The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Season 1 Episode 12

Oh Brother / Panfake

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 21, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Oh Brother: Flapjack attempts to create a younger brother for himself.

Panfake: When Peppermint Larry loses ownership of his store, because of his new puppets, Flapjack finds him a new job: making a puppet of Flapjack, named Pancake!

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  • Flapjack finds out about his past in order to plan his future, and character parodying made easy! :idea:

    I enjoy shows with an origin episode. With origins, it's easier to understand where a character has come from, and makes it easier to understand where a character might go from there. In this case, Bubbie was once just a talking blue whale living a normal life. Until one day, she came upon a clump of seaweed. But it was no ordinary seaweed clump. Inside the kelpy patch, was a beautiful baby boy orphan! Just floating on the ocean. His eyes and face were so endearing, Bubbie's maternal instincts kicked in right then and there. She took Flapjack in (naked as he was,) adopting and raising him as her own child. Now Flapjack wants to be a big brother! Only, Bubbie's reluctance to be honest about the birds and the bees leads to confusion on Flapjack's part, and he searches for a baby brother on another seaweed patch. What he finds, is a seagull. Taking care of a seagull is no walk in the park, or a walk on the docks! But Flapjack tries to be a good-albeit misguided-big brother. Inevitably, there comes a time when seagulls must fly the coop and rejoin their feathered breathern. At least Flapjack feels a bit older having 11 minutes of brother bonding, and knows he's closer to becoming an adventurer! Meanwhile, Peppermint Larry has a passion for many things. One is of marionette performances. Unfortunately, the two new marionette's he gets look like live rats and his Candy Barrel gets shut down by the Dock Hag! But the ever-optimistic, helpful Flapjack tells Peppermint Larry that he can't take this setback laying down, for when life gives him lemons, he needs to make lemonade candy! And so, that's what Larry decides to do! He turns his hobby into a new job, putting on marionette shows, featuring his new puppet star: Pancake! Only, the puppet's portrayal is...a little too close to home for Flapjack's taste! Can Flapjack find a way to show Peppermint Larry it's not nice to make fun of others, even when what is said is true? Probably! :idea: This show rocks! ;)moreless
Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Dock Hag

Guest Star

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Peppermint Larry

Recurring Role

Steve Little

Steve Little

Dr. Barber

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Running Gag:

      1. K'nuckles walks a little bit, then turns back to see if Flapjack is following him after saying he doesn't like adventures. ("Panfake")

    • It's learned in this episode that besides from being a pun master, owning The Candy Barrel, and trying to find Candied Island, Peppermint Larry likes to perform with puppets.

    • It's revealed in this episode that Flapjack is an orphan, found floating in a batch of seaweed by Bubbie, who adopted Flapjack as her own child.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Short Man: (high voice) I'll pway wiff you. Let's pway a baffroom game! Hahahaha! You win! Hahahaha! You win! Hahahaha! You win! Hahahaha hahahaha hahaha--
      Flapjack: You need to grow up!
      Short Man: (deep voice) Grow up? I'm thirty-eight years old!

    • Flapjack: If I stop having adventures, then everyone will stop liking Pancake! I just have to stop having adventures!
      Bubbie: But, muffin, you love adventures.
      Flapjack: Nope! I used to love adventures!

    • Peppermint Larry: (chuckles)
      Flapjack: (chuckles)
      Peppermint Larry: (chuckles)
      Flapjack: (chuckles)
      Crowd: Larry! Larry! Larry!
      Peppermint Larry: Guess that's my cue.
      Flapjack: I guess it is.
      Peppermint Larry: Might as well start the show.
      Flapjack: Might as well.
      Peppermint Larry: Hope you like it.
      Flapjack: I'm sure I will. (both chuckle)

    • Flapjack: I'll just take some of your nose; and some of your ears. And some mouth. Some fingies. Some footies. Fabric. And some manly hair...and now! Look how handsome baby is!

    • (after first seeing the duck)
      Flapjack: Your eyes are made from glistening stars. (looks at bill) And your hat's made of pure fun! But, where's your nose, and your mouth, and... oh brother, you have some problems.

    • Peppermint Larry: Flapjack, the greatest thing happened! I designed a brand new puppet; one that everyone will like!
      Flapjack: Jeepers!
      K'nuckles: And you built a stage so no one has to see your face!

    • Bubbie: What's the matter, Flapjack? Why's your tushy so tense?
      Flapjack: I invited K'nuckles to play with me, and he's not here.
      Bubbie: Oh, baby, that doesn't mean he's not coming.
      Flapjack: I found his invitation in the trash. And there's a to-do list on the back that says don't play with Flapjack and throw away this invitation.
      Bubbie: How late is he?
      Flapjack: Couple of days.
      Bubbie: (angrily) K'nuckles is a dead man.

    • Flapjack: Bubbie, can I ask you a question?
      Bubbie: Of course you can, sweetie pie. You can ask me anything.
      Flapjack: Where do babies come from?
      Bubbie: Let's ask Bubbie a different question.

    • Flapjack: So, babies come from seaweed?
      Bubbie: Yes... babies come from seaweed.

    • Peppermint Larry: (as Pancake) Don't worry friend, nobody has to know about this. You can trust me! Isn't that right, Captain K'neecaps?
      Captain K'neecaps Puppet: (speaks) What? How are we supposed to get home?!
      Pancake: In our big, fat, talking boat, see?!
      (Boat Marionette comes on-screen)
      Boat Marionette: Did somebody say "Boat?" Toot toot!
      (audience laughs)
      Bubbie: He said what?
      Captain K'nuckles: You should've seen how big he made my nose!

    • Peppermint Larry: (as Pancake) I wish I could give this day a hug. (knocks the marionette to the edge of the set) Cannonballs!
      (audience laughs)
      K'nuckles: He sure got you pegged alright, Flapjack!

    • Flapjack: (referring to his seagull brother) Boy, you're a full-time job, aren't you? It isn't easy being followed around by a baby all the time, isn't it? (the seagull tries to run away, but Flapjack catches up with him) Come back, baby! You're a full-time job.

    • Flapjack: (to K'nuckles) So, I thought we'd start with an easy tickle game to break the ice. Whoever giggles first loses. (giggles) You win!

  • NOTES (1)

    • This is the third time Peppermint Larry played a main role in the storyline. The other two were "That's A Wrap!" and "Pun Times With Punsie McHale".


    • The Fairly OddParents
      The episode segment title of "Oh Brother" is the same name as the name of an episode segment title of one of Nickelodeon's most popular shows.