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  • The Man Show is HYSTERICAL

    The Man Show is hysterical! I'm so excited that seasons 1-5 are now available on iTunes! Definitely worth checking out!
  • Great show, just not for oversensitive little queebs.

    Great show, just not for oversensitive little queebs. Refreshing & entertaining chauvanism. The wife and I would settle in for the man show and laugh histerically. I would recommend the show to anyone who has any sort of contact with the female "species". From the Man Show boy who insults people on the street to the poop flingers (one of my favorites), the show had lots of charachter. The hosts play off of each other well and the man show games are inventive if nothing else. Also has the best closing in all of tv history. -And now, girls jumping on trampolines!
  • since jimmy kimmell and adam carolla left the show its gone downhill fast,i watch a episode with some midget called blue ball or somthing like that and it was the biggest load of rubish i have seen in a while.

    theres not much to reveiw as far as im concerned the man show has seen better days,rogan and his sidekick havent got a clue what comedey is and never will,bring back kimmell and carolla and it might have a chance but its pretty sad,the highlight of the show is the end i give it 5 out of ten and thats only because of the juggies the rest of it is rubbish,the whole format has changed and for the worst,they dont have the band anymore and the fastest beer drinker in the world is gone,what happened to him fall of his perch did he
  • Abysmal humor and boring hosts who look bored, can it get better then this?

    If you can't entertain a drunk audience, I would give it a rest. I guess that's what happened to Jimmy and Adam after the very first episode, considering their lackluster performance when delivering the horrid material they call "comedy". This is bad, bad in all aspects. I don't mind filthy, disgusting, discriminating humor, as long as the quality is up to par. Who are they targeting with this drivel, 10-year olds who've never seen a boob? When fart and poop jokes end up saving the skits, you know it's bad. And this is bad in way that actually defines bad...
  • Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel were awesome! Too bad they totally wrecked the show!

    When I first watched the Man Show I was a freshman in high school. I had heard Jimmy Kimmel before on the Kevin and Bean morning show on KROQ. I tuned in and it was one of the funniest shows on TV at the time. Jimmy Kimmel was always funny but I didn't know about Adam Carolla. Carolla turned out to be just as funny maybe even better than Kimmel. The two loved doing the show. They were just best friends having fun together hosting a show. Not only was it super funny, but they also had the Juggies, The Fox, The Goodtime Party Boys, and the Man Show Boy. The show was great until Jimmy Kimmel went to ABC and Adam Carolla went back to radio. The new host Doug Stanhope and Joe Rogan were just terrible. They tried way to hard and weren't as natural as Kimmel and Carrola. Eventually all the regular fans stopped watching and the show faded into the sunset. Kimmel and Carolla earned a 10 out of 10 in my book, but the last season took 2 points off the total of the show making it an 8 out of 10 overall!
  • A very funny show that was immature, but the hosts understood they were joking. Bring back the Wheel of Destiny!

    O god this show is so immature. All they do is degrade women and do sexist sketches. Did I also mention that I have no sense of humor and the personality of a doorknob? The Man Show was funny because it catered to the raunchy male on one level, but it had enough depth to reach a broader audience. Adam and Jimmy made so many gay jokes that you start to wonder about them...I saw this a couple months ago on G4 and I had forgotten how funny it is. it was sexist and offensive, but there were some great sketches. The man show boy is a legend, and some of the Man-o-vations were priceless. The Man show was sexist on a superficial level; the hosts and writers made fun of men as well. This was a fun show that was always good for some laughs. (By the way I only consider it the Man Show when Adam and Jimmy did it)
  • "The Man Show" offer a unique male perspective on important topics that men care about like sports, porn, nagging wives, beer and girls jumping on trampolines.

    Comedy Central examines the mind of the common man in the outrageous comedy series "The Man Show". Hosts Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel offer a unique male perspective on important topics that men care about like sports, porn, nagging wives, beer and women jumping on trampolines. Carolla and Kimmel expose the truth on many important male issues and drive political correctness out the door. "The Man Show" is a hilarious half hour skit-based comedy series that explores the best and worst traits of men. Hosts Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel are hilarious and have good comic chemistry. The comedy series also stars the buxom Juggy Dance Squad and the beer-guzzling emcee Bill "The Fox" Foster who passed away after the first season. Some of the show's recurring sketches include "Man-Ovations", "Wheel of Destiny", "Movies Men Don't Want to See" and "Household Hints from Adult Film Stars". With its brand of sophomoric humor and eye-catching dancers, "The Man Show" had a good run on Comedy Central but by the fifth season, the comedy series fell apart and was shortly cancelled with the new hosts.
  • absolute crap

    this show is without a doubt one of the worst shows ever on television. i do not know why anyone would have signed off on it. jimmy kimmel and adam corolla are a couple of idiots. some of the stuff they did on this show were sub human in my opinion. especially the crap with the teenage kid doing stupid things in the street. the show only got worse when the tow jerks left. thank god someone finally cancelled it.
  • A show that is proof of the rot of socity!

    Now, I'm not a prude but I find myself insulted with this filth. I mean political incorrectness is one thing, but this is just is just nasty to women, fat people and others who are less fortunate. It's basicly a show founded by school bullies that have to insult other to make themself feel like big men.

    The thing is, that they claim that is this a show based on what men like. I'm a man and I find this to be one of the most sorry pieces of crap ever made. It's goes against everything I believe in. So this doesn't just insult women, fat people and the less also insult any person with even a shread of decency!
  • This should be renamed, 'The Immature Show'.

    I saw this one day, watched one episode and my jaw dropped. This show is the most vile disgusting thing I've ever seen. They say that this is for men, but it's for people who love sex jokes and hookers. This show takes immature to a whole new level, Whatever those two guys names are, if you see them in the street, run away from them. I can't believe someone would have a show so vile. It's a really good thing that this show's not on [adult swim] because this show would really get sued. Those guys are gonna get shot.
  • If you think farts are funny, Dukes of Hazzard was your favorite movie of 05, or your a fat social reject who likes hiding in his room and doing ungodly things all day. This show is for you and about you!

    Hey I like to consider myself a smart guy and well I think my mental well being has now been put into a state of crisis after watching this show. Its just two guys that only spew homophobic jokes and think every guy is as dumb as well them. Who have a little gimmick called "juggies" and that's the whole show in a nutshell.

    Sure I'm not a feminist well what this show does to women would make Oprah and the women from the View have a stroke. Good. I hate them to. You see its just more TV that's like a Elementary school children with Boys-Only and Girls-Only clubs. Well that's bassically what medium of television this is. So please just make it illegal to show crap like this on TV.
  • A boring, uninteresting, comedy suited for frat boys and the illiterate.

    It's pretty much a budwieser commercial set as a TV show. Completely un-edgy, and idiotic. Not to mention it's setting a standard for dumb budweiser chugging fat men to act even more like retards.

    Did I mention it's not funny? Even if this show had an ounce of humor, I'd give it some credit. I'd look past the frat boy humor and stupid beer drinking songs. But it just ins't there.
  • "this show is'ant much!"

    If they had REAL men on this show it would have made more sence than it did, it would have had real things like Hunting,Fishing,sports,guy talk,and the list goes on and on... instead it had want-to-be-men who are on right track(with the beer and all) but they just don't cut it as men in my mind!.
  • A show that celebrates everything that's great about being a man, but always with a wink and smile, never really taking itself seriously.

    A lot of people seem to take this show too seriously. It's called satire and parody, look it up.

    But seriously, behind the toilet humour is some really clever humour, with particular favourite segments of mine including the FAQ segment and the opening monologues.

    If you get the show, you'll love it.
  • This is the worst show that I've ever watched.

    This show is a piece of garbage. I don't see why anyone would want to watch a show like this. They also probably have the worst two host imaginable, Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Copeland. The show doesn't even deserve a review but heck, I was bored. Don't watch this show. It sucks.
  • I couldn't believe it when The Man Show first came out. Great show in its time. It all went downhill when they changed the hosts.

    The Man Show was good and mostly funny, but it had a few gross moments to go along with the sex and girls.

    One comment about the DVD sets, the episode list doesn't match up to the shows that actually are on each disc (reference Season 2).

    Good slapstick comedy and beautiful girls. Enjoy!!!
  • this show was one of the best or worst. if you watched the gong show then this one was a great one. it seems the more nasty is got the more ratings it got. girls on trampolines and juggies are just two of the topics can be discussed or disgusting.

    only one word can be said for this show. juggies. this show should have been put on cable. they were showing nudity and mostly all male viewers with the few women watching it. it seems like jimmy got in over his head with comedy central. puppets,ben and this one wow.
  • Good when Jimmy and Adam hosted.Bad with those other guys.

    I'm reviewing the old Man Show with Jimmy and Adam,not the new one.The old Man Show was very funny.I'm glad they're showing it on G4.I also liked the rant at the end.Zigg Zaggy Zigg Zaggy Oy oy oY oy!Good times,good times.Well I still have 9 words to go in this review and I just wasted them on this sentence.
  • A show only for men who have no respect for women.

    I can't see why so many people like this show. I watched this once, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I'm a dude myself and I feel this show is degrading to women.

    All this show revolves around is the host doing dumb skits. I had a hard to finding any of it funny. I mean, one of the host called his wife a B*tch for God's sake

    It was bad enough this show aired but now they're bringing it to G4. I have absolutely no idea why G4 is bringing it to their station, but I hope it doesn't last long.
  • I loved this show until they got new hosts.

    Bring back the Man Show! This was an excellent show until they brought in Joe Rogan and the other guy who isn't on Fear Factor or famous. How Comedy Central thought that it would do just as good or better without Jimmy or Adam is beyond me. The first episode without them was a sad day in TV history. I am going to miss that show.
  • Jimmy Kimmel and his host Adam both discuss everything from the way man live, to the things we eat.

    Jimmy kimmel is perfect for this show! From the moment I watched it, I was hooked. Every show is a laugh, and I enjoy watching this like all man should. If your a true man, you should be watching this show. Beer, women, and ways to keep the wife at bay, I recommend this for all the guys out there!
  • It Should Have Ended When Adam & Jimmy Left

    This show was one a very funny series focused at thing that men loved.

    Its was a show by me and for me.

    It showed great people like the Worlds fastest Beer drinker the Fox, god rest his soul.

    Adam and Jimmy where some of the funnyest people I know and they made the show what it was.

    After they left the series it should have ended there and then brought in 2 unknowns into the mix and the laughter and magic of the series just died out so fast.
  • Freakin' hilarious!

    This show was one of the funniest shows on TV when Adam and Jimmy were the co-hosts. The new hosts for the last season were absolutely pathetic. The show should have been cancelled when the original hosts left.

    What did I love most about this show?? Oh let me count the skits I loved...

    "Movies Men Don't Want To See" was also good for a laugh. They usually made a joke at the expense of some overweight woman actress somewhere in this skit.

    "Man-ovations" was a skit where they made up little inventions that would make a man's life so much more convenient and fun. Again, usually quite piggish and offensive to feminists.

    The greatest one was the "wheel of destiny" though. A man from the audience would come up and spin this giant pinwheel which held 8 different outcomes. 4 of these outcomes were good and 4 were real bad. Of course, I always rooted for it to be one of the bad ones (like eating stew out of a used men's sneaker, or having to prance around in women's panties for the rest of the show).

    I wish they would show the repeats on Comedy Central, as many of the episodes were comedy gold.