The Magician

Season 1 Episode 0

The Magician (Pilot -- 90 min)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 1973 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Jim Watkins' character was named Jerry Wallace in this pilot, rather than Jerry Anderson as in the rest of the series.

    • Although Tony lived in a converted Boeing 707 four-engine jet airliner (not a 747 as most people erroneously state), the takeoff scene here shows a Boeing 737 (two engines).

    • In the pilot film The Magician's name was Anthony Dorian but in the series it became Anthony Blake. It may have been changed to avoid conflict with a contemporary, real-life performing magician named Bob (The Amazing) Dorian.

    • In the climactic chase scene where the heavies are shooting at the speed boat of the magician and the damsel, the bullet holes that are appearing near the engine look more like drops of ink. Also, the close-up of the engine looks like it was shot in a sound studio rather than outdoors.

  • Quotes

    • Max: (about Tony) One of the few individuals in this age of numbness, who can still regard the suffering of a fellow human being as his own.

    • Tony: I don't interfere, Max. I enlist in a cause.

    • Tony: The last man who threatened me, I turned into a frog.

    • Tony: One mustn't study a magician too closely. Don't look up his sleeve, and never look under his hat. Just sit back, Mrs. Coogan, and let him do his act.

  • Notes

    • Among the Magic performed in the pilot was:

      Sword suspension
      Dove production
      Disappearance from a glass case
      Production of a glass of wine from a foulard

  • Allusions

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