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  • This is the story of seven men, each with his own dark secret, who band together to become known as the Magnificent Seven. They learn from each other as they protect those who can not protect themselves.

    When I could see this series I would watch it everytime I could caught it on television. Then, my mom had to get rid of the channel it came on. I was sad I could see it anymore but I was happy I was able to see the series when I could. To anyone who go looking for this seris good luck and can you tell me if you find anything because I been looking for the series, too. I am glad they made this series and hope I see it again. If they ever make another series like this I would most likely watch it too because it would be action-full and fun to watch on television.
  • I love this show! I wish it would come back. The actors are great (and hot, too!). Best show I ever watched.

    I love this show! I wish it would come back. This, to me, was the best show ever on television. The actors are great! I don't like the way how the last show that was aired ended - it just let us hanging! Please bring it back. The actors are terrific (and great,looking, too!). The story lines were always so exciting. I looked forward to each and every one. I own all the DVDs. I cannot say enough good things about this show. It was my all-time favorite. Maybe they could make a reunion movie. The show featured the best actors ever.
  • One of my all time favourite tv shows!

    The Magnificent Seven is by far one of my favourite tv shows ever! I just loved it right from the first episode.It's one of those shows where everyone in it is great & there are not many shows like that.The seven boys especially are fantastic.They are all so terrific together.I like all the Mag7 boys but my favourite by far is Ezra Standish,played by the brilliant Anthony Starke,who is by far one of my all time favourite actors! He is just the perfect character.Funny,lovely,handsome & tough,he's just great! There is not an episode I dislike in this series,all of them are really well written,very interesting & fun to watch.My favourite episodes of the series though would be Chinatown,Sins Of The Past,Achilles,The Collector & Witness.I like everything about this show very much,the people,the stories,just everything.The episodes have it all,they're funny,exciting,sad & always very entertaining.It's a show you can watch over & over.I would very highly recommend The Magnificent Seven.I just wish that it had run alot longer,it was wonderful!
  • "The Magnificent Seven" was the Western that I'd been waiting for all my life!

    I grew up watching all kinds of westerns on tv. Mostly re-runs from the old days. And I enjoyed them a lot. I was thrilled when "The Young Riders" came on and watched it faithfully every week. But "The Magnificent Seven" was the western that'd I'd been waiting for. The cast and characters were great and even the guest stars/characters you fell in love with even if they only appeared on one episode (Nettie, Chanu, Gerard Whitman, Raphael to name just a few). I don't think you'll find a better western for tv ever. I wish they'd bring it back.
  • Girlfriend\'s favorite show, would *love* to see second season. Help me make a Christmas dream come true.

    Originally, I did not have very high hopes. I was a big fan of the movie, so I was skeptical of a weekly show based on a film in which more than half of the main characters were killed. Shockingly, I found that they found pretty good ways to make these characters interesting beyond the initial \"lets protect the town from bad guys\" plot. The acting isn\'t the best, and the stories are pretty much par for shows of its ilk. However, I found myself really digging the characters. It\'s a great show.

    On the other hand, my girlfriend has fallen in love with the show. She\'s watched the first season many, many times. The one thing she wants for Christmas, more than anything else, is to see the second season. I know the DVDs don\'t exist, and the torrents don\'t seem to I\'m wondering if anyone has these on tape. I\'d be happy to mail a pack of blank tapes and an SASE to get these by Christmas. If anyone could help, that would be swell.

    Thanks so much!
  • When they will release the second season? This show is amazing & after buying the first season I am ready for more! With unforgettable characters and intriging story-lines! This show gave us a fantastic western & a lot of laughs to boot!

    Magnificent Seven. I was 18 when this show aired for the first time. I can remember seeing an ad for it in the TV Guide and I made sure I was home the night of the premiere. Why? I’m not too sure really. I was more of a Star Trek: TNG, Robin Hood on PBS, Sliders and Babylon 5 kind of person at the time. Yet for some reason I was drawn to this show. I never missed a week, often taping it just so I didn’t miss any addition to the individual stories of each character. Maybe it was the stories that caught my attention the most. How each man, with such different backgrounds and agendas, made up this team that was in part gunslingers, justice keepers, detectives and charity givers.

    Noble and stoic Chris Larabee, with a dark past and a bleak out look on his future, he is the strong leader and possibly brain behind the operation, although I believe all seven come up with the strangely successful plans to overcome amazing obstacles, but not without Chris’ cool head working out the bugs.

    Keen and kind street smart Vin Tanner. An out of work buffalo hunter, turned bounty hunter. His character always surprises me. He’s like the homecoming king and aid worker all rolled into one.

    Buck Willimington, a devil with the ladies and treats them as such too. He grew up in a bordello and carries sympathy for the less than fortunate, even befriending the youngest member of the seven, often treating him like a younger wayward brother.

    A gambler and card player as well as a former cheat, Ezra Standish has a heart. Unwilling to let that show, his subtle demeanor and humor never fails to lead one to suspect.

    Nathan Jackson a slave who helped heal the wounded during the war, uses his knowledge to heal all those who need him. He shows compassion on all who are hurt, even by his own knife. A weapon he is skilled with!

    Prophetic and a little wily, Josiah Sanchez was once a preacher, but now he follows his own god, using his self garnered wisdom to dole out well-meaning words to those who chose to do evil. John "J.D." Dunne a young idealist from out east. He’s hot-headed and a smart ass, but he has the enthusiasm and character to become a valuable member of the seven.

    I just bought the first season of this amazing show and relieved my memories of being curled up on the couch watching the Magnificent Seven with my mother, who died of cancer last year. We enjoyed hashing the moral and humor aspects of each episode and looked forward to doing it again. It was a sad day when we realized it had been cancelled. I do so hope they release the second season on DVD, so that I can relive some more of those enjoyable evenings!
  • Seven Cowboys. two seasons one great show.....

    When i first started watching th magnificent seven i found it confusing to follow all the main characters because there is seven of them. and i still only know five of there names: chris larraby, michael tanner, ezra, josiah, and Buck. i find it funny how Josiah looks like a monkey man. i like the situations that the main characters get in and how they have to work together to get out of them . after a while you get to know the characters both in the show and the real actors name. i think it is a very good show. it's to bad they only made two seasons of it. later.
  • What idiot canceled this?!

    Is CBS full of morons? Seriously!

    This TV show was one of the best ever! Did they not see what they had when it's own fans staged a write in campaign after they tried to cancel it after the FIRST SEASON?! They never gave it a chance to develop the large fan base that it obtained during it’s years on TBS, with only 22 episodes which were in constant showing.

    There were so many places they could have gone with this series. The show had just gotten underway; they really didn't give it a fair chance. The characters were so well developed, with pasts they had only begun to dig into. What had drawn them all to be in the same place at just the right time?

    Even after all these years the show still has a devoted fan base, just proving how dumb it was taking it off the air.

    It's depressing knowing that the set is now being used for Deadwood.
  • Here it comes. The seven ride on to DVD

    Magnificent Seven is coming to DVD and it is about time. Early reports have a release date in December and splitting the series into 2 seasons.

    I loved this show and what a wonderful guilty pleasure after a hard week at work. The acting was great and the stories were good. The eye candy was excellent.

    Michael Biehn’s Chris Larabee was a very complex character. He was strong and confident and at the same time very gentle and vulnerable. Eric Close was very sexy and Vin Tanner had the heart of an angel. Buck Wilmington was a lost soul looking for love in all the wrong places and was played by the wonderful Dale Midkiff. I thought he was great in Time Trax too. I found that you grew to love Erza, especially after meeting his mother. This was the first time I had seen Anthony Strake and found him to be quite enjoying to watch. JD was the kid; the clown and we watched him learning how to be a man and a cowboy.

    I was very disappointed that CBS never gave this show a fair chance to make it. Once they brought it back for it’s second season they change the time and the night, they aired it sporadically. I remember coming home when it was on Friday nights and being disappointed because it was not on. Then just as quickly it was gone with several unaired episodes. I was pleased that the former network TNN ran the series and aired the previously unaired episodes and wrapped up the story of who killed Chris’s wife.
  • An engaging new vision of the classic tale "the seven samurai". Filled with sexy men, heart-racing action and an awesome writing staff. This show was cut off at the knees before it had a chance to shine!

    I know my classifation is pure wishful thinking, but I truly LOVED this show. It had everything a girl could men with good hearts but bad attitudes and great action. It may have been ended 6+ years ago, but I'm still in mourning. CBS executives are fools!!!
  • Oh what to say about Mag 7 other that it was Magnificent. First saying Michael Biehn was a big asset to the show and did a wonderfully fantastic job as Chris Larabee (ok so I really love Michael), next it had Eric Close playing Vin who was also ...

    Oh what to say about Mag 7 other that it was Magnificent. First saying Michael Biehn was a big asset to the show and did a wonderfully fantastic job as Chris Larabee (ok so I really love Michael), next it had Eric Close playing Vin who was also excellent, and Ron Perlman as Josiah - also great (and nice to see what he really looks like). Anthony Starke as Ezra was excellent also - even when Anthony's 'southern accent' slipped. Dale Midkiff did good job as Buck, Rick Worthy did a good job as Nathan, and Andrew Kavovit as JD was good. The stories were very good and all seven men worked really well together and looked at times like they were having a real good time with eachother. I wish it hadn't ended - especially with Serpents being the last episode. That was one show they could have taken really far. I was an avid watcher when it was on originally and I now have all the episodes on tape and DVD from the showings on Showtime Extreme. I never tire of watching it. I am very much into the show that I've been writing not for profit fanfiction with the characters and an original character of mine - though they are mostly revolving around Chris I'll admit. If there was any way possible to bring back the show now with the same men, it would be great, wonderful, extrememly excellent. It was one of the few good shows on that wasn't really violent and kept your interest. Very few shows since are like that and nowadays there is only maybe five shows really worth watching to me (and out of those five my husband only will watch three of them). Westerns aren't out of date and especially ones as good as Mag 7.
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