The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

NBC (ended 1968)





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  • Man from uncle

    Im a fan of yu Yozawitz
  • An interesting thing I noticed

    In the UNCLE headquarters, the communications console panel is the same as the OBIT machine panel in the Outer Limits.

    Must be a studio video swiching console in reality. I see controls for "Left Monitor" , "Center Monitor", "Right Monitor", "Camera", and ""Lamp Test".
  • This is a great show with David McCallum as one HOT babe

    This is a pretty exciting and original show. It involves pure escapism but that can be a lot of fun too. My mom turned me on to it and now I watch as much of it as I can which isn't easy since I can only watch the tapes since we don't have any channels that have it on. David McCallum was really a HOT looking guy when he was younger My mom says he's not so bad now even though he is old enough to be her father. He also had a real interesting character to play Illya sounds so cool and neat I mean you hardly know anything about him and you just want to know more but the writers I guess didn't like that idea any way the show was cool and I like it I like it
  • The man from UNCLE was the story of two secret agents, Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin who fought against a sinister and evil organization called THRUSH.

    This was an exciting show created when the spy genre was at its peak. Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin were two ultra cool secret agents one american and the other russian (this was original and unusual because it was the cold war era) who worked for an international spy agency called U.N.C.L.E. (United Network Command for Law and Enforcement) The first two seasons were incredible but unfortunately the following two seasons chose to forget the adventure and adopt the comedy because of the success of the Adam West\'s Batman show. Anyway, the Man from UNCLE was, and still is, a terrific show that made its stars so popular and famous that we still love them all.
  • The first season (B/W) was fun. Great villians (Robert Culp, Carroll O'Connor, Fritz Weaver, Ella Lancaster), great gadgets (the communicator pen , which was first a fake cigarette case, and of course the badge), and hot girls (Yvonne Craig, Nancy Culp,Pa

    The first B/W season was great. Probably the best episodes were "The Vulcan Affair", "The Shark Affair"(very rarely seen) and the "The Quadripartite Affair" (with McCallums wife at the time Jill Ireland).
    When the show went to color and changed time slots
    it got predictable.
    But even in reruns it is a great fun view into the mid to late 60's.
  • This is a terrific spy series starring Robert Vaughn as Napoleon Solo and David McCallum as Illya Kuryakin. Also Leo G. Carroll as the wonderful Mr. Waverly in charge of U.N.C.L.E. headquarters. U.N.C.L.E. is the good guys who fight the evil THRUSH guys.

    This series was absolutely great in its black and white stage. When it began filming in color it also started getting silly. Had it not been for the fantastic characters of Napoleon and Illya this show would have nose dived rather quickly. Napoleon was a very suave and sexy character. Illya added the the humor to the show. Robert Vaughn and David McCallum were just absolutely perfect together. I would recomend to anyone who is thinking about buying these shows on DVD to buy the black and white shows and forget the rest unless you are a glutton for punishment or you really enjoy watching stupid and childish TV shows. Then by all means get the entire series.
  • Part of growing up in the sixties was this series, everyone loved it.

    We were those guys back in the 60's, being schoolboys my friend and I lived and breathed U.N.C.L.E it was the biggest thing to ever happen to us primary school kids. My mother even knitted me a polo neck jumper just like the one Illya wore I felt great. A chum of mine was jealous and asked why I had come to school wearing that "cos you don't look like him" it was the best compliment he could have made me as it was obvious I DID !!. When out of school we used to spend our time walking around the streets and fields near where we lived re-enacting the previous nights episode with our toy guns, badges my fathers tyre pressure gauge doubled up as a very convincing Communication device similar to that pen they used we even used the phrases of Napoleon and Illya, we were swarve sophisticated and walked around with the utmost confidence and nerve, we were those guys !!!. Talk in the playground was always about the previous episode and we were convinced it was real, when we grew up were were going to be an UNCLE agents. Thanks to all the UNCLE cast and crew we owe you for a fantastic very memorable childhood you allowed our imaginations to be creative and active, something that will never happen to the children of today we are in debt to you.
  • For a lot of people including myself this is their all time favorite TV show.

    Robert Vaughan played Napoleon Solo (must have been bullied at school with a name like that) whilst British actor David McCallum played the Russian Ilya Kuryakin (what's this-a Russian and an American teaming up during the height of the cold war and a couple of years after the Cuban Missile Crisis?). Solo and Kuryakin worked for U.N.C.L.E. (United Network Command for Law Enforcement). U.N.C.L.E. was based in a secret HQ behind a dry-cleaners shop and Solo and Kuryakin received their orders from Mr Alexander Waverly played by the late Leo G. Carroll.

    If you thought James Bond was tongue in cheek, then this was even more tongue in cheek. Each week, Solo and Kuryakin armed with their array of gadgets battled the villains of T.H.R.U.S.H. who were more camp than any Bond villain you could come across. There were guest stars galore throughout the show and some of the craziest plots you could ever watch. The villains seemed to delight in torturing Solo and Kuryakin rather than just putting a bullet in their heads.

    Gadgets, fight scenes, total camp-that was The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and it was an awesome show.
  • A favorite from my youth, the first show I got to stay up late to watch at 10 y.o.)

    Still holds up today. Waiting for the dvds.
    Based on James Bond, this was a must see show in the days when we only had 3 networks and cable was a dream. Gadgets and good writing, actors who winked at the camera without being obvious. Along with Mission:Impossible and Star Trek, MFU remains a favorite. Where'e the updated movie?