The Magician (1999)

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  • Season 2
    • Vega Gate
      Vega Gate
      Episode 13
      A famous singer named Ritchie Valenti arrives at Electro City for the first time in fifteen years. Vega is at the harbor where he arrived, not happy at all. He leaves a letter in Valeti's car. Friedrich receive an anonymous call about meeting between a blackmailer and his victim in the following night. It's Vega whose meeting with Valenti. Vega smacks the singer, grabs the suitcase and takes off. When the police catches him, the suitcase breaks open and he gets arrested. The next morning at the Express, Cosmo is interviewing Senator Dobbs, when Angel announces Miss LeSage. She's surprised to see Dobbs, but it turns it's really Ace. She tells them that Vega's been arrested. Ace learns that Vega's bail is $150,000,000 Electro dollars. Ace visits Vega in prison and asks him what happened. But Vega remained silent. Ace pays the bail, but is informed that it will take some time for the paperwork to go through. Friedrich tells Ace, that Vega has already been involved in a scandal with Valenti fifteen years ago. Angel learns that something happened but it's labeled top secret and she can't open the file. Cosmo tries, no luck. Ace suggest to get the information directly from the source. At the police headquarters, Cosmo distracts the guards while Ace slips inside. He sneaks into Friedrich's office where he learned that Vega attacked Valenti fifteen years ago, but agreed to remain silent. Before Ace can get more information, Friedrich returns and Ace gets away. Miss LeSage sneaks into Valenti's apartment dressed as the cleaning woman. She learns that with his knowledge his two henchmen plans to rob houses of those people who visits his concert. She tells Ace, who now has the almost have the mystery solved. Vega is set free and goes to the Ring Theater to confront Valenti. Ace and Cosmo arrive at the theater, knocking out Valenti's henchmen. Vega remembers how he figured out Valenti's scheme fifteen years ago, but had no proof.moreless
    • Bad Weather For The Magician
      Ace has a new magic show. The magic trick is something to do with weather. He creates lightning, energy suns, and small tornadoes. Mr. Zanoni, the organizer of the open air show, is extorted by a stranger. The stranger blackmails Zanoni, he wants one million electro dollars or he will sabotage the show. Yet Zanoni refused. As the show begins, two volunteers go on stage and the magic trick starts. Suddenly, everything starts going out of control as the extortionist pulls out a small device and creates a large storm which Ace can no longer control. Even though Cosmo reduces the energy input, the storm grows larger. Spectators flee in panic, some are injured but no one is seriously hurt. The media blames Ace for the disaster and Ace decides hold the tour as long as he doesn't know where the error lies. Suddenly Zanoni pays a visit and explains that it wasn't Ace's fault. He had been blackmailed and didn't pay the money. Ace decides to continue the tour to catch the culprit. At another location, Ace informs the hotel owner where he will perform, but he waves off any suspicious blackmailers. Ace notices that someone is hiding behind a half-closed door and reveals the blackmailer, but the stranger takes the hotel owner hostage and flees. Ace and Cosmo chases after him but they lost him throughout a boat chase due to an unusual weather change, the sunny and clear sky suddenly turn into a snowy day with fog. Ace investigates the strange weather phenomenon that has been appearing recently. There had reports like two farms on a country had an unusual accident, one of the barns had hail while didn't. Ace decides visit a meteorologist named Zoran Springs whose the only that predicts these phenomena while other weather channels predict only sunshine. Zoran in the meantime, chastises his henchman for attacking Ace, but the goon retorts that Ace is only a magician and can't be half as smart as everyone else thinks he is. Zoran possesses a weather control machine that is connected to four satellites space and he recklessly uses it for his own purposes. Ace and Cosmo drive to Zoran's home in middle of the desert. On their way, they are surprised to see a thunderstorm that smashes the Magic Rider so bad that they are both thrown out. It looks things are going to fried.moreless
    • A Model Top Model
      A Model Top Model
      Episode 11
      It's just after midnight when a car arrives at Fred Barskin's villa, it's Zelda a super model. She thinks her contract is up, and wants to leave. But Baskin made her contract that extents her contract unlimited. Yet, Zelda still wants to leave, but she tried, she gets stopped by Barskin's henchman who brings her back to the villa. Later, in Ace's room at the Ring Theater, Cosmo tries to hypnotize Ace, it failed. He wants Ace to show him the trick behind hypnotizing anyone. They prepare for the show, Cosmo notices that is in the audience (since he admires her). Professor Braun informs Zelda that she is now working for the Universal Beauty Institute (U.B.I.) Zelda refuses to sign the contract because she wants to leave the model business. The show starts, Ace asks for a volunteer and Zelda goes to the stage. Barskin tries to stop her but Ace stops him. When Ace asked what of animal she would like to be, she choose an eagle. Ace uses his magic to transform her into an eagle. While distracting the audience, Ace checks Cosmo how the situation is doing on backstage. Cosmo confirms everything is OK, but then Zelda grabs the remote of the elevator system. As Ace tries change back Zelda to human, Cosmo chases after her. Ace creates a habitat for the eagle then four doves in order buy time. When Barskin's henchman shows up underground and cut off Zelda's path, she goes to Cosmo for help, and together they show up on stage again. At a party after wards, Barskin and his henchman shows up. Cosmo is hold at gunpoint, taking Zelda away. Ace distracts the bad guys and both Cosmo and Zelda gets away. They go to the Magic Rider and take off. Ace commandeers a car from two elderly ladies following the Rider. Cosmo has trouble controlling the Rider. They meet up with Ace. Swapping cars without the bad guys noticing, Cosmo and Zelda got away. Barskin finds Zelda's notebook with the address of where she hid her motor bike. Zelda gives Cosmo her keys to take of her things while she visits her parents since she hasn't them in over three years. But Barskin gets to her first before she can get of town. Later, Duc announces that Zelda is back in town to sign her contract with UBI. Cosmo expects her to call him soon, but Ace suspects somethings wrong. He goes to the UBI, where he finds Zelda. She is unresponsive and doesn't recognize him. Suddenly, Braun and Barskin arrive. Ace disguises himself as a mannequin. Ace learns that the Zelda he was talking to was a clone, he then follows Braun to the UBI clinic. While following Ace calls Cosmo. Because of an accident caused by Braun, Cosmo arrives there first. Cosmo is caught by Braun and orders a guard to neutralize him. The guard however is really Ace. Braun goes into a lab, where the real Zelda is kept prisoner. Braun plans to destroy Zelda's beauty with a machine. He also plan to use the Zelda clone to sign the UBI contract.moreless
    • Best Wishes And Happiness
      Ace is busy dressing for Mona's birthday party when a call comes in. It's Mona and she asks him to come one hour earlier because she has something tell him. While on his way, he is attacked by poisonous dart and gets wet by the rain (it happened all of a sudden). He arrives at the Croesus Palace, very wet and still drugged. Cosmo asks him what happened because Ace left before Cosmo and arrived late, but before Ace can answer, Mona walks on the stage. She announces her marriage to a professor named Max Malden. Blackjack is relieved because it means she is no longer with Ace, but Ace is jealous. He can't believe, he doesn't want to. He tries to talk to Mona, but Spade and Diamond get in his way. He passes them with magic...only to learn that Mona is no longer in her dressing room. Mona and the professor were having an interview at the SensaNews. "It was 'magical'" Mona says. Ace turns off the TV and stomps out of the living room, Cosmo tells him that he has to accept it. It turns out that Mona wants marry him because they had a deal, if Mona marries him, Max will give the cure for her father's disease. He is a geneticist and worked 10 years on a miracle drug. Mona agreed to the deal. But she still hasn't contacted Ace, she tries to flee, only to be apprehended. Ace was looking at old pictures of Mona and him in their childhood when he remembers something. During their childhood, they had a secret code, if one of them gets in trouble, they say the word 'magical'. Ace realizes now that Mona is in trouble and he immediately goes to the Croesus Palace where she is performing a concert. Mona has a breakdown and goes to her dressing room. Ace is disguised as a doctor and manages to get to her room and she tells him everything. Ace is relieved, he promises to into the 'miracle' drug. He sneaks into Max's house and discovers that the 'miracle' drug is nothing but colored water. He gets caught. Max tells him that he never had the intention to cure Blackjack and wants to control over his daughter. Max also tells Ace that when they exchange wedding rings, his wedding ring contains a chip that will turn Mona into a hopeless puppet. Ace is furious, but before he can act, he is shot by sleeping needle. When Ace wakes up, he is in a room that has a ceiling with spikes while being tied up, which is slowly descending while a large screen TV shows him the live documentation of Mona's wedding. It looks like Max will get away with the wedding and Ace probably never escape...alive.moreless
    • Master of Magic
      Master of Magic
      Episode 9
      A young girl possesses magical powers and wants to be trained as a magician, is working with a stage magician named Yago as his assistant. She is trying to master of her new tricks, levitating a tambourine while playing it, but Yago tells her that she is bad and will never make it. When she says she will search for a new teacher, he orders her to stay. In Yago's opinion, Ace Cooper is only a second-class magician, pushed to stardom by the media. Mr. Alexandre, the owner of the club gives her the address of Ace and tells her to go and see him. Yago (who thinks he's the greatest magician alive) is furious and he scares his audience with a magic trick that includes a fiery dragon and a phoenix, ruining the club. Meanwhile, Ace and Cosmo are driving by Electro City's bank and discover Spade and Diamond taking pictures of the building. Ace and Cosmo pursue them and the two run into a lamp post. Ace mumbles that Blackjack is planning something. Back at the Ring Theater, the girl, whose name is Celine, runs into Ace and asks him to be her teacher. Ace accepts her as a backstage assistance and will train her. Ace tries a trick with the levitation of a whole train. The train levitates because of a complicated program and some kind of magnetic field A masked stranger enters the control center under the stage, initiates a fire alarm to draw Cosmo out of the nerve center, then steals the program and destroys the controls. The train crashes onto the stage. Ace survives because he was standing on a trap door. Ace goes visit Alexandre and sees the devastating state the club is in. Alexandre tells him it was Yago. Flashback: Young Ace wanted to be trained as a magician by Yago, but he tells Ace that his useless tricks will never make him a great magician and he refuses to accept him as a student. Alexandre also tells him that he sent Celine to Ace so she can be trained. The stranger under the stage was Yago, who now goes to the Croesus Palace to offer his services to Blackjack to help him steal the money transport to Electro City Bank. Blackjack accepts the offer and they pull the theft off. Ace, hearing about the theft, that the money truck was floating, knows what must've happened. He confronts Celine, who says she's innocent and doesn't work with Yago. She says that Yago promised her tons of gold if she returns to him, but she refused. Ace finally finds Yago at Croesus Palace where Blackjack and Yago have ended their friendship. Yago and Ace engage in a magical battle. Yago accuses Ace of ruining his career. So they had a deal. If Ace wins, Yago has to give himself up and return the gold. However, if Yago wins, Ace has to step down for magic and never perform again...moreless
    • Hardbeat
      Episode 8
      A new kind of music comes to Electro City: Hardbeat. All the kids are wild about it and since DJ Mickus create this new sound, he is coming to town, everyone wants to go to this party, including Cosmo. However, Hardbeat is also blamed for more and more violent outbreaks among teenagers, who aggressively attack innocent people and destroy property after attending Hardbeat parties. Ace is worried about Cosmo and asks him to help on a levitation number instead of going out, but Cosmo says he needs to go out more since he hasn't had any fun for a week. Illegally recording live performance of Mickis at the dance club, Cosmo plays the Hardbeat on his Earman as he rollerblades home and his aggressiveness rises, letting him not only a young couple in a restaurant but also the police. Ace is called by Vega to pick him up from jail. He asks Cosmo not to go to another Hardbeat party, but Cosmo says rudely, "The last time I checked, you still weren't my father". Ace decides to accompany Cosmo and not only introduced to the dance club music, but also DJ Mickis. Ace notices that someone is manipulating youngsters the kids and he openly confronts Mickis, who says that if his music harming someone, he'd stop it. Mickis hurriedly leaves shortly afterwards because Friedrich has issued an arrest order. Cosmo sneaks out to a new party and Ace asks his friend, Ulene where the new dance club is. She leads him to an underground hall. There Ace discovers that someone is secretly adding ultrawaves to the live performance sound that makes the listeners aggressive since their adrenaline level rises astronomically. All audio CDs on sale don't have this addition. The man behind it Senator Dobbs who wants the whole city to fall under martial law, which will give him total control of the city. While the decision about this is being made at the council hall, Cosmo gets a gun and wants to shoot the senator because his drugged mind tells him that Dobbs is responsible for the teenagers getting arrested, because he is forbidding Hardbeat and for discrimination of his age group. Ace outsmarts him, tells him he is not here to stop him, but that Cosmo is under fluence of a drug. He says that it is Cosmo's free will to do what he wants that he would never restrain him, but if he shoots now, he doesn't ace out his own free will but someone's orders. Cosmo fights down the intention to shoot and lowers the weapon. In the meantime, Ace has a plan and Mickis follows his plan, he introduces the sound drug into the PA system of the council hall and all the members turn aggressive, no longer restrained. Meaning that Dobbs has to yell out that he is only interested in power and control over Electro City and that he is responsible for the Hardbeat troubles.moreless
    • Behind The Orb Ball
      Skip Ramsdale, star of the Strikers team was playing a game of Flippball, when an accident and is whisked off at the hospital. He is diagnosed with Flippball Sleep, a strange illness that is affecting more and more pilots recently. Ace and Cosmo were present throughout the last Flippball Game and Ace tells Cosmo he knew Skip for a long time, though they are no longer friends. Flashback: Skip tells Ace he wants to be part in of his tricks. Ace warns him the performing trick is dangerous, Skip claims that Flippball is more dangerous and he can do it. The trick fails because Skip was locked inside a water tank and he lost the key and he nearly died. Skip blames Ace for his own failure and ever since they were no longer on speaking terms. Ace and Cosmo visits Skip because Cosmo is a huge fan, but his dreams are shattered when he gets to know the bitter and angry Skip, who, to top it, takes vitalizing drugs. Skip treats Cosmo like a small child, insults Ace, and tells them to leave him alone. Ace takes some of the energy takes some of the energy pills and analyzes them. A foreign substance is found and they determine it's poison. Someone is taking out race pilots from both finalists for this year's championship. But while the Pirates only lose members in the third line, the Strikers have lost most of their front row. It turns out Blackjack is the one behind it. He bets $10,000,000 that the Pirates are going to win the final game. Sneaking around, Ace discovers an antidote in Clockwise's possession and turns over to the authorities. He then Skip's place in the final Flippball Game, Cosmo tells him the rules and Ace enters the arena. He has problems flying the pinball, but he soon grows more or less used to it. Blackjack thinks Skip has recovered and sends Spade and Diamond to stop, but they are taken out by Ace's magic. Ace must win this game or else Blackjack takes it all. All for one, one for all.moreless
    • What Were You Doing In Electro City When The Lights Went Off?
      Professor Jonathon Surge was visiting his lab when he suddenly disappears. No one knows where went. Meanwhile, Ace has a new trick he performing for the first time in the Ring Theater. It consists of himself getting pulled towards a gigantic magnet, which he then takes out and depletes all of its energy, using himself as a catalyst. While he disables the magnet with electricity, the whole system shorts out, taking all of Electro City's power with it. Nothing works anymore. The Surge batteries, a kind of battery that runs eternally, are all dead. Ace investigates while more batteries fail until the whole city is without power. Friedrich is trapped in an elevator, the Croesus Palace is unable to run its games and Sunny Boy, who first gloats that everything is going according to plan, finds that the Surge Industries is dropping. While searching for Prof. Surge, Ace and Cosmo are confronted by Sonny Boy, who tells them that his father has "retired". He never liked his father, because his dad never had time for him. Flashback: Young Sonny Boy shows his a great rock he has found, but Daddy Surge has no time for him. He is under pressure to deliver a cold fusion battery which he fails to do, and his deadline is approaching. Unnerved by his son, he gives a him whipping. Sonny cries out and his high yell activates what looks like a turning fork. The ultra sound waves activates the fusion inside the batteries and the Surge Batteries are born. Ace and Cosmo escapes the goons. Later on, Ace follows a suspicious looking guard to a hidden place inside the Surge Labs. There he finds the professor, who was nearly assassinated by his son, as he tells Ace and only because one of Sunny's men secretly works for Surge Sen. He also tells Ace that if Sonny gets rid of him, the secret of the batteries will die with him. The batteries have no patent pending, no one knows how they work.moreless
    • Croesus Crisis
      Croesus Crisis
      Episode 5
      Sunny Boy opens up a casino and Black Jack is furious. Sunny's henchmen attacks the Croesus Palace Casino while Mona is performing. She is saved by Ace who sits in the audience admiring her. Blackjack retaliates by manipulating the machines in Sunny's casino, allowing everybody to win, nearly ruining Sunny. He refuses to pay the won money to the winners. Out for revenge, Sunny pays an employee from Blackjack to bring him the lucky rabbit's paw of him. He gives it to the sorceress, Scaras who uses the paw to manipulate Blackjack and drug him. While Mona's father's health is deteriorating, Mona turns to Ace and asks for his help. Ace furiously tells her that Blackjack is a criminal and hates him, just like Ace despises Blackjack, and he refuses to help. Blackjack turns worser and worser and Mona comes in person to the Magic Express. She reminds Ace that he is responsible for her father's condition. Suddenly, there's a flashback that shows Ace and Jack fighting on a wooden beam over a raging fire. The beam breaks and Jack falls into the fiery depths. Ace says that was an accident, but he still felt guilty. Finally he agrees to help her and accompanies Mona to her father's chambers. Blackjack is delirious, talking about the accident and the gang as if it happened yesterday. Ace reminds him that was 15 years ago, but Blackjack just keeps talking about how he doesn't blame Ace for the accident, how he never thought of Ace as the one who blew the whistle on them and talked to the cops. Mona wasn't there to hear that. Ace discovers that Blackjack was poisoned. He follows the trail to Scaras where he counters her magical spells with his own, but in the end he is grazed by a spear, which was poisoned. He falls into a druggd coma and is recused by Cosmo who frantically tries to find an antidote. Cosmo must find it fast before Ace and Blackjack die.moreless
    • Truth or Consequence
      Ace and Cosmo are watching a Flipball game when suddenly their favorite player, Skip Ramsdale accidentally crashes into Barsky, a player from the opposing team. While Barsky is in the stretcher, he sues Skipper and he is arrested by the police. In the Magic Express, Ace and Cosmo don't believe the fact that Skip was guilty. Ace decides to gather more information about the incident. The problem is that the police won't allow anyone to speak to Skip so they go to their next source: Bob Ret, manager of the Chips Team. Bob explains everything to Ace and Cosmo about the contract Skip received from the Pirates team replacing Barsky. So Ace and Cosmo go to Barsky's private island to spy. After learning the fact that Barsky was actually faking, they are caught. The two must race for their lives.moreless
    • Planet Electric
      Planet Electric
      Episode 3
      A new restaurant in Electro City opens, Planet Electric. It's owned by Electro City's celebrities, DJ Mickus, Skip Ramsdale, and Ace Cooper. All the money earned goes to a man named Banks. Suddenly, as people were eating them, they get poisoned. Banks is the one behind this, Black Jack hired him. Ace, Skip, Mickus, and Banks are arrested. They go through a lie detector test. All answers were "no", but one of employees hired by Banks hacks into the lie detector. When Ace's answer is negative, the alarm flashed and Ace is arrested. Ace can't use his magic because he gets drugged once in a while. Cosmo gets mad, he goes to the restaurant to search for clues. While searching he hears Spade & Diamond talking about the secret of the food and that they plan to poison Banks next. Cosmo runs out while the police chase him. When he arrives at Banks' house, he gets knocked out and drugged. Meanwhile, Ace gains consciousness and escapes from jail. In the meantime, Cosmo is driving a car while drugged is about to drive over the cliff while Ace has to run from the police. He tries to contact Angel but the police are already at the Express and shuts down Angel. Ace hides from the police until one of his crazy fan had to chase him for an autograph and he has been spotted by the police. Ace is surrounded by the police.moreless
    • The Flight Of Prosperity
      Two dangerous criminals have escaped from jail, Sally Blade and Bodycount. Both sisters worked for Black Jack. Meanwhile, a high technology ship named the Prosperity annouces it's flight. The ships was made for celebrities. The two criminals learn that Mona was one of the celebrites. When Mona is home from Ace's magic trick, the two blackmail, they demand her to help them steal Ace's anti-metal detector sensor so they can take the Prosperity hostage or Black Jack gets hurt. Mona agrees to help for her father's sake, the three goes to the Magic Express and Sally knocks Ace cold and the three takes off. The next day, Mona uses the anti-metal device sensor so she can sneak in a gun. When she gets to the ship, she holds the captain at gunpoint, demanding to take off the protective field. The two criminals take the ship hostage. Vega tries to stop them but gets beaten unconscious. Ace learns he can't page through his friend due to the high securtiy level. Ace also learns that the ship has an anti-collision which prevents anyone from the ship. Ace and Cosmo levitates to the ship, Cosmo is send to hack into the computer. When the anti-collision is off, Sally holds Cosmo at gunpoint next to the window. Sally then sends Blade and Mona to search and destroy Ace. Whey they find Ace trying regain consciousness to Vega in the center of the ship, Mona holds Ace at gunpoint. Mona is warned that a stray shot might blow up the ship but shoots anyways. She misses and the ship goes on fire.moreless
    • The Paparazzo Affair
      Strange things have been happening, first Duc was chased by two crooks to the Sensa News, then the crooks try to take Duc from Sensa News. Fortunately, Ace was there to save him. However when they go back to the Magic Express, they been rocked by grenades. What's worse is the Magic Express is in fire. The Express goes away, until comes to a cliff, the Express falls into the ocean. Luckily, the Express can still operate underwater. Yet, Duc complains to Ace about him being crazy, but Ace confronts Duc. Duc shows Ace a CD video about a new director in the St. Paul Hospital name John Wosh. However, John Wosh isn't really who he is, his real name is Paul Kelly and was arrested for illegal chemical experiments. Duc gets to the hospital headfirst, only to be taken away. Ace and Cosmo arrive there, they learn that the secret of the hospital is to treat people with a new virus then give a medication for a high price. Ace saves Duc who was about to be thrown in boiling liquid. They find Wosh and chase him to a helicopter. Ace and Duc jumps on, Wosh threatens Ace that he will infect the city with a virus if he doesn't surrender. Ace is in trouble with the tough decision.moreless
  • Season 1