The Man in the High Castle

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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Jahr Null
      Jahr Null
      Episode 10
      Juliana's quest to thwart the Nazis puts her in danger. Himmler begins the Year Zero festivities with John Smith by his side. Smith endures difficulty in the midst of his triumphs. Kido brings a prize back to San Francisco.
    • Baku
      Episode 9
      Wyatt and Juliana's quest brings them closer to the Nazi epicenter. Tagomi extends friendship to Smith in an effort to boost goodwill for both sides. Smith uncovers vital information.
    • Kasumi (Through the Mists)
      Juliana races against the clock while struggling to drum up support. Tagomi struggles in a fatal battle. Helen Smith goes too far while at her therapy session. Kido hones in on his target.
    • Excess Animus
      Excess Animus
      Episode 7
      Juliana plots against the Nazis with the help of old friends. Thelma and Nicole's relationship grows in spite of the dangers. Smith uncovers new information regarding the Nazis' investigations into alt-world exploration.
    • History Ends
      History Ends
      Episode 6
      Juliana, armed with the Nazi intelligence she lifted, escapes from San Francisco with Wyatt's aid. Childan receives word he is allowed to go home while Ed elects to remain in the Neutral Zone.
    • The New Colossus
      The New Colossus
      Episode 5
      Juliana narrowly escapes a dangerous situation and uncovers new Nazi intelligence while the Reichsführer pursues his plan to enrage the Japanese. John Smith faces off against his foe. The Nazis begin planning for "Year Zero."
    • Sabra
      Episode 4
      A new society tries to gain its footing in the Neutral Zone. Juliana and Joe try to reconnect as Joe pursues his covert mission for Himmler. Wyatt pays Juliana a visit while in San Francisco. Smith struggles to cope with his past.
    • Senso Koi
      Senso Koi
      Episode 3
      Juliana and Tagomi work to uncover the truth behind the films. Juliana receives a visit from a familiar face. Childan looks to return to San Francisco while a budding romance causes Ed to rethink their departure. Kido uncovers new evidence.
    • Imagine Manchuria
      Juliana admits to the connection between her and Tagomi. Tagomi and Inokuchi uncover a plan made by the Reich to freeze oil trade with the Pacific States. J. Edgar Hoover and Reichsmarschall Rockwell scheme against John Smith.
    • Now More Than Ever, We Care About You
      While in the Neutral Zone, Juliana Crain hits it off with Wyatt, an Irish fixer. She hits the road and begs for Tagomi's help. The Japanese run tests on their new weapon. Joe Blake heads to San Francisco on a diplomacy delegation.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1