The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Season 2 Episode 10

Please Retire! / Under the Sea Monster

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 05, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Please Retire!: Captain K'nuckles decides to show Flapjack his old storytellers club, only to find that his old buddies have been replaced by a bunch of young children. Captain K'nuckles tries to fit in with them and impress them with his adventurous yarns, but they are less than impressed by the stories Captain K'nuckles comes up with. Has Captain K'nuckles really lost his storytelling edge, or is there something the kids are hiding that they're not letting Captain K'nuckles in on? Under the Sea Monster: Captain K'nuckles decides to teach Flapjack about the 'harmless' act of lying and how it can be an adventurer's best tool. But when Flapjack lies to Captain K'nuckles about seeing a sea monster, Captain K'nuckles' reaction leads to the citizens of Stormalong Harbor panicking over this lie, then banishing Captain K'nuckles to live his life on the bottom of the ocean floor for his heinous lie. Now Flapjack has to figure out a way to get Captain K'nuckles out of trouble and redeem his honest image with the rest of Stormalong Harbor. But will Flapjack have to tell another lie in order to do it?moreless
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    Please Retire!: I'm surprised both segments have live audience footage to make things funnier. In this one, the Storytellers Club is recently run by a group of kids who care about adventurous tales. Captain K'nuckles, however, keeps telling bad stories. While Flapjack got the groups' attention. Jealous, Captain K'nuckles would do anything to have a great story, how hard he tries, his stories are still bad! He then finds out that the old people who originally run the Storytellers Club were ambushed and tied up, K'nuckles and Flapjack then release them and everything turns out great at the end. This one's okay, but the audience gives it a....


    Under the Sea Monster: More entertaining than the last one. Moral: Lying is wrong. Flapjack lies about a sea monster behind K'nuckles which drives him crazy along with a loud audience which barely got me to pay attention to the episode. He rings the bell to warn about the sea monster. Since there's no sea monster, K'nuckles is forced to live underwater now that he's banished from Stormalong. A second chance is given when Flapjack has to promise a real monster. He gets the help from Bubbie and Peppermint Larry claims K'nuckles back. Suddenly, a real sea monster appears and then goes away.


    This episode was funny because of the audience and its reactions to Flapjack and K'nuckles. But I bad for K'nuckles in both episodes. The quote at the end of Please Retire surprised me too.moreless

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