The Magnificent Seven

Season 1 Episode 4

Working Girls

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 1998 on CBS

Episode Recap

JD and Buck are riding into a small tent town. They are discussing that this place is called "Wickstown" and it town full of "working girls". Buck keeps talking to JD about this being his "first time" and JD insists that it isn't. As they enter the Saloon, JD spots Chris with one of the women and want to go over and say hi. Buck stops and they head to the bar. Wicks comes up and introduces himself and offers them a free drink, a courtesy to new customers. Buck asks JD whom he may be interested in and he spots a young blond women. Wicks leaves the men and goes over to greet another customer. Wicks then calls for a young brown haired girl, Nora, to come over. The woman with Chris excuses herself and goes over to Wicks and the customer. Wicks is not pleased by Nora's lack of interest and takes her away, leaving the other woman, Lydia, to head back to Chris. JD introduces himself to the young blond girl and she tells him her name is Emily and Emily takes control taking JD out of the saloon and to her tent. Buck is talking with the bartender about first times and realizes he may want to keep an eye on D. Ashe leaves the saloon, he hears a woman's screams and see Wicks hitting an already bruised Nora. Buck heads over to the commotion and stops Wicks from hitting Nora again stating, "That is no way to treat a lady". Wicks is furious stating tat no one tells him what he can do in his own town. Some of his men come to his aid and begin hitting Buck. A gun shot rings out, Chris is on his horse with his rifle and tells Buck we're leaving. JD has emerged from the tent and Chris orders him to check for guns. Buck lifts Nora up to Chris and they all ride off.

Back in Four Corners, Chris and Vin enters Nathan's to check on Nora. Nathan tells them that she is hurt and that she has been beaten before. Nora wakes up and is afraid of what Wicks will do to her now. She explains that she he paid her way to come out West and she owes him. She explains that she never seems to make much head way on the debt and says that the more she works it seems like the more she owes. Vin comments on how this is a good deal, for Wicks. Mary knocks on the door and asks to speak with Chris and they leave.

In the bathhouse, Josiah, Buck and JD are bathing and discussing the turn of events. JD is upset that he was no able to get to know Emily better and due to Buck's actions they can't go back. Buck again states that you don't treat a woman like that. JD tries convincing the others that Emily had real feelings for him and explains that she was not going to charge him, which gets a hearty laugh from the other two men.

Mary and Chris are discussing Nora's presence in town and Mary voices her disapproval. Chris explains that she needs help and that she is all alone. Just as he says this, a wagon with women from Wickstown comes into view. Lydia is the leader of the group and explains that since they stood up to Wicks they were hoping that the men would help them. Many of the town folks are coming out to see the new arrivals. Chris tells Vin to go and see if anyone is following the women. Lydia and Mary debate on whether or not Chris should decide who he is going to support. Chris gets frustrated and heads into the saloon. He tells Buck that he got them into this mess and he needs to figure this thing out. Buck says fine and decides that the women can stay. Mary comes into the saloon and begins arguing bout it. On the street, Ezra comes to break things up and escorts those ladies to the bathhouse, where he is hoping to discuss their future.

Vin spots some of Wicks men heading for town. He races back and finds Chris, Buck and Mary still discussing the situation in the Saloon. He tells them that they have company coming. As Wicks men arrive in town, they do not see that the seven men are hiding the women behind barrels, curtains and other objects. They check out Nathan's room and find Ezra pretending to be the patient and he coughs up what appears to be blood stating "Consumption" and the two men run out. The men leave town. Chris heads over to the bathhouse to see Lydia. She is naked in a tub. Chris tells her to come and find him when she is decent and she invites Chris in. He tells her that he thinks it is best if they move on and offers them protection to Ridge City. Lydia has decided she wants to stay and Chris tells her that they will be on their own. Ezra is talking to several of the girls about becoming mail order brides. They wonder how that is different from what they do know and he explains that only the wealthiest men need apply. He will screen all interested parties for a small fee. JD is watching Emily from a distance and buck tells him to go over and talk to her. Buck shares that his mother was a working girl and he views them as family. JD is surprised to find that although Buck has been with many working girls, he has never paid for it.

Lydia heads over to "The Clarion" to inquire about a job. Mary tells her that there are no positions and Lydia is offended. She believes that Mary is jugging her because of what she has done. Lydia then questions Mary about Chris and Mary states she has no hold on Chris.

Back in Wickstown, Wicks is upset when the men return and that they were unable to find the women. He notes that a mother hen like Lydia wouldn't leave Nora. The men tell him that there weren't any doctors, just a black man, tending to the sick. They report that there were hardly any women in that town. Wicks decides he will visit the town himself. The next day, when Wicks arrives in Four Corners, he finds himself facing six armed men. He asks about his women, they deny any knowledge of the women. Of to the side of the main street, Wicks sees Vin take off with a covered wagon. He chases after the wagon and the six remaining men chase Wicks. Vin heads the wagon towards the ravine and then takes the pin out holding the horse to the wagon and he rides off with the horses and the wagon goes over the edge. At the bottom of the cliff, you see clothes and what appears to be dead females scattered about. Buck and Chris are angry and Wicks states that they don't understand how much money this cost him and then rides away. Once he is gone and a closer look at the bottom reveals that there are dummies dressed up as women. They congratulate themselves at how well their trick worked.

Ezra is working with the ladies teaching them the finer ways of life. Buck is playing a suitor. Nathan comes in and berates Ezra for trying to sell the women and about making a profit off the back of another human being. Ezra is upset, but caries on with his work. Later, Vin heads into the saloon and sees Lydia. He cautions her about being seen and she tells him that she and the girls are living up to their part of the agreement, no working in this town. She leaves the saloon and is spotted by a stranger who rides out of town. Buck and Josiah are sneaking up on a romantic encounter between JD and Emily. There hear moaning coming form the hayloft. The listen for a few second s and as they turn to leave, Emily howls. They are impressed that he made her howl and they leave. Up in the loft, JD and Emily are laughing that they fooled them. Then JD wants to play around and Emily gives him a kiss and leaves.

Mary brings a tray of food to Nathan and Nathan notes that Nora needs it more. He then asks Mary to stay with her so he can get some sleep. She reluctantly agrees. As Nora wakes up, she sees that Nora is still weak and helps her with breakfast. . Nora shares her story with Mary. She was from a large family and they were very poor. She then relates that the man Wicks wanted her to service is very mean and he always hurts her. All of a sudden, the door bursts open and there is Wicks.

Chris, Vin and Lydia are in the saloon making plans for their departure, when Nora comes running in. She tells them that Wicks took Mrs. Travis and the girls better return before the end of the day or he will kill her. Chris and Vin discuss what they need to do and they look up to see Ezra walking down the stairs with a book on his head. They look at each and smile. Lydia wants to go and they tell her no, she needs to stay here with the other women.

At Wicks town, Wicks has Mary tied up and Wicks is taunting her. In the Saloon, Ezra arrives in a tight fitting purple dress; he is pretending to be a singer looking for work. He starts singer and several men begin to grab at him. Ezra starts a fight in the saloon and the commotion draws Wicks from his tent. The others take out several of Wicks guards around the town, while Chris goes into his tent. He unties Mary and asks if he hurt her. As they leave the tent Wicks draws a gun on Chris's back and a shot rings out. Lydia had followed and shot Wicks with a rifle. The men gather and head for the horses. Wicks with his last reaches for his gun and aims, just as Buck turns around and shoots him dead. The seven take Mary and Lydia and leave Wickstown.

The next days as the girls are leaving and hading to San Francisco. Ezra has brought some potential clients for the women to meet. They have changed their minds and want to try a life without marriage. Emily kisses JD goodbye. As the wagon leaves, a man approaches Ezra and asks if he can sings and Buck joins in, 'Come on sing for us".

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