The Magnificent Seven

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 1998 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Chris pursues the man he believes is responsible for the murder of his wife and sons. The rest of the seven try their best to keep Chris from doing something he might regret. A writer wants to document the Wild West up close.

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  • This episode was one the best of the series.

    This episode was a fantastic showing of how Chris got to be like his is. Not to mention how the group dynamics works together.

    It was heartbreaking to see the interactions between Chris and his family, especially his son, and know that Sarah and Adam would be dead by the time Chris and Buck returned from their trip.

    I loved seeing how Buck and Chris used to be with each other, before the tragidy caused Chris to go solitary.

    The ending had to be my favorite part though, I love hearing how a dime novelist of the time would have discribed the group. It was really cool.moreless
Stephen McHattie

Stephen McHattie

Cletus Fowler

Guest Star

Jeff Asch

Jeff Asch

Jock Steele

Guest Star

Jimmie F. Skaggs

Jimmie F. Skaggs

John Blackfox

Guest Star

Robert Vaughn

Robert Vaughn

Judge Travis

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Buck: Mister, you're like a piece of something a man can't scrape off the bottom of his boot.

    • Ezra: He (Steele) said he that he was a writer who was willing to pay for anyone's story as long as it was about murder and mayhem.
      Joshiah: Of course, that appealed to the congregation.
      Ezra: After that, the only fight was to see who was going to be first in line.

    • (Entering the saloon after hearing a gunshot)
      Ezra: Welcome to the festivities.
      JD: We heard the gunshot.
      Vin:Thought maybe somebody killed the little feller.
      Ezra:Kill him? Hell, they're about ready to elect him president.

    • Steele: If I heard right half the wanted men in the west are in this town-- men with stories to tell. Now, this is my first visit here and I'm going to meet some of them.
      Ezra: Well, if you do, I can almost guarantee it'll be your last visit here.

    • (Nathan throws a knife at Blackfox when he reaches for a discarded gun)
      Josiah: Now, that there's divine intervention. Me, I was going to shoot your hand off.

    • Steele: May I ask how long you guys been riding with Larabee?
      Josiah: You mean with his killer outlaw gang?
      Steele: Yes, yes, that's it. I've heard Larabee's a very formidable man.
      Josiah:Formidable? That don't tell it by half.
      Nathan: Chris asked me and Josiah to ride along because it's good to have backup especially when lead starts flying.
      Steele: Oh. What do you do when you're not helping Larabee?
      Josiah: I look and I listen.
      Steele: Uh-huh. For, uh... what?
      Josiah: Daily confirmation of the hand of God in all things.
      Nathan: Josiah's been fixing up that church here in town.
      Steele: Well, I've never seen a 'man of the cloth' carrying a gun before.
      Nathan: Josiah can get very 'Old Testament' on occasion.

    • Josiah (quoting Jock Steele's dime-store novel about the seven): And so it ended in that as the cruel ironic hand of death encircled the killer in flames as it had done to Chris Larabee's wife and child so many years before. Yet, was it the end or would Chris Larabee ride again with the hard, complex men he'd come to know? Gunmen like Buck Wilmington and Vin Tanner, the bounty hunter with the price on his own head. The gambler Ezra or the greenhorn JD, Nathan, both healer and destroyer and Josiah, placing his faith only in God and his gun.

    • Steele: Chris Larabee, right? Jock Steele, Steele Publishing from New York. Mister Larabee, I'm going to make you a very famous man by coming along. I am going to chronicle your search for justice. 'Larabee's Bloody Revenge'. See, I'm all packed... even brought the camera and the developer.
      Chris: You're not coming with us.
      Steele: But I have to. I'll miss the story.
      Chris: Won't stop you from writing it.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Ron Perlman and Stephen McHattie appeared together in Beauty and the Beast, during the 3rd season McHattie's character, Gabriel was Perlman's character's Vincent's "Nemesis".

    • Rick Worthy and Stephen McHattie would later appear in the 'Star Trek: Enterprise' episode, 'The Xindi' together.

    • Caelan Biehn, who played Adam, Chris's son, is Michael Biehn's son with his second wife Gina.