The Magnificent Seven

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 09, 1999 on CBS

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  • A terrific Ezra episode!

    Chinatown is one of my favourite episodes because it's such a good one for the character Ezra.
    The seven boys are asked by Chinese railway workers to help them find out what is happening to workers disappearing & being killed.They find out the corrupt man in charge is only paying the workers half their salary & is getting rid of anyone who dares speak up about it.
    While there,Ezra buys a Chinese girl (Li Pong) who is being sold by her uncle so he can buy opium.He only does it to get her away from a horrible man who wants to buy her,and he immediately tells her she's free to go.But she ends up following Ezra back to his room in town,telling him she has nowhere else to go.He feels sorry for her & tells her that she can of course stay.The scenes between Ezra & Li Pong are very lovely,and we get to see the really soft,sweet side of Ezra.Li Pong tells Ezra where the rail owner keeps the doctored books & he goes there to get them,almost getting killed.But luckily Vin shows up just in time along with the others to help him out.At the end Ezra gives Li Pong money to return home to her family.
    Anthony Starke is so lovely & wonderful as Ezra in this episode.He's always really fantastic as him,but is extra sweet in this one. :)
  • Finally we get to see Ezra's noble side! Yay!

    This episode was beautiful! It of course had the undeniably enjoyable humor but it also had real heart. Ezra and his 'purchase' have wonderful scenes together. I loved this episode because it touched on a type of slavery which is part of American history yet which is usually glossed over or totally ignored. It also broached the subject masterfully, it did not get too preachy or overly dramatic, it was honest and wrenching in it's own way. Overall I left this episode feeling really good about these characters and their response to such things. It was sweet and powerful at the same time.