The Marvel Superheroes

(ended 1966)


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  • This show got me into fandom

    When I was ten years old, I was aware of Superman and Batman, but I had never heard of Marvel comics. Then one Sunday afternoon, the Merry Marvel Marching Society premiered on a local channel in Los Angeles. This of course was long before the days of cable, back in 1966/67. I was instantly transfixed and despite the fact that there was little or no animation; there was something about the show that moved me. Perhaps it was just radio with pictures, but it didn\'t matter to me. The voices, the music, something about it appealed to my ten year old brain. I immediately hunted down marvel comics. For a year or so, I lived, breathed and eat comic books. But the fad died down, and come 1968, I stopped collecting. But at the back of my brain, I always wondered, did the invisible girl ever have her baby? About five years later when I was in high school, I started collecting again, this time in earnest. I started going to comic book stores, and conventions, and then to more general conventions. I met my wife at one such convention, and a lot of my closest friends. Periodically I rewatch some of the old episodes of this show, with a new understanding. You can actually tell which issues were used to make the show. But despite the cheese facture, there was genuine heart. Not too bad for a largely forgotten cartoon.
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