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  • No Dice!
    No Dice!
    Episode 26
    At the Sunset Casino, Ace was looking for Cosmo when he accidentally bumps into a strange person. Ace follows the strange man into a secret room and discovers he planted a bomb. Ace was caught by the stranger and got stunned while the bomb is heading into the main area of the casino. As for Cosmo, two of Sonny Boy's henchmen throws him out, since Sonny owns the casino and does not welcome Ace and his friends. Ace wakes up and manages to evacuate the casino and was almost killed. Back at the Magic Express, Angel explains the potency of the bomb and tells the only way to prevent the explosion is to keep it at a colder temperature. All of a sudden, Ace gets a call from the same stranger who blew up Sunset Casino saying that he will blow up another casino to put addicted gamblers out of their misery. Ace meets Vega at the police headquarters and learns that someone has demanded exactly $2,307,680 from the DNA Club & Casino. There, Ace, Vega, and Cosmo found the stranger disguised as a woman. Ace discovers the bomb and cools it down with freezing water. Vega evacuates everyone out of the casino safely while Cosmo goes after the suspect. Ace has to save one gambler who refuses to leave without her money. The bomb goes off, but with a little magic from Ace, Ace saves the woman and escapes out of danger. At the Express, Ace, Cosmo, and Vega learned the bomber's identity named, Joe Tucker the only man who lost the betting of $2,307,680 from the Sunset Casino, the DNA Club, and the Croesus Palace. Ace knows Mona is giving a concert at the Croesus so now she's in danger too. Ace and Vega go there to evacuate the people and find Tucker who's in a different disguise. Tucker holds Black Jack and Mona hostage while Ace tries to look for the bomb. Ace found Tucker but got knocked out by Spade and Diamond who then got stunned by Tucker. Time is ticking out for Ace and Cosmo...moreless
  • Junior
    Episode 25
    On a rainy night at the Magic Express, Ace and Cosmo are ready for dinner with Mona when they get an unexpected surprise on their doorstep: a baby. Cosmo tries to take care of the baby while Ace looks for the person left the baby in the rain. Mona demonstrates Cosmo on babysitting since she's better and Cosmo not good at it. During the night though, Ace decided to name the baby, Junior. However through the night, Mona is shocked that the baby has grown into a toddler. Angel analyzes the child who grows older each hour. Junior then takes the Magic Rider like a maniac and starts causing all kinds of trouble. Ace and Mona catched with the Racer via the Magic Bike, but Junior has used the ejector seat and ends up at the top of a high-rise building. Ace and nearly lost Junior when a strange man picks him up in a turbocopter. The man, Aldus Teron, is up to no good so Ace rescues Junior when jumps from Teron and gets into a very high dive with Ace. Teron goes back to Ingen Laboratories and learns his nurse Nastasia kidnapped the prototype baby and left it with Ace who remembers her after his accident. Ace comes to the rescue of old friend, but he and Cosmo got sidetracked and lost her. Teron then goes to the Magic Express and gets Junior back. This is Teron's plan: Transfer his brain into Junior's body to live longer. But for what?moreless
  • Virtual Fatality
    Virtual Fatality
    Episode 24
    Ace Cooper's latest performance gives a chance to be part of the Electro City's 200th anniversary celebration. However, something goes wrong in his teleportation trick as he mysterioulsy disappears. He gets knocked out and kidnapped by two men who takes him away in a van. Cosmo searched and searched but no luck. When Vega comes and tells a replacement audition is taking place, Cosmo looks over the Ring Theater and discovers a man named Jimmy Hagen who somehow starts doing Ace's tricks perfectly. With Angel's help he learns Hagen is a decendant of one of Electro City's founding family and has been in and out of the mental hospital. While trying to figure out Hagen's moves, Cosmo and everyone else hears a shocking announcement from: He's quiting magic. Cosmo discovers the message was not really from but nobody believes him execpt for Mona. He then notices the same vehicle after Ace's dissappear. Cosmo then stows away in the van which takes directly to Hagen's home. There, Cosmo fonud the truth about Hagen: he is using virtual reality to steal Ace's magical secrets. Hagen discovers Cosmo and Cosmo goes running for his life. He was almost killed from a cliff. Cosmo returns with Angel in the Magic Express and gets Ace out of the virtual world shorting Hagen's machine. Ace and company race to Keaton Park to deliver a large surprise. Jimmy Hagen is ready to perform at the celebration when he is surprised to find Ace Cooper in the other box. The two started fighting but Hagen stuns Ace and takes Mona hostage.moreless
  • All Against One
    All Against One
    Episode 23
    At the police headquarters, two officers bring in a new prisoner and everyone at the jailhouse is curious. The prisoner turn out to be Faceless and the two officers were Spade and Diamond. Their plan is to break out only a select bunch of prisoners that Ace put behind the bars and get them to work with Black Jack to put an end on Ace Cooper. Sonny Boy and his gang are invited to join the crime alliance since they all agree Ace must be killed. The next day, Ace puts on his show but gets ambushed by three villians: Yago, the fire magician; Dr. Blaun, a mad scientist; and Count Hebon. Faceless joins in wounded Ace's right arm. Cosmo calls for Vega and the police but Mr. Glam sends his robot to block the police. Ace manages to slip away on him Magic Bike but then gets shot by Sonny Boy's team. This could the end of Ace Cooper...moreless
  • Cold Sweat (2)
    Cold Sweat (2)
    Episode 22
    Last time on The Magician, Ace was traped in the cryogenic chamber because Gus's revenge. Cosmo and Dr. Charles opened the chamber Ace is in but his body slowly breaks up into pieces as Cosmo touches it. But that Ace was a phoney because the real Ace just showed up. Gus Moreland's condition is dangerously critical and he apologizes Ace for his rude attitude and wants to know the whole truth. Ace tells him what happen the day they try to steal the money from a sciece company. Ace then explains about Jac Malone and how he said Gus is out of the gang and lied to Ace that Gus can get out there himself. Gus gets real mad at Jack or in other words, Black Jack. So now he's going after his family to avenge Black Jack. Ace gets in the way when the Cryogenic Center collapsed. Ace survives and Cosmo and Vega goes to Croesus Palace to keep an eye on Black Jack while Ace goes to Mona's house to warn her not leave her home for her life is now in danger. Gus arrives at the Croesus Palace and arranges a deal with Black Jack through Clockwise. Vega and Cosmo follow Black Jack but lose him after their car's engine is blown by a grenade. Meanwhile, Ace discovers where Gus and Black Jack are going to meet and it is the North Bridge. Gus and Black Jack exchange greetings and then Gus explains his vengeful plan and they start fighting. Just before Spade and Diamond shoot him, Ace saves Gus and gets away from Ace and goes after Black Jack for one final showdown. Ace gets to the Croesus Palace and sneaks to the emergency door. Black Jack escapes from Gus and leaves him trapped in a now blazing inferno. Then, Ace catches up with Black Jack but decides to keep him long-time promise to save Gus.moreless
  • Cold Sweat (1)
    Cold Sweat (1)
    Episode 21
    After fifteen years in Cryogenic Suspension, a old friend of Ace named Gus Moreland awakens, looking like a frozen body and escapes from the Cryogenic Center. When he sees a poster of The Magician, the first thing on Gus's mind is getting revenge. Meanwhile, Ace bails Cosmo out of trouble with the polce and reminds him to be careful about doing many misdeeds before they catch up with him. Later, Ace performs his usual spectacular show with his panther panter Zina. After the show though, Moreland thinks he found Ace and just when was about to knock him down though, it turns out that it was somebody else wearing a similar cape. At the hospital, Vega grows concern about the dangers Ace could face so he sends two bodyguards to watch over him. Moreland goes back to the Cryogenic Center and forces Dr. Charles, the scientist-in-charge to make him look normal again. Charles gives him the temporary injection and Moreland goes after Ace through Cosmo. When Cosmo was blocking Moreland's way, he tells about Ace's past, as a criminal so Cosmo joins Moreland and help him commit a robbery. At the Magic Express, Ace and Vega finds the two bodyguards tied up and Ace remembers now about Gus Moreland. Gus challenges Ace to meet him alone at the Cryogenic Center, Gus and Cosmo show up there first, but Gus is turning back into the way he was frozen and asks Dr. Charles to turn him back human form. But the Charles said there's nothing more that can be done to save him, so Gus gets so mad that he ties up Cosmo and Dr. Charles. Ace then shows up and takes on one-on-one match. Ace tries to explain the truth but too late, for Gus locked him up in a cryogenic chamber! It looks like this the end for the Magician for he shall never awaken again or will he? To be continued...moreless
  • Professor Cosmo
    Professor Cosmo
    Episode 20
    Cosmo is nearly late for an inventors competition, but he got to exhibition hall just in time to demonstrate his invention, a mental wavelength modifier. Down in the lobby, Ace is busy signing autographs to his fans when he notices another contestant named Van Scott in trouble with Spade and Diamond. Ace tries to help, but only for Diamond to use Van Scott's invention, a robot to attack Ace and cause trouble in the contest. Cosmo used his invention to stop the robot and ends up winning first place. At this point, Cosmo decided it's time to say good bye to Ace and look towards his own future. Black Jack does not have the robot but he has the remote control so he used it to get the robot away from the police. Back at the Magic Express, Ace practices his newest trick while Cosmo considers loads of offers. When they both found out that the robot is loose again, Cosmo goest to work and Ace goes to Angel. Black Jack uses the robot to steal some weapons but Cosmo stops the robot again. The short is only temporary though, as Black Jack regains control, captures Cosmo, and destorys the modifier. Black Jack is about to finish Cosmo when the robot shorts out againg and Ace comes to rescue in his heavy artillery gear. Unfortunaley for Ace, Black Jack uses Cosmo as a hostage and in the ensuing chase. Ace gets thrown from a car and lands in a day-care center. He then finds Van Scott and saves him from Spade and Diamond. Ace then learns more about the robot. Later, the robot takes Cosmo to a luxury hotel. Could this be the end for Cosmo?moreless
  • The Chase
    The Chase
    Episode 19
    Ace and Cosmo are on their way back from a show in Lazaro City when the Magic Express crashes in the desert. Cosmo leaves Ace a note about the crash being his fault and goes for help. He finds another person in the desert followed by a pack of wild hyenas which end up attacking Cosmo. Ace and Zina save when they meet a hunter named Count Hebon. He invites everyone to his place for a cold drink. But the whole place is a trap for Ace and his friends. Hebon wants revenge for losing a person who apparently escaped from him and that person is found by the police and taken to the police headquarters where Vega is about to receive his long-overdue promotion. When he learns about the train crash, he realizes his friends may be in serious danger so he takes off to find them to the displeasure of Friedrichs who won't let anyone leave until Vega returns. At Hebon's estate, Ace and Cosmo fight for their lives through the deadly traps but then they reunite and agreed they'll get out of there alive as a team especially after Ace convinced Cosmo not to blame himself for the Express's accident. They escape from Hebon's grounds and got back to the Magic Express to set a trap for the hunter. Vega finds the estate and battles Hebon's butler while Ace and Cosmo wait for Hebon himself.moreless
  • A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing
    Ace Cooper was on his way home when he nearly runs over a stampe of escaped zoo animals. Later, Vega explains about the Wolves Company, a group of young eco-terrorist who are completely against everything ecologically wrong. Cosmo hangs out with his buddies at the video game arcade when he discovers a strang symbol in Ulene's notebook. Back at the Magic Express, Ace is determined to discover who made up the Wolves Company team before the police do, since they take the problem more seriously than the group really knows. The group's "mentor" wants them to create a stir at the Surge Consortium with a supported "fake bomb". At the consortium, Ace and Cosmo keep a lookout when Ace spoted two maintenance workers doing something unusual. He discovers the bomb while Cosmo goes after one of the workers which was surprisely Ulene. Ace has had trouble disarming the bomb coating because it's one design which can't be disarmed. So he it in a special coating and lets the bomb go off. Out of comes some odd confetti which later turns to be a deadly substance, B-343 made by Surge Labortories. Cosmo catches up with Ulene, learns about the Wolves Company and joins the group. The "mentor" next instructs the group to kidnap Professor Surge to stop pollution. The mentor is really Sonny Boy, the professor's son, and all he wants to do is take control of the Surge Consortium. By a strange fate, Ace and Cosmo run into each other as Prof. Surge is being kidnapped. Somehow, Cosmo leaves a clue leading Ace to a warehouse near the Grand Canal. At that old warehouse, the group has an internal argument while Ace, Sonny Boy's henchmen, and police showed up at the same time.moreless
  • Stealth Robber
    Stealth Robber
    Episode 17
    Ace and Cosmo were practicing their new act in the middle of a hard rainstorm when suddenly they crash into what seems to be an invisible helicopter. Cosmo ejects from the jet safely at the same time Ace enters the chopper. Just as Ace looks at the cargo, he hears a scarely and familiar voice and gets punched. This voice belongs to Faceless, and the punch comes from one of her henchmen. As for the crates, they contain $200 million stolen from Central Bank. Ace and Faceless are again rivals, Ace manages to get something while she shorts out the turbo reactor on his escape suit when he gets thrown out of the chopper. Ace dives safely into only for Capt. Friedrichs to arrest him. Vega wants 24 hours to help Ace and Cosmo find the stolen money. They go to work immediately and they learned that Faceless has acquired a camoflage technology which makes her seem like invisible. Angel works on enhancing some of Ace's equipment to fight Faceless. But Faceless sabotages the Magic Express but she sabotages the fake Magic Express since Ace knew this might happen and she discovers that Ace is still alive. So she goes after him during his performance the next day. Ace's plan worked pefectly as he and Cosmo follow Faceless and her gang to an underground hideout in the desert. Vega and Zina joins them later and looks into the hideout. Soon, Vega is held at knifepoint by Faceless and Ace goest after her. Cosmo tries to sabotage the chopper but he ends up being held at gunpoint. It looks as though Faceless will be to escape for sure.moreless
  • Black Cat
    Black Cat
    Episode 16
    As Ace and Zina were working on their new "disappearing panter" trick, Lt. Vega comes to the Magic Express to capture Zina. Vega is accusing Zina of being Electro City's only loose black panther and attacking a scientist named Professor Sticks the night before. Ace recalls waking up during the night to see Zina return to his room but not knowing where she went. He goes with Vega to the crime scene and is surprised at Zina'a behavior as she suddenly take off. Not knowing why, Vega takes Zina to the police headquarters for tests while Ace and Cosmo go visit a circus which seems to have a wild cat of its own. There they meet their old friend, Yokiko the animal trainer who tells them that her pet black panter, Kim Cougar being kidnapped a few weeks earlier. Things get more complicated when Zina escapes the police headquarters when she was about to be put to sleep. Fortunately though, with Cosmo's traking device, Ace, Cosmo, and Yokiko not only catch up with Zina but also found Kim Cougar about to attack another scientist named Professor Anderson. Althought the professor is safe, Kim gets away and Yokiko can't understand why. Especially his failure to recognize her. With some video to help them, they learn Kim is under someone else's control. Ace and Cosmo visits the Milix Corporation to meet Maxim Milix and learn some important facts but are steered clear of one red door. After learning the connection between both scientist and the Milix Corp., Ace and Cosmo return later that night with Vega, Zina, and Yokiko to find out what's behind that red door. Ace and Yokiko sneak into the building and with Magic Force, Ace opens the door. After overhearing Milix and Dr. Pax, the man controlling Kim they go into action when the two gentlemen's argument gets out of control.moreless
  • Golden Voice
    Golden Voice
    Episode 15
    At the Croesus Palace Casino, Mona sings her heart out to the delight of her fans including Ace. She's the finalist of the Golden Voice Award for the best new song. Someone then throws a bouquet of flowers on the stage but it also contain deadly snakes. Ace saves Mona while Cosmo tries to go after the suspect. Unfortuately, Spade and Diamond gets in the way, allowing the suspect to escape. Later, Ace and Cosmo learned that it's not the first time Mona has been threaten. Even Mona's father, Black Jack concerned for her safety and insists that she drops out of the competition. She tells him off and goes with Ace to the Sensa-News studios after losing Spade and Diamond who when they were suppose to watch over her. Mona has to introduce the other nominees: Nesh Divine, whose Cosmo's favorite singer. And Demonia Deadly, a heavy metal singer bent on winning. Nesh recieves an ordinary box of candy which is actually a box of deadly spiders which are loose in her trailer. Ace helps her stop the spiders, but now she quits due to the dangers. With only Demonia and Mona remaining, Ace goes to Mona's house to make sure she is okay. There, Mona, Spade, Diamond are attacked by a flock of blackbirds. Ace rescues her and ties up Spade and Diamond to keep less things complicated. Cosmo found the crazy fan who caused all the trouble, and he reveals Demonia to be the real troublemaker who hired him. She's already arrested though, and everyone thinks Mona is in the hospital. Nesh then discovers her own friend Crenone is the one behind everything, and he forces her into the competition to win by default. Ace and Mona arrive in time to make the contest more interesting.moreless
  • And They Lived Happily Ever After
    Lt. Vega is spying on Captian Friedrichs's finacee because he thinks she is a spy. However, she somehow manage to sneak up at Vega and pushes him at top of a building. Luckily, he ends up in the hospital only suffering from a broken leg after landing on a dumpster. Ace and Cosmo visit him and agree to take over the case. But this means that Ace can not come to the dining date with Mona. Ace and Cosmo watch Friedrich's love carefully but are nearly caught. Then they learn about the Forever & Ever Agency a marriage agency which can fully guarantee a perfect match for anyone. To Ace's surprise, the agency's major stockholder is Black Jack himself. To fully understand Black Jack's evil plan is, Ace signs up with the agency and finds his "true soulmate", Belinda. Mona discovers Ace and Belinda via Sensa-News and gets very upset. When Ace brings his "date" back to the Magic Express, he exposes the truth about her being a spy. They fought for a little while, but Ace upper hand. Ace and Cosmo return with the tied Belinda to the agency, only to cause trouble for Ace's car got out of control. He ejects before the Magic Racer crashes into a wall. He's okay, but not Belinda is calling him "Master". Belinda and all of the other people associated with the agency are just androids built by Professer Kabalyev. The plan is to learn secrets in order for Black Jack to take advantage of everything. When Black Jack learns that his plans been exposed, he sends Clockwise, Spade, and Diamond to the agency to destroy destroy the evidence. Ace, Cosmo, and Belinda go there stop Black Jack's team but not long before Spade sets the agency on fire. Ace and his friends get Kabalyev safely out only to discover he's an andriod of himself. The real Kabalyev goes after Mona to avenge Black Jack.moreless
  • Stop Clowning Around
    Ace and Cosmo are enjoying the circus when a ceiling prop goes away, ruining the ringmaster's life. Ace goes to rescue Ace's old friend, Yokiko. The next, Ace, Yokiko, and Cosmo learned about the sabotaged equipment and implement a plan to expose the sabotager to save the circus from being closed. Only moments after the Magic Express arrives at the circus, someone taunts the elephants with mice and opens the cage causing a stampede. Yokiko and Ace rounded up the elephants in the streets of Electro City with no one getting hurt. Using a special dust on the cage door, Ace notices a large set of fingerprints which seems to belong to the strongman of the circus, Igor Strongor. Ace confronts him, but Strongor knocked himself out when he runs into a wall. Then, Ace and Cosmo overhears a conversation between Yokiko and Black Jack's lawyer, Mr. Clockwise who wants Yokiko to sell the property of the circus to let Black Jack build a new casino. When Clockwise gets Spade and Diamond to finish her, Ace and Cosmo saves her. Knowing the whole circus is in danger, Cosmo checks on the popular clown named Harmanis and his orangutan partner Greg to make sure they're all right. Cosmo then found a strange device underneath the trailer but gets knocked out and taken away. He later finds himself in a lion cage and was about to be attacked by a lion when Yokiko's panther Kim Cougar keeps the lion at bay. Cosmo and Yokiko gets the show started while Ace found a clue with large fingerprints. Ace discovers Harmanis to be the sabotager who sent Greg to do the work. After confronting Spade, Diamond, and two other henchmen, Ace deals with Harmanis. But the vengeful clown releases a hanging car with a toxic bomb in the trunk.moreless
  • Faceless
    Episode 12
    At the Surge Consortium, Prof. Surge himself introduces the new non-polluting battery. Ace the guest there hears a rumbling noise and investigates the newest room with one of the security guards. Both received a surprise attack from a woman with no face. Ace tried to stop her but she outmatched Ace. Hours later, Surge is angry about the theft of the silicon rods and without know understanding the reason. Ace learns that her name is Faceless from Vega, the most clever thief in Electro City. She also been hired by Black Jack to stop Sonny Boy who has been incriminating evidence which could put Black in jail. Faceless starts having much fun to the dismay of Ace who finds the Magic Express particly trashed along with one of her riddles, Vega is caught sleeping on the job by Capt. Freidrichs via the newspaper, and Black Jack who wants Faceless to stick to the job at hand. Ace and Cosmo decipher the riddle and gets set for a midnight meeting on the dock. Faceless steals a titanium tube from a factory just as she confronts Ace. Things get worse for Ace when Spade and Diamond show up and he barely got away while Vega is forced off the Faceless case to concentrate on Sonny Boy's new bunker. Ace and Cosmo learn the deadly potential of combining the silicon rod and titanium tube, it can penetrate any safe in the world but more importantly it causes everyone within five hundred miles to suffer a heart attack. Ace makes a connection between the bomb, Faceless, and Sonny Boy's bunker so he asks Vega to make a riddle for Faceless for her for Ace to got more time. Faceless solves it but it was too late for she and Ace duke it out for the third time.moreless
  • Stars Of The Silver Screen
    Rumors of plaguing a new movie being in Electro City, actors Moody Grib and Ava Cheron go to workwhen someone sabotages their helicopter and goes into a body of water, but Ace came just in time to rescue her. Cosmo goes after the sabotager's accomplice. Later after Gribs quits, Ava decides to let Ace take over the part. Ace agrees to do it only if Cosmo can be in the action too. Ava and director Oliver Rock explain the plot of the movie: The life of political journalist Jackie Monroe, a woman who mysteriously disappeared a few years earlier in an auto accident. While filming, Ace and Ava had two problems with the two same sabotagers. However, Ace and Zina caught the sabotagers and it turns out they work for Black Jack. Then, Ace gets more suspicious about Ava wondering why Black Jack wants to stop the movie and Ava Cheron really is. But before he gets the answers though, a hired sumo wrestler that worked for Black Jack causes trouble at the film party in the Electric Planet restaurant. Ace, Cosmo, and Zina stop him and his two ninjas before everyone had the chance get out of the restaurant. Ava explains how close Jackie was in exposing Black Jack's dealings. But for a very important scene, Ava and Cosmo are joined by an odd group of extras who closely resemble Spade, Diamond, and three of Sonny Boy's henchmen. As it turns out, the five extras are really the bad guys while Ace finds the real extras.moreless
  • Twin Brothers
    Twin Brothers
    Episode 10
    Strange was happing to Ace Cooper has some troubles, from Paparazzo's throw-a-pie-on-Ace's-face to Vega upset Ace Cooper doing unappreticed stuff at the DNA Club. The biggest surprise was when Ace childhood frine Mona was with an other man. When the man reveal his idenity, it was man who looks just like Ace Cooper! The fake Ace threw a poison dart at him and trouble was just getting started. The fake Ace pretended to be the real Ace and started ruining Ace's life. Mona realizes what's going on and knows who's the real Ace. When she founds out that the doctor told Ace is poisoned, Ace gets cured. But now Ace vs. Ace? Will the real Ace stop fake Ace before time runs out?moreless
  • The Challenge
    The Challenge
    Episode 9
    D.J. Mickus was about to leave the DNA Club to go home for the night when he runs into an army of six-legged robots. He becomes the latest contestant in a manical game show, and he gets push off for not answering a question. Ace, Cosmo, and Vega go to the hospital to try to figure what really happen. Cosmo then, explains about the game show interrupting regular progamming and how the same commericals appear. Ace suddenly gets a phone call from the show's host saying a poetry clue on who will be the next victim. They figure it was Zelda Cosmo's friend. Zelda had a problem herself because her motorcycle makes it 240 miles per hour, but Ace and Cosmo saved her. Back at the Magic Express, Ace, Cosmo, and Vega learn who is behind all this and the game's host: Patrick Shoemaker. Ace started his own show and according to Angel, Shoemaker blamed Ace for the fall from fame. Shoemaker then calls Ace and challenges him to play as a contestant in order to guess the next victim. With no choice Ace and Cosmo decided to go to the stupid game show. However, the game show was full of traps and weapons, will Ace and Cosmo know the next contestant???moreless
  • Bad Program
    Bad Program
    Episode 8
    In the Magic Express Ace is working with Angel on a hologram device to clone to create a duplicate of himself for his newest show while Cosmo is busy playing an interactive computer game that is an adults-only rated game called Raptor XII and Cosmo isn't even at age 18. When a lightning hits the train, everything shuts down including Angel. As Ace and Cosmo inspects everything they don't realize someone is in the Express. The person is Lt. Vega and Cosmo that rated AO games are strictly for adults. Vega gets a call from Ms. LeSage, but a mysterious character comes on. The mystery character kidnaps LeSage and the mysterious character was Raptor XII. Senator Dobbs is also kidnap from Raptor XII. Raptor XII is looking for a person name Major. Raptor starts programming more of himself. Ace and Cosmo managed to escaped. But Dobbs is still in trouble.moreless
  • Multi-Flames
    Episode 7
    While Ace performs at Sonny Boy's new Sinsun Hotel, Sonny Boy gets a phone call about a possible fire but he doesn't take it seriously. Soon after the show, a fire breaks out. The building is evacuated and Ace thinks he has the fire under control when it breaks out again. This time it made him trap. Luckily the firefighters unit shows up just in time to put out the fire and save him. Ace was surprise to see a woman, Lt. Atika leading the fireman. Capt. Freidrichs accuse Ace starting the blaze since he used fireballs during the show. At the Magic Express, Ace, Cosmo, and Angel discover a pattern from the fire three previous fires. From there, Vega determines the culprit to be Multi-Flames, a seasoned arsonist just released from prison. Ace confronts Multi-Flames at a fire station, but both got trapped on an another fire. Cosmo comes with the special fire fighting gear for Ace but they still had to be rescued by Lt. Atika. Once they were rescued, Ace and Multi-Flames were arrested until Ace escapes and gets with Cosmo again in the Magic Rider. When they get information from Angel, they both learn the one responsible for the fires is Sonny Boy. While Atika clears everyone out of Sonny Boy's casinos, he goes after her when he discover she's out for revenge against him. Ace arrives to stop Sonny Boy from harming her but then learns of her revenge due to Sonny Boy's faulty equipment. Ace and Atika then discover a little girl trapped, and with building collapsing, will they make it out?moreless
  • The Prophecy
    The Prophecy
    Episode 6
    One dark and stormay night, a gypsy name Nasica predicts a deal going down between Black Jack and someone else. But after a lightning her trailer her crystal ball lets her see something dangerous in store for Electro City. When Black Jack discovers her authenticity, he sends Spade and Diamond after her. She runs into the basement of the Ring Theatre and hides in a storage box while Ace is performing his show. She may have escaped but not before Spade and Diamond cause trouble for Ace and Cosmo during the performance. Ace and Cosmo later find Nasica in the Magic Express, and she explains the situation. Ace has a hard time believing her story, but one piece at a time the strange story begins to get together: First the dangerous subtance in a storage box turns out to be strotium, a radium block which at present is unstable and lethal. Second, the way the city is the contaminated is by the water supply, which leads to one of the city reservoirs. Finally, Ace notices Black Jack and Dr. Parker exchanging money and the strontium. Black Jack uses the strontium to become normal, but Dr. Parker turns out to be Sonny Boy in disguise. A battle breaks between both crime bosses and their gangs. Nasica tries to get the money when Spade finds her, only for Ace to save her. Ace confronts Black Jack while the strontium falls into the water. Ace and Jack diver for the storage box and battle each other underwater. What about the strontium?moreless
  • The Cruise
    The Cruise
    Episode 5
    Electro City's most popular Celebrities including Ace Cooper and Mona Malone, are enjoying the cruise of Nova when it suddenly hits something and starts sinking. Mona falls over but Ace saves her with his cape. He stays on the ship and rescues a child from being crushed before he falls into the water. He then emerges alongside with Cosmo and Mona on their lifeboat. The next day, Ace is upset about not using his magic during the sinking so he checks out the wreck before the official investigation began. He goes scuba diving and discovers a large hole in the hull of the ship but almost lost his life confronting some large robots. Ace survives the ordeal and then goes with Cosmo to police headquarters to explain the situation to Vega. While there, they see Mr. Wolfe, curator of the Metropolitan Museum, who tells them about solid gold Mayan statues being a part of the Nova's cargo. Ace and Cosmo returns to the sunken ship. But they saw no Mayan statues. Learning from which direction the robots came from, they go through a graveyard of sunken ships and run into more robots. Cosmo almost lost his air but Ace share some of his, and the two make it into some sort of treasure cove. There they find both Wolfe and Mr. Glam, a sea pirate who has robbed ships for years. When Ace and Cosmo gets closer, Cosmo accidentally sets off an alarm and they got captured. Vega worries when Ace is overdue goes after him. Later, Ace and Cosmo face a future by Glam.moreless
  • Cyber
    Episode 4
    On Lt. Vega's birthday, he thinks no one's concerned about it, but his secretary Miss LeSage deliver a surprise present from Ace. But before he open it, he gets another surprise present from Capt. Friedrichs. Vega gets to work with a strange new partner: a robotic police recruit named Cyber. Invented by the Cyber Corporation, Cyber is the first cybernetic police officer, and it won't be the last thanks to the company's vice-president, Eldin Tyrole. Cyber gets his first test at the Croesus Palace where two robbers are causing trouble. Ace and Cosmo stop the robbers are causing trouble. Ace and Cosmo stop the robbers and Cyber hauls them off to jail, giving the cybercop a media blitz. Back at the Magic Express, Ace, Cosmo, and Vega learn the robbery was a set-up to give Cyber publicity. Before Vega can give robbers questions, Tyrole who just happens to be Black Jack's niece has already freed them. Vega gets ticked off when two more cybercops try to clean his office. As he yells at Cyber, the prototype suddenly shorts out and goes out of control, grabbing Cosmo by the shirt. Ace manages to get him out of there while the other cybercops cleared out completely. Concerned about the reliability of the robots, Ace and Cosmo sneak in the Cyber Corporation itself. Ace uses the Magic Force spell to turn into The Magician. Ace hypnotizes the two workers and they were known as robbers, trying to fix Cyber into explaining about the Operation Trojan Horse an elaborate scheme by Black Jack to put the Cybers on the police force and have them them under his control. Tyrole returns to the police headquarters with Spade and Diamond to make the Cybers take over. Ace gets Vega and goes to the trouble zone while Cosmo tries to fix the prototype. The headquarters is getting messed up as Spade and Diamond rob the storage room with all the stolen money.moreless
  • Mad Train
    Mad Train
    Episode 3
    Senator Dobbs, Electro City's leader wants to give his new Circus Amusement Park and himself a big publicity stunt, Ace Cooper proposes on making the big disappear. Unfortunately, they and the senator's secretary experience elevator problems when a computer hacker sets off a bomb. The hostage taker has set up explosives on the stairs as well to keep the police at bay. Cosmo and Angel introduce a computer virus into City Hall's mainframe, stalling the hostage taker long enough for Ace and the others to escape safely. Accused Dobbs is not truthful about his financial records, Ace meets Lt. Vega at the police at police headquarters and discovers the identity of the hostage taker: Bill Peach, a former city hall employee who stumbled upon Dobb's emblezzing of funds from the building of the park and who tried to tell the police about it but got thrown out. Later, Ace and Vega confront two men Dobbs sent to kill Peach. Ace and Vega find Peach's trick mannequin and learn his plan to use the Magic Express to destroy the park. Peach puts a virus into the Magic Express's control system, sending it on it's way to demolish with the park. Cosmo in his workshop, was too busy playing a video game so much his mind was in the video game and he can't focus on what's going on. He realize the problem when the train crashes the police barrier. Catching up by helicopter, Ace jumps on the train and now has two problems. Getting past his own defenses to get into the train and then riding on his own Magic Bike with Peach controlling everyting. After he seemingly gets run over by the Express, he manages to sneak in by Cosmo's trap door. Time is running out though, as Ace tries to get the main engine, Cosmo tries to reboot Angel's original software, and Vega crashes into Peach, breaking Peach's remote controlmoreless
  • X-Oshi
    Episode 2
    After a party at the DNA Club, Hotchkiss the bouncer and his robotic friend Jojo were on their way home when suddenly Hotchkiss is mysteriously was tagging the DNA Club. Meanwhile, Ace and Cosmo was working on his latest magic trick when Cosmo's friend Ulene came to tell the bad news at the DNA Club. The police thinks that Hotchkiss is the one responsible not just graffiti but also for littering on other spots of Electro City few days ago. Ace connects the graffiti to the sale of popular virtual pets known as X-Oshis. Ace and Cosmo tried to visit the toy Professor Lars, but they got sidetraked when they nearly crash on the to the Temple Meditation Center. When there they learned that Lars is not staying in suite 101 and are attacked by X-Oshis. They barely escaped by means of one of Ace's mental illusions, they go back to Lar's home and enter by the window. They discover a secret passage to a series of rooms below, and they found Lars tied and gagged. When they free Lars, he tells Ace and Cosmo about the prototype X-Oshi causing all the trouble. The prototype stuns Lars and yells of the takeover of Earth by the X-Oshis. Ace and Cosmo the battle the X-Oshis while Jojo helps Hotchkiss escape from the policemoreless
  • Race For Your Life
    Race For Your Life
    Episode 1
    When Ace's skydiving magic trick fails, just before crashing into a roof of a building Cosmo rescues him. As Ace gets home, he learns that the camera man has been sabotaged turbo reactor on the stunt. Duc Paparazzo was reporting with Ace when a fire broke out. Ace saves Duc but Captain Friedrich arrested Ace because he thought Ace tried to attack Duc. Two men that were Spade and Diamond wanted to find the CD video to send to their boss Black Jack. Black Jack wants to make accidents not just Ace but also other people caught on CD video to sell on the world. Ace managed to escaped jail by disguising as police officer. Meanwhile, Cosmo was trying to ban a race car to save the life of Jim Speed the racer. Cosmo got arrested for doing this, but Ace was on his way. Spade and Diamond already were taking control of Jim's car and Ace must hurry to save Jim before Jim's car his destroyed and his life...moreless