The Magnificent Seven

Season 1 Episode 4

Working Girls

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 1998 on CBS
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Working Girls

When Chris, Buck and JD help a prostitute escape from her "owner", several of her friends show up in town looking for protection. The arrival of the ladies creates problems for many members of the town.

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      • J.D.: You know there's more to those ladies than meets the eye. But hell if I can figure it out.
        Buck: Welcome to manhood, kid.

      • (Man catches Buck with a gun to his back)
        Gunman: You can move or you can live.
        (Nathan hits the man over the head)
        Buck: It was going to be a tough choice.

      • (Emily has just taken J.D. to her tent)
        Buck: Man's first time, brings back found memories. (Bartender smiles) Come to think of it, the first time was not good.
        Bartender: Yeah, usually ain't.
        Buck: I think I'd better follow him and make sure he doesn't trip over it on the way to her tent.

      • Bartender: You ain't applying for a job, are you, Missy?
        Erza: Well, well... actually, yes, I am. I'm an entertainer.
        Man: Hey, darlin'.
        (A man grabs at Erza and he elbows him)
        Erza: Not that kind of entertainer. I'm a singer.
        Bartender: A singer, heh? Well, a singer don't got to be no great beauty.
        Patron: Why... why don't you sing for us, honey?

      • Chris: You know, we go in there all spit and vinegar, there is a good chance she'll get hurt.
        Vin: Yeah. Well, what we need is some sort of a...distraction.
        (Chris and Vin see Ezra teaching the girls "charm")
        Vin: Walks awful graceful, don't he?

      • Chris: If you stay, you're on your own.
        Lydia: Always have been, always will be.

      • Lydia: (To Chris and Buck) Came looking for you. When I saw there were men who would finally stand up to Wickes; I knew we could get out of that place. I'm asking you for a safe place; to stay here; to protect us. We can pay you.
        Mary: I'm sorry, but it's best if you just move on.
        Lydia: Maybe it's best if you let these men answer for themselves.
        Mary: These men don't run this town.
        Lydia: And you do?
        Mary: I have a say.
        Lydia: I'll bet you do.

      • JD: Is there anybody alive who doesn't feel obliged to give me advice?

      • Chris: Mister, you'd better get before I do something you'll regret.
        Wickes: I'll be glad to put a bullet through you, but I won't waste decent metal on a bunch of whores.

      • J.D.: I really think that Emily and I could've had something. I mean, she said that she might not even charge me.
        (Buck and Josiah laugh)
        J.D.: What? It's true!
        Josiah: That's too bad, J.D., 'cause from where I sit, that'd be right charitable of her.
        J.D.: Whadda you know, preacher? Women never meant nothing to you
        Josiah: What I don't know about women ain't worth knowing.

      • Josiah: Not too sure how I feel about spying on the boy.
        Buck: We're not spying on him. We're just checking up on him making sure he's doing all right.
        Josiah: Oh. Well, that's different.
        Buck: Okay.
        Emily: Oh, J.D.! Oh, my! Oh! Oh! Oh, yes! Oh! Ah-ah!
        (They hear howling and screaming)
        Josiah: Was...? Was that a howl?
        Emily: Oh, yeah! Oh, J.D.! (More howling and screaming) Oh, yes!
        (Buck and Josiah sneak away)
        J.D.: They're gone. Oh, you should have seen their faces.
        Emily: That was fun.
        J.D.: A nice touch with that howl.
        Emily: Oh, thanks. (Howls)

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