The Magic School Bus

Season 4 Episode 7

Sees Stars

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Oct 25, 1997 on PBS

Episode Recap

D.A. is sick for the day, and Keesha and everyone wants to see if she would like to have a star bought for her. After calling Horace Scope at the Star Shopping Network, they observe different types of stars by using the bus to travel to them.

The first one is a nebula, a young star formed from gas and dust. It is too violent, as it is just forming. Keesha doesn't like this one because it is too violent. Scope then offers a second star, a middle-aged star. Keesha doesn't like it, because it is too plain and boring. The last star is gigantic, being a supergiant. Being on a discount, Keesha decides that it's the one she wants when it explodes. Horace says that it's his fault, no refunds. Ms. Frizzle then gets the idea to compress the exploded material to make a new star. They succeed, and Horace then tries to claim the star. Keesha lashes out, saying that it was made from the one he tried to swindle them with. Keesha buys the star, along with help from her classmates, and present it to D.A., with it being named after her.