The Martian Chronicles

NBC (ended 1980)





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  • Worth a watch....all ages!

    As a 4/5 yr old at the time in 1980, was completely obsessed with this show and have spend years trying to confirm my memories ARE of this show; bald martians, white house with picket fence, shiney eyes, martians living under ground or in caves, trying to help or keep the humans there.

    Will definately have to buy the DVD :)

    Worth a watch....all ages!

    If anyone has any clips or photos please post them!

    I am suprised no-one has created a film of the book by now. On the same level as The Invaders....classic 'sci-fi' tv....if a little cheaper on the special effects
  • Not bad, but not as good as it could have been.

    Why was the first spaceship realistic looking then all the others looked like something out of a 1950s movie? I guess the SFX budget ran low.

    There were some ultra cheesy moments like when the Martians tried to give the humans the deed to half of Mars then the cowboy shot half of them at which point they vanished into thin air? Huh? Were they real or not? I guess since they handed them a physical object they were real. But what kind of life form just vanishes like that when you kill it?

    The book was much better than the mini series.

    Overall the story was good if you dont mind a heaping helping of cheese and ignore the fact that Martian air is not breathable (it might be some day but it would cost trillions upon trillions of dollars and 100 years of terraforming with giant atmosphere processors to do it).
  • Based on the Ray Bradbury stories, with emphasis on relationships and problems of colonisers and colonised.

    The first episode stands out - the hauntingly beautiful Martian female sitting in what looks like a cave or something similar, who connects telepathically with humans not yet arrived on Mars, and has pre-cognitive visions of the future. These sequences are so well done they are remembered long after the series ended. The last episode ends with the realisation that the human colonisers are now the Martians - inhabitants of the planet Mars.
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