The Magnificent Seven

Season 1 Episode 3

One Day Out West

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 1998 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Buck leaves the Indian village in the last episode, he has white bandages under his coat. When he arrives in town, he has a shirt under his coat. Also when they are leaving the village, Buck and Josiah are obviously hurt. When they gather around the Judge once arriving in town, neither Buck nor Josiah appears to be hurt.

    • Michael Biehn ad libbed "Did he just call me a cowboy"

  • Quotes

    • (J.D., Vin, Chris and Mary are pretending to bury Judge Travis)
      J.D.: Shouldn't we say something?
      Vin: Say something?
      J.D.: Like some words?
      Vin: It's a coffin full of rocks, J.D.
      J.D.: I know. I put them there. But shouldn't we look like we're doing something? You know, maybe a prayer?
      Mary: He'd appreciate that. I know I would.

    • (Judge Travis tells Lucas that he will take him to trial)
      Lucas James: Don't be stupid old man.
      Judge Travis: This stupid old man has hung 23 smart young men.... like yourself.

    • (The townspeople want JD to let Lucas out of jail. when they rush the jail, Vin shoots into the dirt)
      Mr Conklin: We don't want your kind in this town. You bring nothin' but trouble.
      Vin: Can't be worse that what you already got.

    • Judge Travis: What do you believe in, Mr. Larabee?
      Chris: Not as much as I used to.
      Judge Travis: From what I can see, more than most.
      Chris: I have to choose my fights carefully these days.

    • Vin: It looks like a few more than we planned on.
      JD: How many more?
      Vin: The word 'regiment' mean anything to you?
      Chris: Would you like to come back when there are less of them?

    • JD: Ezra, I'm going to be the sheriff.
      Ezra: Congratulations.
      Judge Travis: Ezra...
      JD: Sheriff.
      Judge Travis: Ezra? Do I know you, sir?
      Ezra: Don't believe I've had the pleasure.
      Judge Travis: Ezra Simpson? Ezra Smith? Ah, it was Fort Laramie. You jumped bail.
      Ezra: It must've been someone else. I've never been to Fort Laramie.
      Judge Travis: Oh, no, I never forget a face especially one I put away. You're under arrest. Young man, take his gun.
      Ezra: Gentlemen, gentlemen... please, this is obviously an unfortunate case of mistaken identity.
      Judge Travis: Take his gun. And if my memory serves me correct got a little something up his sleeve, too. Huh? (Chuckling as he reveals Ezra's hidden gun)
      Ezra: Don't do this, my friend.
      JD: I'm sorry, Ezra. I don't know you all that well and apparently, he does.
      Ezra: Thanks for the vote of confidence.
      Judge Travis: Take him to jail. Lock him up.

      Judge Travis: They try to escape... shoot them. (Judge leaves the offcie)
      Ezra: Well, sir now that we are rid of that loathsome curmudgeon you may effect my emancipation.
      JD: Huh?
      Ezra: Let me out.
      JD: Oh. Uh, nothing personal, Ezra. I can't. Just doing my job. (Buck walks in)
      Ezra: Ah, Mr. Wilmington. At last, someone of maturity to end my ordeal.
      Buck: Yeah, right. What is wrong with you, son? Bartender said you signed on as sheriff?
      JD: I'm getting enough money to be called "Mister."
      Lucas James: Hope they paid you in advance.
      JD and Buck: Shut up!

      Ezra: Mr. Larabee, might I assume you've come to take me with you?
      Cnris: Oh, I couldn't do that.
      Ezra: May I ask why?
      Chris: You broke the law. You've been a bad boy.
      Ezra: I know where Lucas went.
      Chris: You do?
      Ezra: Yes, sir.
      Chris: So do we.
      Ezra: Well, great, but he likes me. I can get us in. You try walking in there you'll just get yourself shot.
      Chris: You ran out on me once before. You wouldn't be thinking about doing that again, would you?
      Ezra: I swear upon the grave of my sainted mother.
      JD: Now, you told me your mother was still alive.
      Ezra: Figure of speech.
      Chris: Figure you're dead if you're lying.

    • Judge Travis: I was kinda hopin you gentlemen would consider stickin' around for thirty days, keep an eye on things until I get back. I'd be willing to pay
      Buck: How much?
      Judge: Dollar a day. Room and Board (Looks at JD) How about you young sheriff, are you willing to take a cut in pay?
      JD: I'm in if everyone else is
      Erza: It is a pity that I, as a convicted felon, will be unable to lend my services.
      Judge: Well, how about if you got a pardon?
      Erza: Where do I sign?
      Josiah: A man is gonna stay pretty busy in a town like this.
      Nathan: I figure you men are gonna be gettin shot. I might as well stick around.
      Buck: Few women around here I ain't acquainted with.
      (Speaking to Vin)
      Judge: You in the back, you interested?
      Vin: Got some things need takin care of. Guess they'll keep.
      Judge: Chris?
      Chris: (smiling) I've got a feelin' I'm gonna regret this.
      Judge: Looks like I've got myself seven.

    • Lucas (to Chris): Stay out of this, cowboy - this ain't your fight.
      Chris: Did he just call me a cowboy, J.D.?
      J.D.: I think he did, Mr. Larabee.
      Ezra: At least once.
      Josiah: He hates that.
      Chris: You just called me a cowboy?
      Lucas: I was just ain't your fight.
      Chris: Not yet.

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