The Magnificent Seven

Season 2 Episode 2

Sins of the Past

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 1999 on CBS
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Vin is arrested by Federal Marshals and extradited to Texas for the murder he's accused of committing. Chris follows to free Vin after Vin is give to outlaw Eli Joe, the very man who framed Vin for the killing. The Seven ride to catch Eli. Meanwhile, Ezra is shocked to learn his mother is opening a hotel across the street from his newly-purchased saloon. Buck is surprised when a local girl informs him he's the father of her child-to-be.moreless

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  • One of the best episodes!

    I think Sins Of The Past is one of The Magnificent Seven's best (& funniest) episodes.There are three very good stories in this episode for three of the main characters.Buck is told he is the father of local girl Lucy's baby & this causes some very funny scenes(& classic lines)throughout the episode,especially the hilarious bath house scene.

    Vin is arrested & is to be taken back to Texas for a murder he never committed.But it is all a plan from (the creepy)Eli Joe (the real murderer) to kill Vin before he has a chance to get him.The part towards the end when Eli Joe tries to shoot Vin in town & then all the boys go after him,is very good.

    Ezra buys The Standish Tavern & is very happy until his mother comes to town & wins the hotel across the road in a poker game.Starting a 'war' between her & Ezra to get the most customers.There is a really terrific scene when Maude comes into Ezra's saloon (after taking all his customers off him) to lecture him & Ezra puts her in her place.Anthony Starke does it really well.Before that though there are lots of funny moments between the two of them trying to win over the customers & out do each other.

    Overall it's a really great episode,with lots of action & lots of very funny scenes.A fantastic Mag7 episode! :)moreless

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    • Vin: What's this all about?
      Chris: Thought you could use some help.
      Vin: Much obliged, but, uh, my business with this man is mine and mine alone.
      Josiah: Got no argument there, it's's awful big country out there is all.

    • Vin: All these men deputies too?
      Yates: Sure, soon as I steal them some badges.
      Vin: Well, well. You're a long way from home, Eli Joe.
      Eli Joe: Well, I figured I'd see some more of this beautiful country...look up old friends. Hang him.
      Vin: You sure went to a while lot of trouble not to face me alone.
      Eli Joe: You're thinkin' it's cowardly. I think it's smart. See, I know all about your 6 amigos. You all have been making quite a name for yourselves around here.
      Vin: Real proud of yourself, ain't ya?
      Eli Joe: Yeah, I suppose, but it had to be done. you see, I ain't been sleeping too well ever since I pinned that murder on you.
      Vin: Your conscience bothering you?
      Eli Joe: I ain't got a conscience.
      Vin: How about Jess Kincaid? You killed an innocent farmer just to frame me for murder.
      Eli Joe: Got you off my trail, didn't it? Course this little voice inside keeps tellin' me Vin Tanner's gonna come lookin' for me, settle up old scores. So I figured I'd find you first. I'm glad I did.

    • Vin: (blindfolded) I figure it's been a while since you boys were in Texas.
      Yates: That right?
      Vin: Yeah. Texas is thataway.
      Yates: Just shut up and ride.

    • JD: You can sit here and watch them take him. I'm not lettin' them.
      Mary: They're federal marshals, JD.
      JD: That's Vin Tanner, Mrs. Travis.
      (walks into street to confront the marshals)
      JD: You're not taking him, Marshal.
      Vin: Kid...
      JD: I can handle this, Vin.
      Yates: You gonna shoot us all, boy?
      JD: No, just you. (Josiah pulls him away)
      JD: Let go of me, preacher!

    • Buck: All due respect, doesn't look like you've been missing meals there, Lucy.
      Lucy: Well, that happens when you're going to have a baby.
      Buck: Oh! Well, congratulations! Boys, can you raise your glasses here? Our sweet Lucy's gonna have a baby.
      Lucy: Uh-huh.
      Josiah: Congratulations.
      Lucy: Same as you.
      Buck: As me? Ha!
      Lucy: You're the father, Buck.
      JD: Hey, Buck and Lucy are having a baby!
      Lucy: Yeah, and a wedding too.
      Buck: What!?

    • Vin: Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! How could I be so stupid? I got too wrapped up with this town and these people. I should've never quit hunting that bastard Eli Joe till I cleared my name.
      Chris: All those years lookin' over your shoulder, sleepin' with one eye's got to wear on a man.
      Vin: It's no excuse. I let my guard down. Ah, you know me, Chris. I ain't afraid of dyin'. I just don't want to go out like that, strung up like some mangy dog.
      Chris: Ah, I ain't gonna let that happen.
      Vin: Ah, no, Chris. You go messin' with the federal marshal, they're gonna string you up right alongside me.

    • (Buck walks into the saloon)
      BUCK: You haven't seen me!
      (Hides and Lucy walks into the saloon)
      Ezra: I haven't seen him.

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