The Magnificent Seven

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 03, 1998 on CBS
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Seven men band together to save an Indian village from a ragtag group of Confederate Soldiers. These soldiers are led by Colonial Anderson and are looking for food and supplies to keep the fight against the North alive. The seven men learn to fight together and learn to trust each.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Chris: If you wanna die young, stay.
      JD: YESSS!

    • Chief Tastanahi: Welcome. We greet you with hostility.
      Chris: I think he means hospitality.
      Vin: (Looks around at the villagers) No, I think he means hostility.

    • Mary: I'm just trying to scare the bad element away from this town.
      Chris: Lady, I AM the bad element.

    • Mary: Gentlemen, I run the Clarion News. Where did you come from?
      Vin and Chris: Saloon.
      Mary: Hey! I want to talk to you. Where are you going?
      Vin, Chris and Nathan: Saloon!

    • (After the mob goes through town, Chris and Vin confronts them)
      Chris: Shot a lot of holes in the clouds back there - anybody stop to reload?

    • Ezra: Your fate is in the cards, gentlemen. Remember that.
      Child: What's my fate?
      Ezra: You shall grow to be a great warrior. Big, strong and fearless.
      Child: Like you.
      Ezra: There are two kinds of people in this life, my friend: those who seek battle and seem not to fear death; like them (Motions to Chris, Vin and the others) and those who avoid battle but will stand and fight to the death if their loved ones are threatened; like them (Motions to the elders of the village). That is true courage. Now... you have lost to me at poker and I have read the cards for you. The time has come to pay. You see... I've heard tell of a gold mine in these parts.

    • Vin: There's a little backwater town up in the Texas panhandle. Tascosa. Flatter'n a felt-covered poker table. You know it?
      Chris: Heard of it.
      Vin: If I wind up getting killed take my body back there. You'll get 500 for it.
      Chris: How come you're so valuable?
      Vin: Well, when the buffalo done run out I became a bounty hunter. I was going after Eli Joe - a bandit who'd shot up a few banks. $200 reward, alive or dead, and I found him dead, took the body in. 'Cept it wasn't him. Old Eli framed me up for murder. Since I didn't do it, I decided not to stick around for the hanging. Wound up with a hefty bounty on my own head. So, I figure if a friend collects I get the last laugh.

    • Chris: I thought you said there were twenty?
      Chief: No, I asked if twenty would scare you.
      Chris: Twenty? No. Forty? Yes!

    • JD: My name's JD Dunne, and I can ride.
      (Turns horse in circles)
      JD: And I can shoot.
      (Aims and shoots, startles his horse and gets thrown)
      Ezra: And he can fly!
      (JD jumps out of horse's way, lands in water trough)
      Buck: And he can swim, too!

    • (Discussing Ezra's invitation to join the group)
      Nathan: Why would we want to use a cheater?
      Chris: Might need one.

    • Man: You only got one shot left in that popgun.
      Ezra : Well, then... you best discuss amongst yourselves which one of you is going to die.
      Vin: Nice shot, pard.
      Ezra : Dreadful. I was aiming to kill him but the... mirror was cracked.
      Chris: First shot was louder than the other five.
      Ezra : What are you attempting to suggest?
      Chris: First bullet was real. The rest were blanks.
      Ezra : Well, sir... I abhor gambling and as such, leave nothing to chance.

    • Chris: Town always this lively?
      Man: Trail herd from Texas, all liquored up. Got in the mood for a lynchin'.
      Chris: Where's the law?
      Man: (pointing to two men riding hell for leather out of town) The Marshal and his deputy. That isn't even his horse.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode has also been known as "Ghosts of the Confederacy".

    • Originally, at least one of the Seven was going to die in the premiere and Darragh O'Malley (Francis Riley) was to become a regular. However, after the producers saw the terrific chemistry between the characters and between the actors, the original Seven all survived and the group remained intact.

      The wrestling scene between Buck and JD, after JD is allowed to join the group, was ad libbed by the actors. It was the start of the great relationship Buck and JD now enjoy.

      According to Michael Greyeyes getting to the set of the Seminole village was an adventure in itself : "The set we were on was in the middle of nowhere and even the actual locations within the set were hard to get to. The cast and crew had to use ropes to climb up the rocks to get to the places we were filming at."