The Manions of America

Season 1 Episode 3

Part III


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The story opens in 1863 during the U.S. Civil War with Rachel and Rory's 3rd loss and burial of a baby. Rory eventually returns for good at war's end having served as a Major in the Irish Brigade and is now co-owner of the gunpowder mill. His Irish partner makes contact with their rebel friends in Ireland and wants Rory to donate gunpowder and supplies to fuel an Irish uprising against the British. Meanwhile David returns, much to Caleb's consternation, and he brings a former rebel POW with him that he believed was Rory and Deidre's long lost brother Sean. Rory decides to go to Ireland with the powder shipment to help his countrymen free their land. But while en route, word comes that the convoy is to be ambushed. When Caleb shows up to warn them, he sacrifices his life to allow the convoy to continue to its destination. Rory arrives in Ireland, meets up with old friends, and helps them hide the supplies throughout the county. But after Rory is captured and his friends rescue him, he is forced to leave Ireland again because he is now considered a liability. When he returns to Philadelphia, he discovers that Rachel has just given birth to yet another son, the first O'Manion born in America to survive, and they name him Shane. But Rachel eventually dies from complications of the birth, concluding the miniseries on a bittersweet note.moreless
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