The Man in Room 17

ITV (ended 1966)





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  • In Room 17 of an unidentified government building sit two very clever fellows, to whom the police and the security services come for advice when things get too tough for them.

    I could never figure out why this series was called "The Man In Room 17" when there were always two men there - in the first series, the supercilious and conceited Edwin G. Oldenshaw and the quiet, self-made, sensible Ian Dimmock. (You get no prizes for noticing the initials of this pair). Neither one seemed to have superiority over the other, so why not pluralise the title? In the second series, Dimmock was replaced by a certain Imlac Defraits, who was even more supercilious than Oldenshaw and far suaver. The idea was that we never saw the two men outside the room, they never met any of the other cast members except for occasional policemen and spy chiefs who needed their help. Their scenes were always directed and designed by a different director and set designer than the rest of each episode. It was a cute idea, and the actors were very good - alas, the scripts were very variable, and it was simply silly fun at best.