The Marriage Ref

Season 1 Episode 1

Jerry Seinfeld, Kelly Ripa, Alec Baldwin

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2010 on NBC

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  • lame, just lame!

    i thought this show would be allot funnier and more interesting with real problems that were hard for couples to figure out. instead what i saw was that is was about pretty silly problems that were too obvious and not funny. this may be spoilers if you didn't watch the episode, but the 'should stuffed dog being kept in the house' decision i thought could have been made quick, with out all the celebrities talking about it. i thought they over talked about it and thought it was pretty obvious what they were going to decide on right away. so putting the decision off, annoyed me and made me think they were just trying to waste air time. so that didn't sit well with me. then they brought on the other couple and they're problem and i was just thinking to myself, is this show for real? if the lady doesn't want a stripper pole, she's not going to let her husband get one so it's pretty obvious that no matter what any of the celebrities decided she wasn't going to let him have one. so bottem line, i thought the show was pointless and i won't watch it again. maybe it's funny for old people?
  • The first episode of The Marriage Ref is entertaining, but I wonder how long it will remain that way.

    I am someone who hates reality television, but this is different from programs like Undercover Boss or The Amazing Race in that it features well-known television comedians commenting on "real-life" couples. The first episode featured two entertaining couples and the panel was good, but I just wonder if the show will be able to sustain this for a long period of time. Do you picture yourself saying, "Oh man, it's 10:00! The Marriage Ref is on! I can't miss a second of this!"? I doubt it.

    This is a fun, little guilty pleasure, but it's certainly not the next big thing in TV.