The Magic School Bus - Season 2

PBS (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Ups And Downs
    Episode 13
    A monster is sighted in Walkerville Lake! Wanda wants to be first to go under water to find it, but the bus refuses to sink! Meanwhile, Gerri Poveri, a journalist, who needs this monster to boost her sinking ratings, doesn't want Wanda anywhere near the lake. The kids discover there's more than one way to make a bus sink, and in the process discover the real monster of Walkerville Lake.moreless
  • Cold Feet
    Episode 12
    The kids discover that Liz is missing — gone off to some mysterious place called Herp Haven. Why has she left them? Thinking Liz is in trouble, the kids go to Herp Haven, where they are transformed into reptiles in order to get inside and past Mr. Herps, the proprietor. Once the kids become reptiles, they find out what it means to be "cold-blooded" like Liz.moreless
  • Out Of This World
    Episode 11
    Dorothy Ann, an amateur astronomer, discovers that an asteroid she's been tracking is on a collision path with Walkerville Elementary School! Before you can say, "Get messy!", the kids find themselves in outer space, trying to track the path of the asteroid and send it on another course before it destroys the school. The class discovers the difference between comets and asteroids and try to find a way to direct its rotation around the sun to make sure it misses Earth completely.moreless
  • Getting Energized
    Episode 10
    The class plugs their Double-Trouble Wheel of Wonder, the hottest ride at the school carnival, when their electricity fails. No electricity, no ride! Carlos' younger brother Mikey helps them discover that there are other sources of energy besides electricity. Using wind, water, the heat of the sun, falling rocks, and their own muscle power, the class gets the Ferris wheel running.moreless
  • Magic School Bus Getting Energized
    When all the electrical outlets at the carnival are taken, the class must find an alternative source of energy to power a ride. Voice of Ms. Frizzle: Lily Tomlin.
  • Taking Flight
    Episode 9
    The remote control of Tim's model airplane is accidentally broken. Wanda and the class find themselves inside the plane learning what it's really like to fly it. In a series of high adventures up in the air, they discover how wings and moving air affect lift and flight, and make it back in time to compete in the Walkerville Model Airplane Rally.moreless
  • Magic School Bus Taking Flight
    In this Magic School Bus episode, the class members learn about the basics of aerodynamics after they enter a model airplane contest. The fun really begins when Ms. Frizzle shrinks herself and some of the students so they can actually fly their own model airplane. When the remote control breaks, Ms. Frizzle and her students must quickly figure out how to fly the plane themselves. In an effort to rescue their teacher and airborne classmates, the kids on the ground must turn the magic school bus into a plane so they can fly up and perform a rescue operation. Once a friendly eagle provides some helpful instructions, the enterprising youngsters are on their way.moreless
  • Revving Up
    Episode 8
    The Magic School Bus fails to pass inspection by Mr. Junkett, the vehicle maintenance inspector, and the kids are determined to get it running before the tow truck arrives to take it to the junk yard. With Ms. Frizzle's help, the class ends up inside bus's engine for an explosive adventure where they learn how gas plus air plus a spark make the engine run.moreless
  • Magic School Bus Revving Up
    The Magic School Bus fails to pass inspection by Mr. Junkett, the vehicle maintenance inspector, and the kids are determined to get it running before the tow truck arrives to take it to the junk yard. With Ms. Frizzle's help, the class ends up inside bus'
  • In A Pickle
    In A Pickle
    Episode 7
    Keesha returns from vacation to find that her prize cucumber has been stolen and was replaced with a smelly old pickle. When the evidence seems to point to Ms. Frizzle as the culprit, the class puts her on trial, with Keesha as prosecutor and Arnold as defense attorney. The Friz says a tiny group of troublemakers called the Mike Robe (microbe) Gang is responsible and takes the class for a visit into the teeny tiny world of microbes. There, they discover that even tiny living things can have a big effect.moreless
  • Magic School Bus in a Pickle
    The class returns from vacation to find a cucumber has turned into a pickle---which leads to a Friz lesson on microbes. Voice of Ms. Frizzle: Lily Tomlin.
  • Wet All Over
    Episode 6
    Arnold and Wanda are due to give a report on the town waterworks. But Ms. Frizzle thinks it's field DRIP time! She turns the bus and class into water drops and the kids evaporate, condense, become rain and rush by river into the ocean. After several trips through the water cycle, they're ready to turn back into regular kids. But the magic key that will get them out of the cycle is locked in the school bathroom! Trying to work their watery way into the bathroom, the kids go through the town waterworks and see how water is purified. Can they get to school through bathroom pipes? Or are they stuck in the water cycle forever?moreless
  • 10/8/95
    The class needs a new mascot for their soccer team. Everyone laughs at Phoebe when she suggests using a butterfly, and Arnold's know-it-all cousin, Janet, suggests the mysterious Bog Beast instead. Ms. Frizzle takes them on a field trip to Butterfly Bog where they discover camouflage and other butterfly tricks of deception — learning just how clear and unwhimpy butterflies can be — while unmasking the mysterious Bog Beast!moreless
  • Going Batty
    Episode 4
    The class is studying nocturnal animals and Ms. Frizzle takes the parents on a nighttime field trip to learn more about bats. As the night progresses, Ralphie becomes convinced that The Friz is a vampire! The class follows Ms. Frizzle and their parents to a scary old castle where, by becoming bats themselves, the kids find out the wonderful truth about these creatures of the night, and Ms. Frizzle!moreless
  • The Busasaurus
    The Busasaurus
    Episode 3
    Ms. Frizzle takes the class to a dinosaur dig, courtesy of her old school chum, paleontologist Dr. Carmina Skeledon. To complete the field trip, they travel back in time — 67 million years — to see what dinosaurs were really like! Arnold's fossilized egg, put in his care by Dr. Skeledon, is snatched by a dinosaur and he ends up squaring off with a T-Rex. To their relief, the class finds out that even the fiercest dino's prefer flight to fight.moreless
  • Flexes Its Muscles
    Episode 2
    Ms Frizzle takes the bus (and class) to R.U. Humerus' extraordinary Body Shop for repairs -- but Ralphie seizes the opportunity to build a robot to do his chores. The class joins in and they discover how bones, joints and muscles work together to help us move. But they do the job a little too well, and the Ralphiebot starts to take over. Can Ralphie stop the robot before it's too late?moreless
  • Blows Its Top
    Episode 1
    Ms. Frizzle presents the kids with the missing piece to their gigantic earth puzzle, an island that hasn't been discovered yet! Both Dorothy Ann and Carlos want to be first to discover the island so they can name it, but when they reach the spot where it's supposed to be, all they see is the sea. It takes a run-in with an explosive underwater volcano to help them understand how the earth makes new landforms.moreless