The Magician

Season 1 Episode 2

The Vanishing Lady

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 1973 on NBC
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Episode Summary

The Vanishing Lady
Magician Tony Blake discovers that Julie Carter, the singer who opens his stage illusion show in Las Vegas, has been kidnapped. Against her fiance's wishes, Tony gets involved in trying to rescue the girl, but his helicopter surveillance plan fails. Tony now finds time running out to locate and rescue Julie before the kidnappers kill her.moreless

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Amanda McBroom

Amanda McBroom

Julie Carter

Guest Star

Peter Brown

Peter Brown

Ray Weaver

Guest Star

John Carlin

John Carlin

Jim Russel

Guest Star

Jim Watkins

Jim Watkins

Jerry Anderson

Recurring Role

Todd Crespi

Todd Crespi

Dennis Pomeroy

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Stock footage of the audience is used when Julie is singing, giving the appearance she is on a big stage in Las Vegas. Starting with episode eleven, this footage appears at the beginning of the show's opening credits, after Bill Bixby pulls the red foulard off the cage to reveal a big cat inside.

  • QUOTES (10)


    • Lt. Cocoran: Mr. Blake, I think you understand that our policy on kidnapping and ransom is that we usually recommend payment.

    • Tony: ( entering Julie Carter's dressing room) Julie, it's Tony. And if you're not decent, tough luck!

    • Tony: (performing Topsy-Turvy Lady illusion) And now ladies and gentlemen, with the aid of a beautiful lady, I would like to introduce you to Topsy Turvy. I will show you her turvy...and of course, her topsy. But the idea, of course, is to turn her upside down. Now I will show you her topsy, all right? Now obviously what is left is her turvy.

    • Jerry Wallace (To Tony, after answering phone): Somebody wants to buy the plane. No lady, it's not for sale, it's his home. You're welcome. (Hangs up.)

    • Lyrics to song Julie Carter sings on stage at Ceasar's Palace after being rescued from kidnappers):

      Sing me a happy song about robins in spring,
      Sing me a happy song about happy endings,
      Some cheerful melody about getting my wings,
      Siiiinng ... haaaappppy!

      Sing me a sonnet all about rolling in gold,
      Sing me a song about rainbows bending,
      Nothing with phrases saying your heart isn't bold,
      Siiiinng ... haaaappppy!

      Sing me a hallelujah and get up and shout,
      Tell me the sun is shining around the corner,
      Whoever's interested in helping me out,
      Please ... keep it happy!

      I'm only in the market for love and laughter,
      I'll let you serenade me till dawn comes along,
      Just keep it a happy ...
      Make it a hap-py ... sooooong!

    • Tony Blake (to audience):
      Ladies and gentlemen ... a TALENTED ... and a generous ... lady!

    • Julie Carter, To audience:
      Thank you, you're great. I mean ... uh... really great. But I wouldn't be here ... I wouldn't be anywhere ... if it weren't for the greatest guy in the world ... Tony Blake! (Applause) I want to tell you this ... I was supposed to be on the stage two years ago. It was my first break ... but I never made it here. And ... there ... there was a fire and...uh... they thought I wouldn't make it ... and I...I didn't want to. Uh ... until my friend Tony worked this special kind of magic called hope ... and faith...and love. Ladies and gentlemen ... I give you ... Tony Blake! (Applause)

    • Max Pomeroy, when asked how Tony Blake made a girl turn into a leopard in his stage act: "Very simple. The leopard swallows the girl!"

    • Tony Blake, performing Kellar Rope Tie: And now if I may have the aid of two STRONG gentlemen from the audience, please. Ah, how nice of you to volunteer, sir. All right sir, if you'll tie the first knot securely, handing the end to the other gentleman. (We see audience volunteers tying Tony's hands behind his back) Pull it tightly if you please. Yah-ahhh-ah! (Audience laughs.) That's enough. Thank you very much, I appreciate it. Now if you'll please tie another knot. Take the two ends and tie them together. Now one more ... tightly, if you please ... tightly! Now would you each take an end and pull it as tightly as you possibly can ... ah, thank you, thank you very much. (Turning back around, facing front) Now (pointing at each volunteer with a free hand), are you convinced that YOU tied it as tightly as HE did? (Laughter) Because I am ... I am tied, quite severely, I might add! (Turning back around, showing hands still tied.) The trick is to never let anybody else ever know ... (turning to front, tapping volunteer on shoulder) ... is something wrong sir?

  • NOTES (4)

    • Julie Carter (Amanda McBroom) sings two songs during this episode, "If We Only Have Love" and "Sing Me a Happy Song." Apparently, both were written especially for this episode.

    • At the beginning of the show we see landmarks of Las Vegas (at that time): Stardust, Circus Circus, Thunderbird, Flamingo, Frontier, Caesar's Palace

    • "Sing me a Happy Song," less the vocals of Amanda Mcbroom, was also used at the beginning of episode five ("Ovation for Murder") as background music while Tony is rehearsing Mark Wilson's "Train" version of "Sawing a Lady in Two" for his show at the Los Angeles Fairgrounds.

    • Magic performed in this episode:

      - Topsy-Turvy Lady illusion
      - Kellar Rope Tie--instant rope release with two volunteers (an effect made famous in later years by Harry Blackstone Jr.). Tony Blake (Bill Bixby) also performed this effect in the first episode of the second half of the season.
      - Girl to leopard illusion


    • Las Vegas: Quick weddings
      An indication that Las Vegas was a marriage mill even then: when Tony Blake answers a call at a phone booth we can see the sign behind him: "Cupid's Wedding Chapel!"

    • Tony Blake: S'allright!
      A reference to ventriloquist Senior Wences during the Topsy-Turvy illusion.