The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Season 1 Episode 11

Mechanical Genie Island / Revenge

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 14, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Mechanical Genie Island: A mechanical genie holds Captain K'nuckles and Flapjack hostage.

Revenge: Flapjack tries to make some enemies, because K'nuckles tells Flapjack about how great adventurers have enemies.

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  • He reads the future why'll lesser people read comic books

    Mechanical Genie Island

    Flapjack and K'nuckles get stranded on an island with this mechanical genie on it. They lose to his "little game" and, they are his servence. But, Flapjack and K'nuckles learned that the genie is contored by, this huge baby. No offence to the wedgie

    Final Score: B+


    Flapjack wants enemies so he desides to get some so, he does his best to make people mad but, it turns out he did good every time he did it. At, the end of the episode K'nuckles turns out to be Flapjack's enemie! Now, Flapjack is really happy!

    Final Score: B+

    Final Score: B+, 9moreless
Thurop Van Orman

Thurop Van Orman

Old Man / Patient

Guest Star

Brian Doyle-Murray

Brian Doyle-Murray

Pirate #2

Guest Star

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Slippery Pete / Three-Eyed Gus / Mechanical Genie

Guest Star

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Peppermint Larry

Recurring Role

Steve Little

Steve Little

Dr. Barber

Recurring Role

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    • K'nuckles: What are you doing?
      Flapjack: I'm becoming an adventurer! (gasps)

    • Slippery Pete: Whoever did this to me is gonna be my... (mermaids appear) NEW BEST FRIEND!

    • Mechanical Genie: So, now that you're my butler's for left intertrochanteric fracture, what are your names?
      Flapjack: Flapjack!
      K'nuckles: Captain K'nuckles.
      Mechanical Genie: Oh my, that will never do... How about Butler For Life Number One
      and Butler for Life Number Two.

    • K'nuckles: Aah! We're trapped!
      Giant Baby: More like trapped forever! Say hi to Charlie. (points to skeleton) I used to play games with him.
      Flapjack: (to K'nuckles) Forever gives us a lot of time to play a lot of games!

    • Flapjack: (referring to a coconut) Want the rest of the inside of this round thing?

    • Mechanical Genie: Oil! Oil! Where's my morning oil?
      K'nuckles: No! First a poem.
      Mechanical Genie: Poem?
      (Flapjack sneaks in with a giant screwdriver)
      K'nuckles: So, Mechanical Genie, stranded on an island...
      Mechanical Genie: An island?
      K'nuckles: So, very mechanical and... genie-like I owe to thee...
      (Flapjack's unscrewing Genie's box)
      K'nuckles: That's no way to use a screwdriver! Here, let Captain K'nuckles show you. (starts smashing the box)

    • Mechanical Genie: You just have to keep track of this ball.
      Flapjack: I wanna play!
      Mechanical Genie: (puts ball under cup and swaps cup once) Now, which cup is it under?
      K'nuckles: Flapjack, when you're on this strange island and some stranger like... a Mechanical Genie comes-
      Flapjack: The cup on the right!

    • K'nuckles: You got to do something real nasty to one of your enemies.
      Flapjack: How can I hurt a sea anemone?
      K'nuckles: No! An enemy! Someone you really hate!
      Flapjack: But everyone's real nice to me!
      Dock Hag: (angrily) Hey, you lazy, good-for-nothing, little shipwreck! You think I can't see you not working? You are the ugliest kid I've ever seen! Now get back to work!
      Flapjack: Okay, thanks, friend! (smiles)
      K'nuckles: You have bigger problems than I thought.

    • Flapjack: (about the mechanical genie) He won't move.
      K'nuckles: Let's say a few words in his memory. Okay, let's go.

    • Flapjack: There. We organized all the rocks on the beach like you asked.
      K'nuckles: Yeah. Anything else, your majesty?
      Mechanical Genie: Yes. Put them back.
      (K'nuckles & Flapjack gasp)
      Mechanical Genie: Yeah, they're blocking my view of the ocean.
      (K'nuckles & Flapjack remove all the rocks)
      Mechanical Genie: Ah, yes, that's better. Wait, I believe I just grew weary of my view of the ocean. Put the rocks back again.
      (K'nuckles & Flapjack gasp)
      Mechanical Genie: Just kidding! (laughs) You should have seen the look on your faces! (laughs)
      (K'nuckles & Flapjack laugh)
      Mechanical Genie: Who says mechanical genies do not have a sense of humor? (laughs)
      Flapjack: Not me, sir. How about you, K'nuckles?
      K'nuckles: (laughs) No, boy.
      (all three of them laugh)
      Mechanical Genie: No, seriously, put them back.

    • Flapjack: Let's play a game.
      K'nuckles: Games give me indigestion.
      Flapjack: (slowly) I'm thinking of a number. (normally) Guess the number! It's a number you know.
      K'nuckles: One.
      Flapjack: Unh-unh.
      K'nuckles: Three, four, five, fifteen.
      Flapjack: It's two!
      K'nuckles: I hate games!

    • Flapjack: (is pulled out of water on a fishing pole) Captain K'nuckles, I don't think I make very good bait...
      K'nuckles: But we do it because it's an...
      Flapjack: ADVENTURE!!!

    • K'nuckles: Do you know where Candied Island is?
      Mechanical Genie: No- yes...maybe.

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