The Magician

NBC (ended 1974)





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  • With his amazing feats of escape, carefully crafted slight of hand, and a sleek white corvette as his steed, this master of illusion cum crime-fighter, could always be counted on to save the day!

    Wow. This was my favorite show back in '73 and I remember having to sneak and stay up to watch it on my little 13" portable Emerson black and white TV, since I had to go to bed at 8 pm and it came on at 9 pm! LOL

    I was a Bill Bixby fan before this (having watched him in "Courtship of Eddie's Father" and "My Favorite Martian", plus he guested on a bunch of shows including "Love American Style" I think and the TV movie "The Couple Takes a Wife"). But this nailed it for me and I would later go on to watch him in "The Incredible Hulk" with Lou Ferrigno a few years later.

    This was such a unique show and Bixby even went through special training so that he could perform all of his own slight of hand and illusions on-camera. This definitely kicked off an era (or perhaps fad?) of the popularity for modern magicians like The Amazing Kreskin and David Copperfield. I remember the millions of magic specials that graced the airwaves for years to come. The character's white Corvette enamored me to 'vettes ever since too. LOL

    It's a shame that the show went off, although I think some cable station may have re-run them recently (maybe TV-Land?).

    Anyway - this is a must-see for any Bill Bixby fan. RIP Mr Bixby - gone before his time.
  • quality 70's program

    this show was the precursor to the incredible hulk in my opinion. it showed bill bixby could actually carry a drama series from a somewhat supernatural genre. the show did not last that long, and you only rarely see reruns. it was a little bit hardy boys and a little bit hart to hart all in one.
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