The Magnificent Seven

Season 1 Episode 3

One Day Out West

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 1998 on CBS

Episode Recap

This episode begins as the Seven are returning from the Seminole village. The encounter Judge Oren Travis, Mary's father-in-law, as he is trying to arrest Lucas James, nephew to rancher Stewart James for shooting Mr. Potter of the General Store. The seven respond on the side of the judge. Lucas is arrested and taken to jail.

The Judge asks the members of the town to form a jury, no one volunteers. He declares that he will hold a bench trial.

The seven retire to the Saloon. The judge enters looking for a man to be the new sheriff. JD accepts the offer. Then the Judge recognizes Erza from Fort Laramie and orders JD to arrest him. Erza is put into the cell next to Lucas and works on getting out of the cell.

The town goes to JD and demands that he release Lucas from jail, they are afraid of his uncle. JD refuses and the town's people threaten to do it themselves no matter what it takes. Vin fires into the air and the people scatter.

When the Judge begins the trial, Lucas men show up to free Lucas and the Judge is shot. Chris and Vin manage to shot two of the men, but Lucas escapes. Nathan treats the Judge who is alive but unconscious.

Chris & Vin change their mind about leaving town and scheme to make everyone think that the Judge is dead. They hold a "Funeral" and bury a coffin full of rocks.

The seven gather and ride off to arrest Lucas. The go to the ranch and manage to capture Lucas. They bring him back to town and reveal that the Judge is not dead.

This time when the judge asks for volunteers for the jury, many of the town's people agree.

The judge asks all seven men to stay and protect the town for the next 30 days until he can return. He offers them one dollar a day plus room and board.

Erza is given a pardon to serve as a lawman and they all agree.

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