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This show is severely underrated!!

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    Animayshin wrote:
    mitsukigirl13, you're telling me that Flapjack is less disgusting then Chowder? Come on, one of the characters in there is a living fart. Lets not forget to meantion the other freaky things in the show like the flesh eating meaches, Mung's face looking all withered after Truffles left him, chowder puking up those guys, and let's not forget *shudder* ENDIVE.

    3 good things aout flapjack

    1. Flapjack is an innocent child. He is not very aware of his surroundings, and this leads him to his many misadventures. he is facinated by whismical things like candied island, and most of us can relate to him when we were/are a child.

    2. While it's true that K'nuckles is a douche, he isn't the role model for the show. If the show has a role model, it's Bubbie, who is a caring and devoted mother. K'nuckles has done many bad things, but he has been punished for them

    Examples include

    Lying to Flapjack (Had all his body parts removed except for his eyes and a hand)

    Betting Flapjack in a poker game, and winning a new companion (Got mistreated by Kid Nickles and beat up badly by a banker)

    Wanting fame (became laughing stock of stormalong)

    Most other times he did something wrong, bubbie yells at him. Also K'nuckles is ugly, smelly, and stupid. Basically they're telling kids not to be like him.

    3. Well, you may not like the humor, but that's your oppinion. I happen to like the one-liners, the bizarre characters and places and macabre plots. Well, I don't know how many episodes you watched, but you may like it after a while. I didn't like spongebob or chowder whe I first watched them, but now I do.

    ^^ Nice reply, those are three good examples

    I've given Flapjack a good chance, I've watched most of season one and a couple new epis only because I was bored. But the show still has yet to make me laugh. Although, I won't bash on it anymore, since I don't like it when people bash on Chowder. The show's not for me, but I guess it is for other people.
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    Flapjack can be polarizing at times in its humor and animation style, Chowder seems to have a wider appeal range. I prefer Flapjack myself and think its one of the most entertaining cartoons to air in a long long time.
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    I also agree that Flapjack is underrated. Don't get me wrong here, but I believe that Flapjack and Chowder should be equals. For a long time, I think that they could be real buddies if they ever met.

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    MonsterCreature wrote:

    i think CN is trying to over popularize chowder,suppose it is trying to make chowder CN's new "main show",but they are trying to get flapjack more recognition

    i just wish chowder and flapjack fans can unite!and become one fan base!

    But these are two separate shows

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