The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Season 1 Episode 14

The Terbuf Affair

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Dec 29, 1964 on NBC

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  • Solo meets up with the "one who got away" and breaks rules to save her husband, and her family from a despot.

    Solo's character is very fleshed out in this episode. It was cool to show the men on vacation in Rome, a hint of the friendship that belied the coolness of their partnership. When he sees Clara, you see his eyes light up and then a hint of sadness in them when she talks about how much she loves her husband. Illya notices this, too, trying to steer Solo towards a path not tinged with emotion. Solo fights his lingering feelings for Clara to save Stefan, even covering for him when he was working with the secret police to find Emil behind his wife's back. At the end, when Clara is tending to her husband, ignoring Solo, who isn't looking forward to the cuffs being removed stating something like "they aren't holding much together anyway", you see more than the suave womanizer, but a man who did love, and does love and care deeply.