The Man Who Saved Christmas

Season 1 Episode 1

The Man Who Saved Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 15, 2002 on CBS



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    • Secretary Daniels: Mr. Gilbert, what does this have to do with canceling Christmas? What is it exactly that you want?
      A.C.: I want to make toys again. I want us to give our children more than bonds for Christmas this year; I want to give them toys that remind us of better times and help us begin to imagine a brighter future. This holiday, and how we celebrate it, is part of our American lives. These toys, given by parents with love to their children, are treasures. They last a lifetime. They make better children, and they grow up to make a better world. What does Christmas represent, after all, but the hope that one little child can make a big difference. If you cancel Christmas, you are canceling hope, and hope may be our greatest weapon at a time like this. Our sons, our friends… my brother they're not fighting so that we can be less than who we are. They fight so that we can be all that we can possibly be. Let's not let our enemies take that away; let's celebrate, in spite of them.

    • Charles: (to A.C. about the Defense Council) I know what you're going to try to achieve in there, Alfred, and I don't think for a minute you have the slightest chance of success... but I am damned proud of of you for trying.

    • Secretary Newton Baker: You can help sell the idea to children. If A.C. Gilbert tells them to ask for bonds instead of toys, they'll do it. Think of it, our nation's most famous toy maker: what better spokesman could we have?

    • A.C.: Are you actually talking about canceling Christmas?
      Secretary Newton Baker: Well, you see, we've lost 15,000 men in the past two months, and we need to prepare for the worst. It's part of a massive conservation effort, like meatless Mondays and wheatless Wednesdays.
      A.C.: Joyless holidays?

    • A.C.: (about the Dictaphone Frank's given him) I can't believe you got this!
      Frank: You don't know how hard it was finding you something you didn't invent.

    • A.C.: (Charles is protesting the Christmas bonuses) You know, Dad, I once heard a successful and great businessman say that, "It's a sorry man who abandons the people who made him a success."
      Charles: That's maudlin! Who said that?
      A.C.: You.

    • (Mary is having the baby.)
      Frank: How is she?
      A.C.: No one allowed in but doctors.
      Frank: See, if you'd been a doctor–
      A.C.: If you finish that thought, you're gonna need a doctor!

    • Mr. Gilbert: (to A.C. about a loan for the toy company) No. This lunatic enterprise of yours is a failure. It's time to cut your losses, and return to your calling.
      A.C.: I don't want to be a doctor.
      Mr. Gilbert: You graduated first in your class in medical school, you've got the hands of a surgeon, and you want to waste them by pulling rabbits out of hats!

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