The Marriage Ref

Sunday 10:00 PM on NBC Premiered Feb 28, 2010 In Season


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  • Apparently the answer to problems is, er, more problems.

    This is another dumb idea that only gets on the air because of who produces it. It's also another in the long line of efforts by some evil, secret cabal in television to make everybody hate each other. This show rubs your face in everything you do not want: bitter, 1950s Borscht Belt-style bad sarcasm, and a 'solution' that involves picking sides, when picking sides was the problem in the first place. Instead of telling people how to make up, or -- perish the thought -- just drop the whole thing and forgive each other, this show believes there actually can be a winner in these stupid situations. You know what? If relationships are this bad, I'm going to live on top of a mountain. You notice they never put happy people on television? Nobody's life is perfect, but trust me, not everybody's life is this bad either. For pity's sake. Cynical isn't strong enough of a word for this. Please stop. I remember when comedy was supposed to be funny.