The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Season 2 Episode 25

The King of Diamonds Affair

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Mar 11, 1966 on NBC

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  • The diamond market may be at risk.

    An average episode, made much better with the appearance of the beautiful Nancy Kovak (co-star in the Elvis Presley film, "Frankie and Johnny" where she was a knock-out) and Ricardo Montalban in his second appearance on UNCLE.

    Solo and Illya investigage the pudding company as a diamond was found in one of their puddings in a restaurant. The pudding store was actually a front for a foreign UNCLE headquarters in a later episode.

    Solo and Illya visit a well-known precous stone thief, and learn how he might break into a well-guarded vault. On their way underground, Illya tells Napoleon, "If you must get us lost, could you do it a bit faster". Not much more humour in this episode.

    The story is rather slow, the music average and only the UNCLE pistols (and there are a lot them) are used.