The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Season 2 Episode 8

Down with the Ship / Willy! (Or Won't He?)

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 08, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Down with the Ship: Tired of Bubbie always questioning his authority, Captain K'nuckles decides to locate the ship where his Captain's papers are stored, and show them to Bubbie so that she will finally know that Captain K'nuckles is for real! But on the ship, Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles find out something neither of them ever expected, and they also find out that they might not be alone on this sunken ship!

Willy! (Or Won't He?): After K'nuckles bets Peppermint Larry that he could eat an entire jar of candy, and wins, one of the customers bet on Flapjack after he gets tired of hearing him say "adventure" when he comes in the Candy Barrel. If Flapjack loses the bet on capturing Eight-Armed Willy, Flapjack is forbidden to say the word "adventure" ever again.moreless
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  • The most definitively epic episode of "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack" to date deserves a special 444 word review! :idea:

    This episode is SO awesome! :D It has restored my faith in modern day American animation studio's ability to make great episodes! 8) Both segments are SUPER radical, as they mark great character progressions for Captain K'nuckles and Flapjack! :idea: In "Down With the Ship;" Captain K'nuckles has had enough of Bubbie constantly questioning his born leadership, so he finally decides to prove his point by going to the ship where Captain K'nuckles learned how to adventure. But the news Captain K'nuckles seeks isn't what he gets, as he and Flapjack both find out the startling truth that...CAPTAIN K'NUCKLES is NOT a REAL CAPTAIN!!!! :shock: He NEVER aced his Captain's test and his whole life to date has been a sham based on lies! :o But in K'nuckles darkest hour, a second chance is offered him. Captain K'nuckles former crew-mates, surprised at the fact K'nuckles is still alive, decide to let K'nuckles retake the test, in order to see how much he has learned. K'nuckles must undergo the most agonizing, irritating, painful tortures to prove he's Captain worthy. And even after undergoing all the abuse, K'nuckles former crew-mates REFUSE to EVER let him be a Captain! In a fit of rage, K'nuckles threatens to destroy them AND the ship, but everyone is surprised when K'nuckles actually brings the ship out of the water and back into the air, making the ship sea-worthy again! K'nuckles' Captain then appears, and sees K'nuckles has finally learned one of the most important lessons of being an adventurer, it takes guts, courage, and strength to live on the ocean, and K'nuckles has finally learned those skills. So K'nuckles can finally do more than talk the talk, he can walk the walk, as a real Captain at last! :!: And it HAD to happen sooner or later, but in "Willy!" The Candy Barrel locals have had enough of Flapjack saying the word "Adventure" every other minute, even going so far as to say that Flapjack doesn't even KNOW what a real Adventure is! :evil: Flapjack isn't about to let this affront to his aspirations go unanswered, and he makes the ultimate bet! Flapjack will find Eight-Armed Willy, capture him alive, bring him to Stormalong Harbor, and make him sing for the locals! Flapjack is faced with impossible odds! :( Luckily, Flapjack finds an oddly impossible crew who wants to help him! K'nuckles pilots Flapjack into the heart of the storm, straight into Eight-Armed Willy's lair! The ferocious monster throws everything they have at the crew, but good wins in the end and Flapjack prevails, becoming one step closer to being the greatest adventurer EVER! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • By far, this is the best episode of MMoF.

    I was going to review Sea Urchins, but I failed. Here's a grade for Sea Urchins: C.

    Back on topic:I was Down With the Ship: K'nuckles gets tired of his authority being questioned, so he and Flapjack take an adventure on a ship that he wrecked, which kept his captain's papers. K'nuckles actually never passed on his papers, and meets his old crew. K'nuckles wasn't a captain after all even though he is Captain K'nuckles. And in those days, he was a cabin boy. Later, he raises anchor and his captain gives him his captain's papers and K'nuckles is now officialy a captain! Let's call him Captain K'nuckles for now.

    Willy: A customer at the Candy Barrel gets tired of hearing Flapjack exclaim adventure alot. And Flapjack bets if he doesn't capture Eight Armed Willy, he will never utter the word adventure again. With the help of the reporter of the Stormalong Scuttlebut, Flapjack uses his ship along with the reporter's crew. The graphics where Flapjack was capturing Eight Armed Willy looked epic. So Flapjack manages to capture Willy, and proves it after Willy finally speaks and sings about adventure.moreless

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