The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

NBC (ended 1968)





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  • Part of growing up in the sixties was this series, everyone loved it.

    We were those guys back in the 60's, being schoolboys my friend and I lived and breathed U.N.C.L.E it was the biggest thing to ever happen to us primary school kids. My mother even knitted me a polo neck jumper just like the one Illya wore I felt great. A chum of mine was jealous and asked why I had come to school wearing that "cos you don't look like him" it was the best compliment he could have made me as it was obvious I DID !!. When out of school we used to spend our time walking around the streets and fields near where we lived re-enacting the previous nights episode with our toy guns, badges my fathers tyre pressure gauge doubled up as a very convincing Communication device similar to that pen they used we even used the phrases of Napoleon and Illya, we were swarve sophisticated and walked around with the utmost confidence and nerve, we were those guys !!!. Talk in the playground was always about the previous episode and we were convinced it was real, when we grew up were were going to be an UNCLE agents. Thanks to all the UNCLE cast and crew we owe you for a fantastic very memorable childhood you allowed our imaginations to be creative and active, something that will never happen to the children of today we are in debt to you.