The Marriage Ref

Sunday 10:00 PM on NBC Premiered Feb 28, 2010 In Season


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  • how to save your marriage

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  • Very helpful and entertaining!

    I still remember certain parts of this show! It allowed me to learn from other people's mistakes. THe two gay dudes who couldn't settle on a hug statue of Betty Boop was my favorite, not even sure why. I think I am the type of person who'd put a status liek that in his kitchen, easily. The show let you experience marriage through the eyes of various people. I liked Tom Papa, I liked all the judges. Watching them collaborate was beyond entertaining, beyond. Pls bring it
  • It's mostly stupid, but ultimately entertaining.

    Start with the bad - the host Tom Papa - HORRIBLE! Like seriously - HORRIBLE!!! This Pee Wee Herman wannabe (and is there really such a thing?) is SO over the top and such a flake, that if I stop watching the show - HE is the reason.

    Not going to bother describing the rest of the show, as that is done well enough above. The guests are well picked, and surprisingly quick on their feet (Ricky Gervais was awesome, and Madonna was a pleasant surprise, for examples). There are some problems with the show though, in that while many of the couples problems are legitimate, some are obviously there as a joke. Jokes are good, but there is such a thing as too much comedy. Also, at times, the guest responses seem a little "rehearsed" - which definitely detracts from the overall show.

    But ALL will be forgiven if they just FIRE TOM PAPA!!!
  • Apparently the answer to problems is, er, more problems.

    This is another dumb idea that only gets on the air because of who produces it. It's also another in the long line of efforts by some evil, secret cabal in television to make everybody hate each other. This show rubs your face in everything you do not want: bitter, 1950s Borscht Belt-style bad sarcasm, and a 'solution' that involves picking sides, when picking sides was the problem in the first place. Instead of telling people how to make up, or -- perish the thought -- just drop the whole thing and forgive each other, this show believes there actually can be a winner in these stupid situations. You know what? If relationships are this bad, I'm going to live on top of a mountain. You notice they never put happy people on television? Nobody's life is perfect, but trust me, not everybody's life is this bad either. For pity's sake. Cynical isn't strong enough of a word for this. Please stop. I remember when comedy was supposed to be funny.
  • Unfunny and forced

    Wow, this show is bad:

    -- Tom Papa is about as funny on this show as Bob Sagat was on America's Funniest Home Videos. Either he needs new writers, or the dude just needs to be replaced

    -- Bringing in unfunny celebrities like Madonna and Eva Longoria Parker and surrounding them with funny people does not make them funny. It only makes it all the more apparent how not funny they really are. There are plenty of A, B, and C list comedians out there (ever watch "I Love the ____" for example?) looking for work; don't water down the comedy of the show just for the novelty factor. -- The dialogue between the panel feels so forced and overedited that it makes me cringe inside. There are plenty of shows similar to this format that do this the right way, so I'm not sure who this falls on; it can be a challenge to get a good rhythm going between funny and unfunny people since the unfunny ones invariable kill it, so maybe that's the problem

    -- Finally, the footage taken of the couple's "problem" is hard to watch. Like most reality shows, the situation is obviously staged (and it's usually bad enough to watch), but watching people who are untrained actors and not used to being in the public eye have a fake argument for the camera make it much, much worse. I'm not really sure what the solution is here (maybe a pictorial with a running narrative from both parties? I dunno), but it's painful.

    Is this how Seinfeld would have been without Larry David? I shudder to think of what might have been.
  • This show will solve your marriage problem once and for all, and laugh about it.

    This is a reality, comedy, talk show that takes real married people's real problems and choose a winner once and for all to end the fight.

    If you ask me I say it's a great show, we get a little dose of reality, we a-list celebrity comedians who crack some jokes, and they solve marriage problems, (kind of). I saw the show after the Closing Ceremony for the Olympics with my family and they were all laughing our heads off. I look forward to seeing the rest of the season and I hope it gets picked up for another.

    I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of people slamming this show,(saying that it's not funny plus the fact that it's on NBC and all that junk), but I don't care. Me and my folks are gonna keep watching and keep laughing. I don't care how bad you think the show is, cause to me it's awesome!