The Magnificent Seven

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 1998 on CBS
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Episode Summary

An ex-safecracker traveling through town is forced to return to her nefarious ways by an adamant ex-partner.

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    Shannon Kenny

    Shannon Kenny

    Terry Greer

    Guest Star

    Jeff Kober

    Jeff Kober

    Morgan Coltrane

    Guest Star

    Alexa Vega

    Alexa Vega

    Olivia Greer

    Guest Star

    Laurie Holden

    Laurie Holden


    Recurring Role

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      • Olivia: (To Buck after hitting him) You need to learn how to duck mister.

      • Card Player: You gonna deal those cards or are you going to get a real job?
        Erza: No need to work my friend. I get paid every time you sit down to a game.

      • Chris: Shoot. I guess we'll have to wait till they get settled in down there.
        Vin: So, how's your Spanish?
        Chris: No bueno. Yours?
        Vin: What's no bueno mean?

      • Erza: King high.
        Card Player: Ace high.
        Erza: Well, my, my. Fortune is indeed smiling upon you today.
        Olivia: Nope. He's palming cards.
        Erza: (Seriously) I know.
        Card Player: You saying I cheated?
        Erza: Oh, not at all. I'm saying you cheated badly. The queen I dealt you is tucked neatly in your right boot. I detest an amateur.
        Card Player: Well, I'll be... taking my leave now.
        Erza: That, I think, would be best.
        Card Player: Tell me, uh... How'd you know?
        Erza: Lessons will cost you extra. Good day.
        Buck: What are you doing? You damn near got us killed, girl. Come on. Come on.
        Olivia: Mama don't approve of that kind of language.
        Buck: (Handing Olivia to Nathan) Hey, Nathan, take this.

      • Buck: Well, good thing I play dead so well, but tell you the truth, Chris, I think I could've handled that situation myself.
        Chris: I should've shot you while I had the chance.

      • Vin: Last time I was here, I had a run in with a gunslinger named Bob Harper.
        Chris: The 'Bob Harper'?
        Vin: Mmm-hmm.
        Chris: What happened?
        Vin: Let's just say it was a bad time for his gun to stick.

      • Coltrane: All right, who the hell are you?
        Buck: Buck Wilmington.
        Coltrane: From where?
        Buck: Anyplace you can get to, sometimes even further.

      • Buck: So what are we, boys? Damn babysitters now?
        JD: The language around the child...
        Buck: That is not a child. That is a hellion.

      • Olivia: I seen the way you look at my mama.
        Buck: I was just being friendly.
        Olivia: You going to be my daddy?
        Buck: That's not my plan, no.
        Olivia: How do I know?
        Buck: 'Cause I just told you so.
        Olivia: You ain't going to marry her you better stop looking at her the way you do. Put me down!
        Buck: Fine. Excuse me. Six years old she's already figuring to make some man miserable.
        Nathan: You'd be the authority on that.
        Buck: I tell you, women-- they got your number from the day they're born.

      • Ezra: What's your pleasure, Olivia? How about Go Fish?
        Olivia: Five Card Stud, deuces are wild.
        Ezra: What a delightful child.
        Josiah: Betcha she wins. (Laughing)

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