The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis - Season 4

CBS (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • 6/5/63
    Desperate for date money, Dobie figuratively sells his soul to Chatsworth (in a dream sequence) and agrees to fix the outcome of a $5000 charity raffle.
  • 5/29/63
    Maynard accidentally douses himself with a musk oil concoction that makes him, like, irresistible to women.
  • 5/22/63
    Dobie falls in love with a girl at school who wants to marry him, but family tradition prevents her until a match can be found for her older sister.
  • There's a Broken Light for Every Heart on Broadway

    Maynard guides a fellow student to become a singing sensation, then ponders if he should step aside when a big-time agent wants to take her on.

  • I Was a Spy for the F.O.B.
    While Maynard and the Gillises are vacationing in Washington D.C., he gets mistaken for a rocket scientist and sought by foreign spies for his secret fuel formula.
  • When special experimental pills cause Maynard to temporarily gain super strength, Mr. Gillis becomes his boxing manager and puts him into contention as a world-class prizefighter.
  • 4/24/63
    Realizing that no other woman would put up with him, Maynard agrees to marry Zelda. But her plan is actually to induce Dobie to come to Maynard's rescue and take his place.
  • Lassie, Get Lost
    Episode 29
    When a teenage celebrity offers a reward to find her missing dog, everyone joins the hunt.
  • 4/10/63
    Staying overnight at the Osborne mansion with Dobie and his new girlfriend, Maynard is suspected of stealing jewelry from their safe when he is found sleepwalking.
  • The General Cried at Dawn
    On a vacation to Latin America, Maynard is abducted and asked to impersonate a lookalike general who has been threatened with assassination.
  • 3/27/63
    Thrown out by his mother, Chatsworth moves in with the Gillises for a while. But what are Mr. Gillis's motives for this generosity?
  • 3/20/63
    A test chimpanzee is doomed unless Maynard can show that he is more talented than he seems.
  • Beethoven, Presley, and Me
    A freak accident with a song-analyzing computer causes Maynard to be able to predict hit songs, which cousin Virgil uses to become a singing star.
  • 3/6/63
    When Chatsworth's family goes broke, he gets Maynard and Dunky to help him raise money by claiming it is charity for a needy family.
  • 2/27/63
    When a foreign student likes Dobie because he is simple-minded, Zelda decides to teach him how to improve his memory. Meanwhile, Maynard is attracted to her elephant.
  • The Beast with Twenty Fingers
    Maynard and Herbert get their fingers locked together in a gypsy love link, just as Mr. Gillis is about to leave for a grocer's convention.
  • 2/13/63
    Dobie falls for a brainy Russian ballerina and solicits Zelda's aid to improve his grades. When that fails, he ends up dancing outside her window.
  • Two for the Whipsaw
    Episode 19
    Chatsworth pays Dobie to take his place at a fancy dinner with an old friend of the family, whose daughter he remembers as being particularly ugly.
  • And Now a Word from Our Sponsor
    When Dobie becomes the new DJ at the college radio station, he has to deal with a mobster trying to bribe him to play his country-singer girlfriend's record, and Zelda trying to become a singing star with an album called "How to Drive Men Wild," produced by Maynard.
  • 1/23/63
    The Gillises are held at gunpoint by a fugitive and his girlfriend. Then Maynard arrives, to complicate the situation.
  • 1/16/63
    Performing at Pryor College, the Lettermen hire Dobie as an emergency replacement singer.
  • 1/9/63
    To impress a cookware heiress's father, Dobie needs to sell one of the man's Quickie-Cookers, but gets competition from his visiting southern cousin, Virgil.
  • 1/2/63
    Cousin Dunky gets a role in a visiting production of Rossini's opera William Tell and falls for a young opera star, unaware that she has a jealous boyfriend.
  • Will the Real Santa Claus Please Come Down the Chimney
    To cure Maynard of his childish belief in Santa Claus, Mr. Gillis climbs down the chimney on Christmas eve -- but gets stuck.
  • Doctor Jekyll and Mister Gillis
    To avoid failing an upcoming test that will cause him to flunk out of school, Maynard drinks a potion that is supposed to turn him into a genius, but ends up transforming him into a monster.
  • The Iceman Goeth
    Episode 11
    Maynard and Duncan accidentally lock Mr. Gillis in the meat freezer, and think they've killed him.
  • 11/28/62
    Dobie and Maynard train a talking mynah bird to feed them the answers for their upcoming history test.
  • 11/21/62
    Having failed to fan the flames of greed in Dobie, Linda Sue Faversham tries to teach his cousin Dunky how to succeed in business so that he can become a good provider for her younger sister. But in the meantime, the sister falls for sweet, honest Dobie.
  • 11/14/62
    To gain a comely med student's sympathy, Dobie pretends to have only six months to live. But a medical mixup causes him to believe that he is really ill.
  • Like Hi, Explosives
    Maynard and Dobie's cousin Dunky don't realize that they're driving a delivery truck carrying the volatile explosive nitroglycerin.
  • 10/31/62
    Dobie joins the football team to impress a girl, but only succeeds in making her big bruiser of a boyfriend jealous.
  • 10/24/62
    Dobie's teenage cousin Duncan temporarily moves in with the Gillises, and tells Dobie's girlfriend that Dobie needs help for a drinking problem.
  • 10/17/62
    When his current love interest takes off on a class trip to the Amazon jungle, Dobie is right behind her. But he is captured by a tribe of cannibals and discovers that their chief is none other than - Maynard?
  • Northern Comfort
    Episode 3
    Mr. Gillis's cousin Virgil comes to town from Tennessee with the intention of becoming a singing star, and cons the Gillises into financing his first engagement.
  • Dobie tries to give Thaila tangible proof of his love by naming her as the beneficiary of his life insurance, but after she points out that the policy is completely useless to her unless he is dead, he develops a paranoid suspicion that she and Maynard are trying to kill him.moreless
  • A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to a Funny Thing
    Dobie and Maynard talk a suicidal man out of jumping from a ledge, but then Maynard accidentally falls into the net below. He is presumed to be the jumper and is taken to the hospital's psychiatric ward.