The Man From Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 1

Man from Atlantis

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 1977 on NBC



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    • Elizabeth: You still remember nothing about where in the ocean you come from?
      Mark: Perhaps when I'm deep in the ocean I will remember.
      Elizabeth: Perhaps when you're deep in the ocean, you'll forget about us.

    • Dr. Schubert: For 3,000 years, they've destroyed our land, air, water. Now they're gonna finish each other off in one last big war.
      Mark: How do you know that?
      Dr. Schubert: Well, mainly because I'm gonna start it.

    • Dr. Schubert: Do you believe that's possible, Mark, water-breathing man?
      Mark: When he learns to breathe water, he will be other than a man.

    • Officer: But then again we could be a little old fashioned there. What do you think, chief?
      Ernie: Well it keeps the tails from getting caught in the cracks.
      Mark: You have tails?
      Ernie: Yeah they put 'em in the same time they put in the gills.
      Mark: I see.
      Elizabeth: Oh these divers and their jokes.

    • Phil: How are all the frogs and dogs?
      Elizabeth: Oh, I got promoted to dolphins, how about you?

  • Notes

    • During the pilot episode Mark's shorts change color from white to yellow and back again several times.

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