The Magician

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The Magician

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Master stage magician Tony Blake, once wrongly imprisoned in South America, uses his wits and his magic skills to help others in need. Early in the series, he jetted around the country in his customized jetliner (named the "Spirit"--a Boeing 737 in the pilot and a Boeing 720 in the series) to help people wherever they were, complete with a white Corvette (license plate SPIRIT) loaded through a rear cargo ramp. Jerry Anderson acted as pilot of the Spirit and Tony's assistant. Tony was aided in his ventures by his close friend and confidante, columnist Max Pomeroy, and Max's son, Dennis.

In the second half of the season, Tony gave up his plane, making the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood -- a Mecca of sorts for magicians -- his home base.

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  • With his amazing feats of escape, carefully crafted slight of hand, and a sleek white corvette as his steed, this master of illusion cum crime-fighter, could always be counted on to save the day!moreless

    Wow. This was my favorite show back in '73 and I remember having to sneak and stay up to watch it on my little 13" portable Emerson black and white TV, since I had to go to bed at 8 pm and it came on at 9 pm! LOL

    I was a Bill Bixby fan before this (having watched him in "Courtship of Eddie's Father" and "My Favorite Martian", plus he guested on a bunch of shows including "Love American Style" I think and the TV movie "The Couple Takes a Wife"). But this nailed it for me and I would later go on to watch him in "The Incredible Hulk" with Lou Ferrigno a few years later.

    This was such a unique show and Bixby even went through special training so that he could perform all of his own slight of hand and illusions on-camera. This definitely kicked off an era (or perhaps fad?) of the popularity for modern magicians like The Amazing Kreskin and David Copperfield. I remember the millions of magic specials that graced the airwaves for years to come. The character's white Corvette enamored me to 'vettes ever since too. LOL

    It's a shame that the show went off, although I think some cable station may have re-run them recently (maybe TV-Land?).

    Anyway - this is a must-see for any Bill Bixby fan. RIP Mr Bixby - gone before his time.moreless
  • quality 70's program

    this show was the precursor to the incredible hulk in my opinion. it showed bill bixby could actually carry a drama series from a somewhat supernatural genre. the show did not last that long, and you only rarely see reruns. it was a little bit hardy boys and a little bit hart to hart all in one.