The Man Who Lost His Face



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The Man Who Lost His Face

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The Man Who Lost His Face is a documentary special from TLC that introduces viewers to the shocking and mysterious plight of Jose Mestre, a man who has been stricken with a terrible facial tumor that threatens to completely block his vision and prevent him from eating or breathing unless he can find a surgeon capable of removing and reconstructing Jose's face. This one-hour special follows Jose and his sister Edith as they travel from Portugal to Chicago, a relatively short trip that's nonetheless harrowing for someone in Jose's condition. They can only hope the trip will be worth the effort. In Chicago, a plastic surgeon named Dr. McKay McKinnon who's known for being able to do the impossible will find out if Jose has any chance for removing the facial growth and living a normal life. Dr. McKinnon is a talented surgeon with an impressive track record, but it will take an operation of extraordinary precision to give Jose his face back.moreless

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