The Marvel Superheroes

(ended 1966)


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  • The Marvel Super Heroes was a syndicated series that was stared to a large degree as an answer to the Superman Cartoons launched on CBS. They were poorly animated compared to Superman--but the scripting was MUCH better!

    When CBS announced they would come out with an animated Superman series--it evidently occurred to the folks at Marvel that they were missing out on a lucrative market! The fact that they RE-acted instead of planning their series independently probably had a lot to do with the fact that their version had limited animation and only a syndicated deal instead of a network contract like their competitor D.C. (Detective Comics--home of Superman and Batman). Their scramble to get something on the air quickly no doubt led to a much smaller budget,also contributing to the aforementioned limitations. Their STRENGTH, however, was their willingness to convert plots almost verbatim from the comic book pages--leading to stories that were vastly superior to the Superman--and later--the Superman/Batman animated series.Even though I was still a pre-teen, I found the Marvel series fascinating--Iron Man--The Hulk--Thor--
    The Sub-Mariner (Prince Namor) and (of Course) Captain America were great fun to watch--and having 4 characters instead of 2 had much more variety--moreso--when they used old AVENGERS Comics plots in some of the Captain America episodes (since C. America was leader of the group)--which gave viewers a chance to see Hawkeye, Giant Man (also known as Ant Man earlier) and the Wasp (his wife)and a few other heroes in addition to the 4 lead characters. It also had the distinction of being the first animated superhero show to feature a group of heroes , instead of the usual loner or hero and sidekick combo (predating D.C.'s SuperFriends by at least a year.) I had read a few Marvel comics before this--but the TV show really made me into a steady consumer of the Marvel Line! I would recommend this series to anyone--either children who would like to see great stories and experience
    the early influences on their parents or grandparents--and its great nostalgia for older folks who don't read comics much anymore!