The Magician

Season 1 Episode 8

The Man Who Lost Himself

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 1973 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This is more of a nitpick. I dont think I noticed the first time I watched the scene 30 years ago at age twelve...but if you closely watch the sponge ball routine where Bill Bixby is performing for the young boy and his grandfather, please note that Mr. Bixby was granted the luxury of tossing the sponge ball outside of the cameras frame, to save time and avoid the costly mistake of flubbing a move. Thus, again the question regarding "trick photography" being used to fool us must be asked. Since the ususal announcement regarding trick photography was not made at the begining of this episode, we cannot point the finger and say was! Or can we? --Contributor: californiamagic

    • While in the hospital, Tony Blake said to George the amnesiac: "I would say that you must have had a very interesting experience. You had an accident--you were being chased by two guys." Later in the show, while looking at mug shots of possible pursuers, he said "These two--I got a quick look at them at the church." However, this is impossible--his back was turned and he was tending to his stage when George ran onto it and caused the whole thing to collapse.

  • Quotes

    • George: There were two suits in the closet and I went through them. You know, I was even looking at the labels. I'm afraid I don't have a name unless its "Dacron Polyester."

  • Notes

    • Larry Anderson, aide to series magic consultant Mark Wilson, makes his first series appearance in this episode. He's Tony Blake's assistant during the beginning and ending magic performances. Anderson would sell instructional magic videos in infomercials in the 1990s.

    • The climax of this episode, in which Tony Blake scatters thousands of stage bills to the four winds, was partially set up earlier in the episode when Tony transforms one of his fake bills into a real $20 bill. Some of the bills that were used in this episode were apparently given away as promotional items for the show, and some turned up on eBay decades later. The attention to detail that went into the prop bills is impressive. The bill features the name ANTHONY BLAKE running across the top, with a picture of a flying dove in the middle. Of the right side it reads "MAGIC MONEY" and the left side bears a coat of arms. The front of the bill is signed by William Bailey and Richard Thomas. Next to the name is "SERIES 1934" (the date of Bill Bixby's birth?) The fine print on the bill reads "THIS NOTE IS NOT VALID. IT IS FOR USE IN MOTION PICTURES ONLY AND IS NOT NEGOTIABLE. ITS USE FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE WILL BE IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW."

    • Actress Pamela Britton guest-starred with Bill Bixby on My Favorite Martian, where she played nosy neighbor Lorelei Brown. This was her last acting role, as she died seven months after this episode aired of a brain tumor, in June of 1974.

    • This was Joe Flynn's last professional film performance on television or movies. After this episode aired (December 11th, 1973) he kept busy as a panelist on the popular television game show Match Game '73 and Match Game '74. Previously, Flynn was best remembered as Captain Binghamton in the 60's sitcom McHale's Navy. Before that, Joe was a ventriloquist who had served in the Army stateside entertaining the enlisted men. He also appeared on Batman, although in the second season and thus did not work with Yvonne Craig (Batgirl), who also appears in this episode.

    • Magic performed in this episode:
      - Shooting a girl from a cannon into a paper drum
      - Transformation of stage bill into $20 bill (Mike Kozlowski's $100 Bill Switch)
      - Short sponge ball routine
      - Doves in box production
      - Transformation of doves in box to parrot

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