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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack follows a young boy named Flapjack who was raised inside Bubbie, a talking whale. After Flapjack rescues a shipwrecked crusty old pirate named Captain K'nuckles, the misadventures begin. The pair set sail in search of the magical Candied Island filled with lollipop trees and lemonade seas, but then trouble gets in the way. Character Summaries: Flapjack: A young child that really wants to be an adventurer. He looks up to Captain K'nuckles and often goes on adventures with him. He also often shouts ''Adventure!'' Captain K'nuckles: A blue creature that lost some of his body parts, which are now made out of wood. Flapjack found him in the sea and saved him. He loves candy and steals it from Flapjack, he even likes maple syrup. Bubbie: A whale that saved Flapjack. Now she's Flapjack's mother and she counts as a home for Flapjack and K'nuckles. She often hates being alone while Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles are on adventures. Peppermint Larry: A guy who owns The Candy Barrel, a place to get some candy. He even has a candy wife! He hosts an annual beard-off. Larry also hates pickles. Candy Wife: Peppermint Larry's wife. She just sits and does nothing. She's mostly seen as a puppet animation. Dr. Julius Barber: Dr. Barber is a doctor and a barber who runs a business that highly involves surgeries and haircuts. Dock Hag: A hag that makes life bad for other characters. Theme Song: Captain K'nuckles: Flapjack! Hey, Flapjack! Come with me, we'll go and see a place called Candied Island! Bubbie: Who needs Candied Island? It's safer at the docks. Captain K'nuckles: But there ain't no streams of sodie pop to go drippin' down the rocks. Bubbie: It's dangerous and risky! Captain K'nuckles: But adventurous and free! Flapjack: Adventure - that's the life for me! Captain K'nuckles: There's lollipop trees and a lemonade sea! Bubbie: Doesn't sound very good to me. Others: The Misadventures of... Flapjack: ...Flapjack!moreless
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Fan Reviews (127)

  • Okay but...

    This show was okay but not as good as Angry Birds Toons.

    5.5 out of 10
  • This Show Was Ok,Just Never Got Its Spotlight

    This show was funny in my opinion, it just never got the audience it wanted. I believe that the show had a very unique story line and should have been improved instead nuked. Now I also do not blame people for saying it was not all that good. But to me I believe the show never got its correct image, therefore the show was called "immiture, wierd, and dull", but honestly it was barely grown show and had only 2 years in Cartoon Networks spotlight. I wish it could have gotten a second chance and I think the humor was excellent.moreless
  • Ugggh!

    God! This show! I couldn't stand it when it came on TV. Of all the Cartoon Network shows that aired while it was still good, Flapjack was by far the worst. Admittedly, I didn't watch it past the first season, but that's because I found Marvelous (Hahaha, no. No it's not) Misadventures of Flapjack so unbearable that I didn't want to continue with it.

    The characters by far were the most annoying part of the whole show. It's side characters never left an impact, K'nuckles was a jerk most of the time, the only redeeming character I found was the whale, her tough demeanor combined with that voice, she made me laugh more than a couple times. Then, we have the title character himself. Flapjack is by far the worst part about this show. His voice is grating, and his personality is Ungodly annoying! If your main character is this unlikable, then that doesn't bode well for the show itself.

    Also, I don't like this animation style. I'm aware that it's the same as Regular Show, and really, what're the differences between the two. They're both really bad cartoons with annoying and unlikable characters. The show's drawn in a way that makes every character look ugly. The only show where it's any good is in Gravity Falls, cause at least the humans are drawn to look like humans in that show. As for the show's humor... What humor?

    I can't believe that Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack lasted three seasons. Did people really like it that much? Cause I can't find any redeeming factor for Flapjack accept for the whale. Oh well, I'm just glad this stopped showing on TV. If it does ever come on again though, STAY AWAY FROM IT! It's a horrible cartoon.moreless
  • almost as bad as Chowder. ALMOST

    Hated this show a lot. The characters are the basic definiton of ugly and the show is very poor when it comes to writing decent plot lines. So glad that this is long done for.
  • An OK but somewhat enjoyable show

    The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack follows a young boy named Flapjack who was raised inside Bubbie, a talking whale. After Flapjack rescues a shipwrecked crusty old pirate named Captain K'nuckles, the misadventures begin. The pair set sail in search of the magical Candied Island filled with lollipop trees and lemonade seas, but then trouble gets in the way. After rating the score of a 6 a year and a half back, I'm finally reviewing The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. This show already been 5 years since it first came out. I avoided it at costs during the first season but halfway through season 2 I got into to it since I has the habit of watching a show when I'm bored. I did enjoyed this show but not as much as Chowder. I think Flapjack was an okay show. Speaking of Chowder, I'm tired of people relating Flapjack to Chowder. Just because both of the main characters are food named and air on the same day (it was a Thursday night show) doesn't mean it was in common. They were both rated TV-Y7-FV which not many shows nowadays had that expect the animes and Gumball. Adventure Time was the show that influenced this show as well as Regular Show. It can help the fact that the creators were former storyboard artists on this show. The storyboard here were decent but I don't know what the different facial expressions the characters made since it change depending on who board it. Anyway, on with the it wasn't the greatest Cartoon Network ever aired it was a lot better than Out of Jimmy's Head and other nonsensical live action show they had. The characters were likeable but still have moments being a jerk especially K'nuckles. Flapjack is very great characters but his facial expression turn me away for no reason. His cheeks are too big like SpongeBob's. Knuckle's was an enjoyable and hilarious character who managed to act like a jerk at times. Bubbie was an enjoyable character as well. I always found Knuck;les and Bubbie's arguments to be hilarious. The other characters are likeable but I can't tell who was my least favorite. As for the episodes, I didn't enjoyed the first season very much. i avoided it for a reason since it was meh. But once the second half of season 2 (when the 2010s started) came, i started to enjoy the show. It had it funny, heartwarming, and sad moments. As a result, I watched some of the earlier episodes and they weren't that bad after all. Season 3 was superb but I hasn't even seen the last episode at all! IDK, but it was that episode that premiered a wekk before Regular Show debuts (as well as MAD). I really need to watch more of this show. Overall, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack was an okay but at least enjoyable show. Not the best Cartoon Network show ever but it sure did beats Johnny Test and the other lame shows. I never relating Flajack to Chowder at all for obvious reason. I don't pictured them as realted, they had a different theme imo: Chowder was about cooking and this show was about adventures. End of review. 6.5/10moreless

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