The Magnificent Seven

CBS (ended 1999)





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  • One of my all time favourite tv shows!

    The Magnificent Seven is by far one of my favourite tv shows ever! I just loved it right from the first episode.It's one of those shows where everyone in it is great & there are not many shows like that.The seven boys especially are fantastic.They are all so terrific together.I like all the Mag7 boys but my favourite by far is Ezra Standish,played by the brilliant Anthony Starke,who is by far one of my all time favourite actors! He is just the perfect character.Funny,lovely,handsome & tough,he's just great! There is not an episode I dislike in this series,all of them are really well written,very interesting & fun to watch.My favourite episodes of the series though would be Chinatown,Sins Of The Past,Achilles,The Collector & Witness.I like everything about this show very much,the people,the stories,just everything.The episodes have it all,they're funny,exciting,sad & always very entertaining.It's a show you can watch over & over.I would very highly recommend The Magnificent Seven.I just wish that it had run alot longer,it was wonderful!