid, there were several things I learned from watching this show. Most were actually useful. Even so, The Magic School Bus is one of my childhood favorties that deserve to get some attention. Now in my opinion, should Pluto still remain a planet or not?
  • a good show for children and you can learn alot about scinece for children.

    the show the magic school bus was really good show for children and i used to watch the show back when i was a kid and still learning about science. this show can teach you alot about the body and rocks and all diffrent things about science its about a bus that can shrink and explore the body and other diffrent things. and it has a class that always gets into trouble or causes things to happen that the teacher goes with the rest of the class to eplore and fix the problem its pretty cool show for young audence that is still in elementry school.
  • As much fun as it is to watch, you learn just as much as well.

    Ms. Frizzle is always full of surprises and they are always fun! Not many people can pull that one I know. That's what makes this show so exciting. Ms. Frizzle takes you out of your element and opens up your imagination, all starting with the magic school bus. I'd love to be on the magic school bus just for one day, even that is an adventure in itself. The school bus transforms into different things that helps show the students so much. This really is a show that as much fun as it is to watch, you learn just as much as well. I think all kids should watch this show.
  • A little Clumsy, Cruel and kinda a Bit Boring. This cartoon is also kinda Produced my Nelvana.

    My 66th review after a total Failure show, "Out of Jimmy's Head"

    This cartoon is fair and past it's prime. It's about some goofy weird Teacher, Ms. Frizzle, I thought it was Ms. Pretzel! hee! hee! There's also lots of kids with cool and colorful looking clothes, and I don't quite know all their names, But I do know some such as, Ralphie, Aronlad, Carlos, Wanda and Liz the Lizard. They go on Scientific Adventures and learn about Science. Originally Showed in 1995 on PBS kids produced by Nelvana. They learn about Electrically, Bugs, Water, Gravity, Stars, Solar Systems and Lots more. This cartoon gets a C. Because some things are good and smart and some are a little Clumsy. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: A 8.0/10.0 Classic. Well done with the Youngsters. Animation: C- 5.5/10.0 Average, Cute and Colorful. But a little Dirty.

    Graphics: B 7.0/10.0 Decent work with the Character Layers.

    Sound: D-- 4.0/10.0 Poor music with Average Sound effects.

    Dialouge: C+ 6.5/10.0 A little Clumsy and a bit Crude.

    Educational Value: A+ 9.0/10.0 Superb Scinece Education Program on the cartoon.

    Lasting Appeal: B-- 6.9/10.0 It gets a bit boring, but still has good Education Systems.

    Overall: C 6.0/10.0 Nelvana did quite a good job Producing the series but the problem that it only lasted between 3-5 years and ran out of Ideas for Episodes but the time they reached the Grand-Finale! That is all for now.
  • It is good.

    The Magic School Bus is a Children show and it's also a cartoon. It's educational and I watched it in school. This show is about a school teacher (Ms. Frizzle) that takes her class out on field trips with the help of their magic school bus. The episode I remember the most is the one when they travel to outer space. That was one episode that I watched when I saw in school about 4 years ago. I loved that episode. I also have many books of the Magic School Bus that my little brother reads. He enjoys this show as much as I did.
  • We usedd to watch this in class

    Great show where Mrs. Frizzle takes her class on a bunch of crazy but educational felid trips.
    Mrs. Frizzle takes her class on a bunch of crazy field trips and teaches them about nature and other important things. This show was really good I still use some of the things I learned from it in school. I think this was probably one of the most educational childeren shows on when I was little. I wish this show was still on cuz I can only remember a couple of episods and only some of the characters. I have nothing else to say so I\'ll just hit some random buttons, cuz I need 3 more words. g h a
  • A must-see for all kids.

    This show was my favorite when I was a kid, and my feelings towards it haven't changed since. I learned so much from watching this show and even during high school tests I remember thinking back to what I had learned on The Magic School Bus many years before. I tended to get a lot of those questions right too because the science in The Magic School Bus was mostly correct and very rarely altered to try to make it easier for the kids to understand. On top of being extremely educational, this show is also highly entertaining. The kids are so different and are thrust into such weird situations that jokes are easily funny and never ending. I love this show and think it remains one of the best on television.
  • I liked it

    Great show where Mrs. Frizzle takes her class on a bunch of crazy but educational felid trips.
    Mrs. Frizzle takes her class on a bunch of crazy field trips and teaches them about nature and other important things. This show was really good I still use some of the things I learned from it in school. I think this was probably one of the most educational childeren shows on when I was little. I wish this show was still on cuz I can only remember a couple of episods and only some of the characters. I have nothing else to say so I\'ll just hit some random buttons, cuz I need 3 more words. g h a
  • Well, The Magic School Bus, is a children show, and it inspires children to learn (and it also teaches them)!

    It's informative for children, and lots of kids in a fith, and sixth grade class still watch them shows! It inspires children to learn, and be creative, watching that show is like listening to a teacher in a fun way!
    I watched it till 5th grade. This show is an inspirerer

    soooooooooooooooo my opinion is that it inspirers. All of my classroom thinks so too. it is very a a a a a a a, inspirered book for the children, so uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh, i can't think of anything else, so i have to a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a go go go!
  • This cartoon was both educational and entertaining. Why would they cancel it?

    I remember back in my early childhood I would watch this cartoon whenever I had the chance and mood. Although I vaguely remember much of the series, this is the greatest educational kid's show I've ever seen. Unlike most cartoons, this one maintains a perfect balance between educational and entertaining. Most of today's learning programs are very boring. And those that are good don't teach kids enough. But The Magic School Bus can do it. It even had a good amount of 'comedy' blended in, and it's completely appropriate for children. Even as a high school student, I am not ashamed to go back and watch an episode just to bring back lovely memories. Even if I already had the general knowledge of the episode's topic, I actually learned a few little facts that I didn't know before. This show was easily one of the best children's shows ever to be aired. This show didn't get cancelled because it was bad. It was because they needed to make room for the newer programs (although I don't approve of them). If it weren't for that, I bet it would still be a hit.
  • It was a decent show.

    I used to watch this show when i was little and it was one of my favorites. This show was about an crazy teacher who always took her class on field trips every single day. The students would say not another field trip. Which is so the oppisote of me and my friends think we would try to have a field in a possible way we could because i didn't get one this year wait a minute yes i did but it was only one. Any way my favorite character was arnold since he was the one who complained the most.
  • PBS Toke this off,At least it"s on Discovery Kid"s.Hey Arnold can we go on a field trip?It is one of the Best Science shows on earth!

    On all the episodes Mrs.Frizzle teaches kids about science.By using a bus that can shrink so they can actulley see what"s going on.Arnold the kid with the glasses hates Field Trips!But Mrs.Frizzle just takes them anyway.This is one of The Best Science shows ever on earth!

    squirrelboyfan: Hey Arnold you didn"t answer my question Do you want to go on a field trip?
    Arnold:No I hate fieldtrips.
    squirrelboyfan: Sheesh,Whatever!`
  • It's o.k.

    The Magic School Bus isn't a bad show, it's actually a good show. For kids who are new to Science, this is a good start to Science. I learned a lot from this show. This is a show about eight kids that are new to Science. Ms. Frizzle may be teaching them, but, if you're new to Science, then she's also teaching you. You are like the ninth student in the class, and you're being taken along for the same ride as the rest. Ms. Frizzle always has a good lesson up her sleeve. Science is a lot more fun with Ms. Frizzle.
  • Why oh why did you have to cancel the best kids show on TV?

    Wow, this really brings back memories to me. I grew up with Miss Frizzle and the gang! Pheobe, Wanda, Arnold, Carlos, Keesha, Tim, Liz, Ralphie, Dorthy Ann, and I am truely sorry to anyone if I forgot anyone.

    Now, lets make this clear, right now. Miss Frizzle should have her licence revoked. She is the crappiest driver ever, she takes her kids into space... you know, now I wonder if the parents had to sign a waver for their kids to go to school... but anyways, there was always a prediciment, and the Friz, would never tell her class how to solve it, she would make them... TAKE CHANCES, GET MESSY, AND MAKE MISTAKES! Then they usually got it, which is why I am now so smart!

    Anyways, if you ever see this one, watch it, and remember your childhood!
  • Educational and Entertaining!

    The Magic School Bus is one of the few shows that make science fun (and I like science to begin with)! Between MSB, Bill Nye, and Beakman's World they made science something to enjoy. The characters in this show are great, even though some could had have more personality (eg Tim). It was a good thing they had that little disclaimer segment at the end that seperated fact from fiction. Ms. Frizzle is one of those teachers that are able to be fun and still teach at the same time (too bad some real teachers can't do that). PBS has a record of having good shows and MSB is no exception, bring it back!
  • "Wa-ha-ha-hoo!"

    This show is representive of my childhood and good old PBS.

    The adventures of Ms. Frizzle and her class are some of the most informative television I have seen. Each episode they try to make learning fun. I know, I know that sounds too contrived and corny. They were able to do it without being over the top or too after school special.

    Each little kid reminded me of someone in my class, at the time. I loved all of their catch phrases. They never got old for me.

    The Magic Schoolbus gets me all nostalgic when I see it on TLC. While some things, I'm sure, are outdated (like Pluto not being a planet, haha), it's good for you (and/or your kids) to watch for fundamental knowledge on many topics in science.

    Some of my favorite episodes include: "Gets Lost in Space", "Gets ready, Set, Dough", "In a Beehive", "Makes a Rainbow", "In the Arctic", "Goes Cell-Ular", and "In the Haunted House"
  • Great show where Mrs. Frizzle takes her class on a bunch of crazy but educational felid trips.

    Mrs. Frizzle takes her class on a bunch of crazy field trips and teaches them about nature and other important things. This show was really good I still use some of the things I learned from it in school. I think this was probably one of the most educational childeren shows on when I was little. I wish this show was still on cuz I can only remember a couple of episods and only some of the characters. I have nothing else to say so I\\\'ll just hit some random buttons, cuz I need 3 more words. g h a
  • Good ole memories coming back to me now...

    I remember i would watch this show and read it back in after care of my school, when i was in the second grade.

    And man for a comical animated show, that show can teach you a whole bunch of stuff..

    But i think i was to young to even learn or pay attention, i was just to memorized and kept wondering how the characters would go from one scene to another so quick, along with live movies..

    Yea, i was stupid back then..

    now im just dumb.
  • An teacher who takes her students on these unsual field trips to many places.

    Its about an teacher Ms.Frzzle(sp?) who takes her students into an adventure more liked an field trip to places in her bus.Which can changed into things and they go off into many places.Even learning about the things as well.Even though it is an bit strange for the students as well.This show is an classic,I had watched this show when it was on PBS.I had most of the magic school bus book.I used to read it.Than after it was over.I stopped watching it.I never knew that it was still on Discovery kids.My favorite part is at the end before the credit.Where the kids,are dialing the number and started going "Is this the magic school bus?"
  • A teacher takes her class on field trips.

    "The Magic School Bus" is a science-like show that's about the exploits of Ms. Frizzle and her class of students at Walkerville Elementary School who board a magical school bus which takes them on educational adventures to space, under the Earth, into the human body, or to other such locations. all 8 students can learn the different types of adventures that thye face with. With 52 episodes, it was likely to be the good series of all. I rate this show an 85%.
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