The Magic School Bus

Season 3 Episode 13

The Family Holiday Special

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Dec 25, 1996 on PBS

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  • It's always poor Arnold's fault.

    This was a good episode, but I would have ranked it higher if it were not for the Wanda factor. Wanda is definately one of my least favorite characters on the show, and this episode is one example of why I don't like her.

    The songs were cute, the storyline was fun, and I loved how instead of making it a Christmas episode, it was a Chrismahanakwanzikuh (Christmas + Hanukkuh + Kwanzaa) episode. The episode starts with the kids recycling items in the classroom. Wanda's antsy because she fears she'll miss the Nutcracker, which is showing that night. She has an old toy soldier with her, which is her ticket to get in the show.

    Where a big misunderstanding is to Three's Company, something going wrong is to Magic School Bus. Arnold accidently recycles Wanda's toy, and she's get's angry with him. He was only trying to help, and this is one reason I don't like Wanda.

    In the end, she decides her friendship with him is more important than the ballet, but even her revelation isn't enough for me to like her, in my opnion.

    All in all, a decent episode.
  • PBS's Old Christmas Line Up-Ah so Amazing!

    This episode is in the top 5 list of my fav. episodes of Magic School Bus.

    I love how Dolly Parton (sp) makes an apperance in this and is another one of Ms Frizzle's fun-loving relatives.

    The songs were terrific, short, but terrific and lively. Creative, and yet educational.

    Now onto the episode: Wanda wants to get rid of recycling so Ms. Frizzle makes the bus get rid of recycling. Soon everyone learns that if you don't recycle you will be in big, big trouble. This episode shows us the appreciation of people who recycle and reclycling plants (The workers there too).

    My favorite part of this episode is when they make the School Bus again out of all those morphs Ms. Frizzle has in her pocket!
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