The Magnificent Seven

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 16, 1999 on CBS

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  • One of my very favourite episodes!

    I really love this episode of The Magnificent Seven,so much happens in it.The storyline with J.D. accidentally shooting & causing the death of one of the townsfolk Annie,is very sad.But on a much lighter note,I loved all the scenes with Ezra and Big Lester Banks.They are really great scenes and very funny.I like how Ezra knows he has been cheated at cards each time,but just can't prove it.The nude poker scene between Ezra and Big Lester Banks is classic! It's a very funny scene when Ezra loses again and has to leave the saloon wearing just his hat,boots and a tablecloth! It's also one of the best scenes I've ever seen! With the very dreamy Anthony Starke looking incredible! Ezra's line to Vin just after that - 'He cheated,He CHEATED! I know he cheated!' is one of my favourites from the show.Brilliant!
  • The best episode i've seen...

    i have seen almost all the epiosdes for the magnificent seven and i just love this show.the stories are so well writen and so well portrayed that it just captivates you.i think that this episde was a very sad one, and it had one of the greatest storylines ever.JD is trying to stop two men from robbing the bank, and he shoots one, chris shoots the other. but when JD is shooting he trips over a barrel and a stray shot travels in through the bank window and hits a woman. the woman later dies and JD fells terrible. it was truly a great epiosde.later.
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